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- Hero creation began




Name: Admiral.Joshua

Unit Base: Battlecruiser

Unit Portrait: Battlecruiser

Type: Tank support ranged

Script: After the loss of the UED fleet at the end of Brood War the Earth government was in an uproar. They put all their resources into building a new fleet to go and finish what DuGalle started. This new fleet needed an Admiral and Joshua was a first pick. The Fleet set off Confidentally on their new mission only to be met by disaster. Half way to their destination a Group of Xel'naga Warships ambushed the UED ships. In seconds most of the fleet was destroyed and Joshua bearly managed to make it to safety. Joshua found himself in unknow space and orbiting an uncharted planet we know as the Sanctum and it is here that he will make his first conquest until UED reinforcements arrive.


Starting Stats:Base

Health [275]

Movement Speed [2.75]

Attack Range [6]

Attack Speed [2.2]

Base Damage [35(+15 from last patch)]

Base Armor [3]

Strength – [35] + [7]

Agility – [24] + [4]

Intelligence – [27] + [5]






Heroic Passive: Defense Squadren

Joshua's Battlecruiser houses a squadren of deadly Wraiths that will defend him to the end. When Joshua is attacked His squadren of 2 Wraiths will deploy and attack the target until it moves more than 10 units away from Joshua or it is destroyed. once the target is destroyed or moves out of range the wraiths will then target the unit that last attacked joshua since the previous target was destroyed/moved out of range. If there is no target Wraiths will return to the Battlecruiser to dock and heal all dmg done to them. If a wraith is destroyed Joshua's battlecruiser will immediately start to make another one taking 30 seconds per wraith. Wraiths have 300(+20% of Joshua's total health) health, deal 1.5% of the targets max health in true dmg a shot every 2 seconds, and have 60% magic resist.






Ability One: Suppression fire

Joshua gives the command to have the anti missile batteries to open fire in a 2 unit radius around him. units in the range of fire take dmg per second and ranged attacks are blocked.

Energy Cost: 20/25/30/35 energy per second.

Cooldown: Toggel on and off

Range: self

Level 1: deals 30(+20%int) dmg per second, blocks a ranged attack every 3 seconds.

Level 2: deals 45(+20%int) dmg per second, blocks a ranged attack every 2.5 seconds.

Level 3: deals 60(+20%int) dmg per second, blocks a ranged attack every 2 seconds.

Level 4: deals 75(+20%int) dmg per second, blocks a ranged attack every 1.5 seconds.




Ability two: Defense Matrix

Joshua's Battlecruiser is equiped with a defense matrix sheild generator that stops the most powerful of attacks and keeps him going.

Active: for the duration Joshua is immune to Crits and true dmg.

Passive: if joshua were to take lethal dmg he gains sheilds that last for 5 seconds

Energy Cost: 100/120/140/160

Cooldown: 30/26/22/18

Range: self

Level 1: Immune for 3 seconds, grants 125%int sheilds internal cd of 30 seconds

Level 2: Immune for 4 seconds, grants 150%int sheilds internal cd of 26 seconds

Level 3: Immune for 5 seconds, grants 175%int sheilds internal cd of 22 seconds

Level 4: Immune for 6 seconds, grants 200%int sheilds internal cd of 18 seconds




Ability Three: Gravity Well

Joshua's Battlecruiser carries a powerful Gravity Well that when activated drags units that are in a 5 unit radius 1 unit closer and slows units that are within a 7 unit radius for 2 seconds.

Energy Cost: 50/60/70/80

Cooldown: 10/8/6/4

Range: 1

Level 1: slows for 4%

Level 2: slows for 8%

Level 3: slows for 12%

Level 4: slows for 16%





Ultimate Ability: Nuclear Launch Detected!!!

Joshua gives the command to fire a nuclear missile at a target unit(target unit must be farther than 3 units away from Joshua). After activation the familiar "Nuclear Lauch Detected" voice will sound during which Joshua will channel for 1.5 seconds then launch the nuke(at this point all sound will stop and the jaws theme will start to play). The Nuke will then follow the target unit(the unit will me marked with a red box) for a time at a movement speed of 2.25. if the nuke hits it will do massive dmg to all enemies in a 3 unit radius around the hero. If the nuke hits nobody or its target dies the nuke will fall to the ground harmless.

Energy Cost: 200/275/350

Cooldown: 120/90/60 seconds

Range: 3-10

Level 1: Nuke follows unit for 8 seconds and deals 500(+50%int) spell dmg if it hits

Level 2: Nuke follows unit for 12 seconds and deals 750(+50%int) spell dmg if it hits

Level 3: Nuke follows unit for 16 seconds and deals 1000(+50%int) spell dmg if it hits


Note: the nuke can be targeted on a friendly hero




Additional Information/My intentions ^_^

- Joshua is supposed to be tank that zones out enemies. getting items like ihan and nitrogen that give int and health would be great. other than that he could be built pure tank or with int and relying on his q and w to save him.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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Would heros like system and vergil's teleport abilities mess up the "Nuclear launch detected" ability? And also would the "suppression fire" make range heros useless?


Other then that nice work :)


thanks :)


to the first one my intention is that it would follow them no matter what but i dont know the map editor very well so it may not be possible.


his suppression fire ability at level 4 blocks 1 ranged attack every 1.5 seconds so either the ranged attacker could have an attack speed faster than 1.5(which isnt hard on a carry) or have more than one person attack u could easily get attacks through. it is mostely ment to shrug off some of the dmg from ranged carries and hurt melee carries that try to get close.

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