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AoS 1.45 Item Database


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Item Database

Once you've clicked that huge link ^^^^^^

You must press "Start Presentation" at the

top right of the page, and that will start the

presentation. Click the arrow or click anywhere

on the presentation to go to the Item Vendor,

which we all know and love. Use it like you would in game.


Updated item database for AoS v1.45. Item database is in powerpoint format on Google Docs (anyone can view it), click on the category you want like you would inside the game and it will open up. I have not made all the items clickable yet, since it is a lot of work and I have been working on it since midnight, it is now 4AM. I will update a category a day, starting with Offense, then Defense, then Utility. The only categories that are working right now are Consumables and Miscellaneous. If you find any categories that are not working please tell me.



Offense Tab

Defense Tab

Utility Tab

Troll tab (come on, I'm Adversary...)

Add notes to all the slides so you can copy and paste the item description.


Please let me know if I missed anything.

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Not the problem, Adversary.


I personally think you should not have a full-screen image for each slide-- use multiple smaller images or crop as much as possible from the images. Is it possible to use the presentation to send something to the front when you click? Because then you can just send to the front the item you clicked on (and obviously, it's not transparent).

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