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Iurath Aashos


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- 9/20/12





Name: Iurath Aashos [/size]

Unit Base: Dark Archon (Red Archon)

Unit Portrait: Dark Archon (Red Archon)

Type: Caster: Support // Finisher // Semi-Tank

Script: Iurath Aashos is a infamous Dark Archon, with the abilities to mess with the minds of the enemy.

He was outcasted by the conclave along with his brethern the Dark Templar, but his powers were unlike a normal Dark Archon and he was

banish from the Dark Templar's new home Shakuras. Everyone feared Iurath Aashos but his powers did have limits and he realised that he needed

help. He now works for a Terran Mercenary Group inwhich he is hired toward a team of other heros for an expensive price and pay.


Starting Stats:

Base Health [280]

Movement Speed [2.75]

Attack Range [2.75]

Attack Speed [1.9]

Base Damage [28(+15 from patch?)] (Corruption Beam -Similar to a SCII Sentry's attack)

Base Armor [1]

Strength – [28] + [6]

Agility – [19] + [3]

Intelligence – [34] + [7] (Primary Attribute)







Heroic Passive: Reconstructing Mind

"Aashos's mind tries to help block the pain and repair his body causing 35% of ALL damage taken to be restored as HP over 15 seconds."


Note - If you take 500 damage from dustin's Laser, you will restore 11.66667 HP per second for 15 seconds.

If you take 1000 damage from cyprus's final you restore 350 HP over 15 seconds and if 5 seconds into the healing you take an additional 500 damage, you will continue healing from cyprus's final for 10 more seconds and restore 175 hp over 15 seconds from watever hit you. (Effects all even if you are being attacked every second.)




Ability One: Headache

"Aashos causes a headache on the foe, silencing him for 1.5 seconds, and dealing Spell damage over 5 seconds. Damage over time is refresh apond use, but doesn't stack. If used against a non-heroic, he gains control over it for 5 seconds and the creep gains bonus damage [Excluding Daggoth/Aeon]. Once the control over the non-heroic unit is over, the enemy will take spell damage.

Energy Cost: 50//60//70//80

Cooldown: 15 [3 Charges] (1 sec CD intervals) secs

Range: 8


Level 1: Deals 50 (+35%int) over 5 seconds. Non-Heroics deal +25% Damage and take 100(+70%int) when control is over.

Level 2: Deals 90 (+35%int) over 5 seconds. Non-Heroics deal +50% Damage and take 180(+70%int) when control is over.

Level 3: Deals 130 (35%int) over 5 seconds. Non-Heroics deal +75% Damage and take 260(+70%int) when control is over.

Level 4: Deals 170 (+35%int) over 5 seconds. Non-Heroics deal +100% Damage and take 340(+70%int) when control is over.

Warning: If your unit dies when it is still being control, you will not gain the XP for the kill, but the enemy will instead.

Note: This ability allows Aashos to silence multiple foes even for a short duration that prove to be a threat [Like cyprus or unix], or try to escape and deal damage, yet it doesn't deal massive damage all at once and can't be spammed for damage but only spammed to continue silence duration. This also helps make the "Nightmare" ability less power since you can't deal as much burst damage.




Ability Two: [Passive] Confusion

"Enemies in an area around Aashos are confused making them lose Cooldown Reduction."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: 10/12/14/16


Level 1: -10% Cooldown Reduction in Radius 10

Level 2: -15% Cooldown Reduction in Radius 12

Level 3: -20% Cooldown Reduction in Radius 14

Level 4: -25% Cooldown Reduction in Radius 16


Note: This passive is effective vs enemies that use abilities to jump in and out using teleports, or units that rely on overly spamming one ability.




Ability Three: Nightmare

"Aashos causes a massive nightmare, hurting the enemy a lot but after the nightmare, the enemy restores 70% of the damage done back as HP over 10 seconds. Enemies hit lose 50% Movement Speed and Attack Speed for 2 seconds. This ability takes 1 second to Channel. This ability deals True Damage"

Energy Cost: 110//160//210//260

Cooldown: 50//45//40//35 secs

Range: 6


Level 1: Deals 130 (+100% int) as true damage

Level 2: Deals 240 (+100% int) as true damage

Level 3: Deals 350 (+100% int) as true damage

Level 4: Deal 460 (+100% int) as true damage


Note: This ability serves more as a finish then a damage ability. Since the ability is nearly only useful in killing a person instead of just damaging, it is best to save it for later use. Also since it deals true damage, it isn't countered by spell resist, BUT it doesn't deal bonus damage from Argus Crystal and other items. Most of Aashos abilities are over time damage, which this makes up for, Aashos can't overly spam it and since he has over time damage, he can't abuse a insta kill combo like Cyprus [and its hard to land] , instead he must wait for his other abilities to slowly kill the enemy before using it Shield abilities like last stand prove to be good vs this ability. Also if this hero were to gank, it would be better for him to gank at Lv 7, Lv 5 unlike most heros who would gank at Lv 6 after final.




Ultimate Ability: Frozen Mind

"Aashos causes the enemy's mind to freeze which Suppress Hp/Energy Regen,Reduced Healing, Causes stun, silence, slow Movement Speed and Attack Speed, and spell damage over time, all being removed at different timings. Requires Channel for 1 second"

Energy Cost: 175//275//375

Cooldown: 110//95//80 secs

Range: 10


Level 1: Stun Lasts 1 second, Silence 2 seconds, Slow 25% for 3 seconds,Damage [50(+15%int)] per second for 4 seconds, -50% Healing for 5 seconds, and Supressed HP/Energy Regen for 6 seconds.

Level 2: Stun Lasts 1.25 seconds, Silence 2.5 seconds, Slow 30% for 3.75 seconds, Damage [60(+15%int)] per second for 5 seconds, -60% Healing for 6.25 seconds, and Supressed HP/Energy Regen for 7.5 seconds.

Level 3: Stun Lasts 1.5 seconds, Silence 3 seconds, Slow 35% for 4.5 seconds, Damage [70(+15%int)] per second for 6 seconds, -70% Healing for 7.5 seconds, and supress HP/Energy Regen for 9 seconds.


Note: This ability massive cripples a single enemy allowing the team to finish him off, or enable chasing the enemy much easier, without him able to heal himself. (Debuff immunity will remove this so it's best to use when the enemy is silenced and use nightmare after the ability is nearly finish [Although debuff immunity wouldn't really be useable until silence is off].




Additional information: This hero is ment to be a indirect carry smasher // Tank. He has the potental to be a type of tank that gets anti-AA items then finishing them off with his abilities, yet he also has the ability to be a Anti-Caster type hero. This hero is not ment to be a strong carry but a strong supporter and would only be ideal to Solo vs a team with barely any tanks. His passive makes him avaliable for a possible tank build especially vs Damge over time enemies and allies that have heal abilities, while his abilities can also make him go toward Int build. He is ment to be a closer range combat int (basicly the first of it's kind). [Possible: Cyprus[sometimes], Shadow, Zeratul, Vergil [Dark zealot watever his name is], Jackson, Tbone, ect. Is countered by majority of STR heros, or 1v1s vs decently HP enemies. Executioner Axe can also be a counter towards the passive.


Suggested Item Build : (Mine off top of head) - Life Tech, Nitrogen, Organics OR Force of Entropy, Star (similar to blackhole), Argus, Barb OR Eletrical Mantle.

Sorry if i over explain things but i have a tendancy to do that since i'm not that good at explaining things xD.

Feed Back : Please send feedback if you like the hero or not; if he is Overpowered, Underpowered, and what makes him this way. Any Typos or miss understands please ask too. Thank you for reading! :D



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