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SEA clans.!!


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this threads is to encourage SEA players to form a regular pub or inhouse mates.

so we can have players synergy trained in order to improve standard of the SEA skill quality level.


atm,everyone seems quite on their on, get ur regular pt friends.


well.someppl might say,pt pubstomp will destroy those solo player,

i meant, why do you play it alone, find ur friends. lets have fun together.


we all know SEA pros are very happy to help new player :)

we happy to pt with anyone whos willing to learn except those mad ones.

watch ur mouth, and that means you!!


SEA ppl lets do it!!!!!

i'v collected part of the acknowledged good players names from SEA community.

Feel free Post ur thoughts and ideas...also the ppl that you think is missing here..


Larmj, ,Chass,Zero,YID,Scalper,Kenith,durrrrr,











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Stop recruiting, sneaky Guz!!! If you want real pride in a clan join clan Just!!! The dark kids only touch themselves :D

Hahahahahahaha.... ;) yeah!! We allow touching!! :p also is free cookies and milk in the bar under 16!! :p and in the bar over 16 is lots of alcohol and strippers!!


P.S. in Just clan is just Male strippers.. Weird!! All of them are guys!! So I don't know what's going on around there!! Hahaha butterfly's

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