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Most online -> let's brake the record


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This is for all forum addicts and those who want to be!


Let's crack this mark of 85 people online at the same time! We need a scheduled time that we all come online to break this record. PLS, help!


The next time we try to break the record (be online!):


Saturday 22th September 20:00 pm EST!


Help all you scrubs out there!

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There's no such date as 22th September. So expecting people to be online on an imaginary date isn't going to work. You should've gone for 22nd September instead.


i apologize for my fault :D can you edit a users post? I hereby give you my permission to correct grammar faults in my posts at any time. If you do so, pls write "EDITED by Banzai" at the end of the post!

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