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Divine Sushi


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Name: Divinesashi


Pretty much a Blizzard game fan boy (adult now) who has played everything from Warcraft 1 days to SC1, Diablo 1, WC2, Diablo 2, WC3 (+ Dota), World of Warcraft, etc and every expansion in between except the last 2 WoW expansions.


I believe I played my first Blizzard game about 15 years ago ... o.0


I used to have my adolescent raging / ultra competitive days back in high school / part of university, but now I am looking to just chill and have fun in this game until another game comes out that catches my eye.


I am an old time Sotis player, ever since patch 2.0 or whatever. I have not kept track of what patch did what since I have no interest in that :)


Quit for about 3 months to play Diablo 3; however I came out completely disappointed in that piece of junk, which also radically changed my expectations of quality of future Blizzard games.


To this day, I still believe WoW was the most addicting and fun/rewarding game ever created (I did quit about 4 years ago right after Wrath of Lich King came out). The sheer depth and interactive capability of that game remains unmatched. Arena system was the best part of the game, as it pits teams against other teams in a PvP format of 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5. The level of skill, concentration, and game knowledge required in Arena play was incomparable to the level in AoS and as a competitive player, that was the most enjoyable gaming experience.


Now I am not such a hardcore player, but still do love some competitive environment. If you see me in game, don't hesitate to holler at me for partying or IH. If I have time, I would love to join you. See you in game

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