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I have a crazy suggestion, how about making a hero that has these abilities:

Q spell: Make a shadow of all affected heroes in an AoE, shadows deals 35/45/55/65% damage and last for 5 seconds.

W spell: Passive attack speed bonus and health regen bonus.

E spell: This is a melee hero, but when he uses his E spell he gets ranged attacks, and he also makes an illusion of himself that takes more damage and deals less damage, kinda like bandits artifice.

R spell: Ok this spell I kinda stole from Tassadar, but I think it would fit the hero well. It's basically the health swap of tassadar, let this hero have a minimum %hp before swap, that scales with levels of the spell, and also reduce the cooldown and the mana cost with levels.


What do you think? Maybe give him a name like.. Terrorblade or something.

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Weelll, I do have an idea for a hero suggestion, just don't really have the time to create it.




Heroic Passive: Places an Orb at a target location. Orbs have no sight radius, are invulnerable, last a looong time and give a small aoe energy/hp regen aura. Multiple charges, but there's a limit to the number of orbs that can be summoned at once. Ulti orb ignores this limit.


Q: Low damage projectiles ability that damages and slows(stackable) enemies it passes through. Point target. If it touches an orb, it will be redirected to the nearest orb within X range(and the process repeats for that orb too). If there are no other orbs, it flies back towards the original targeted location.


W: Target an orb and channel for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, the orb turns into a portal that lasts for 4 seconds. All orbs within X range(pretty large range) of the portal will teleport any allied units that touch them to the portal.


E: All orbs passively link up with other orbs within 6 range, creating energy pathways between them. Pathways speed up allies and slow enemies. Nonstackable slow/speed buff.


R: Global cast range. Creates an orb at target location. If a unit is targetted(allies or enemies) an orb will be created attached to the unit(follows it around). Lasts 10 seconds. Ulti orb automatically links with all orbs regardless of distance away from them(hence target is permanently sped up/slowed for the duration of the ulti since he's always touching the link). Ulti orb CAN act as a portal and can also be targeted by Q.




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I have also a suggestion of an overseer hero.


the hero base atribute is int and he has 26 str 26 agi 26 int + 5 each lvl


his hero passive give trueshigt in a 3 unit radius, and also increase all his allies vision by 3


his Q is spawning 1/2/3/4 mudaling who morph into zealot/zerling depening on your team, they cant be controlled and they have the same hp and dmg of the current creeps, they give 10% money and xp of the normal creeps and when they die they explode dealing 75/100/125/150 + 30% int damage (45 sec cd, the units will appear in the next creep wave and in the lane more close to the overseer)


his W is an active who consume energy every second, the overseer drop (something like unix) acid and enemies who touch the acid take damage every second (25/75/125/175 +30% int) (0.5/1/1.5/2% energy per second)


his E is a passive acid armor who damage melee enemies who attack overseer, taking 25/50/75/100 + 40% int spell damage per attack, the acid also reduce the enemy leech by 25%


his ultimate make him transform


with ultimate he turns into a horrible monster








ultimate last 15/25/35 secs with 90 sec cooldown


when overseer is ultimate he emite an aura who double his mana and hp regeneration and reduce his enemies mana and hp regeneration by 50%


he also increaser the power of his skills


his Q spawn 1 megaling or megazealot with x2/x3/x4 hp and dmg of the normal creeps, and they will explode dealing 150/300/450 +30% int damage


his W is always on when ultimate and cost no energy, it increase the damage to 75/125/175/225 +30% int damage and slow enemies by 30%


his acid armor affect ranged heros too, and it also apply a stack on every hero who attack overseer, each stack reduce by 10% the AS of the enemy attacking you, up to 5 stacks



im just lazy on making the hero suggestion and all the hard work

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