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[New Hero] Nick.Tesla


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[New Hero] Nick.Tesla


Quick Summary: A mad scientist that relies on gimmicky devices:

Passive: releases automatons that randomly roam the map and provide vision

Q: sends flying explosive mini-helicopters to crash at pre-specified locations on the map (close or far)

W: covers Tesla in robotic suit that provides protection and adds some damage

E: places transmitters (towers) that either zap random targets for dmg (foes) or mana recharge (friends)

R: Places a death ray machine



Trivia: The hero is a tribute to Nikola Tesla and all skills (ex W) are related to his real life work.


Nikola Tesla was an inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, and futurist…best known for his contributions to the modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system. Tesla's achievements and his abilities as a showman demonstrating his seemingly miraculous inventions made him world-famous. Because of his pronouncements and the nature of his work over the years, Tesla gained a reputation in popular culture as the archetypal "mad scientist".





- first posted


Difficulty: Hard


Name: Nick.Tesla


Unit Base: white Jackson with crazy hair

Type: INT







Heroic Passive: Tele-automaton

"Every 3 min a small tele-automaton spawns from Tesla. The automaton will randomly roam the map and provide vision in a 5 unit radius. Automatons do no agro enemy creep or towers. They also cannot be controlled by Tesla. Automatons die after receiving 1HP physical damage.” [enemy heroes need to target them specifically not just A-move near them]


Effect: Provide a random visibility of the map. That if the automatons happen to be in the right location at the right time can provide some useful information or the vision can be used for Tesla to try and use its Q. The passive is too random to be OP.


Trivia: In 1898, Tesla demonstrated a radio-controlled boat--which he dubbed a "teleautomaton"-- to the public during an electrical exhibition at Madison Square Garden. The crowd who witnessed the demonstrated claimed the boat to be everything from magic and telepathy to being piloted by a trained monkey hidden inside. Tesla tried to sell his idea to the U.S. military as a type of radio-controlled torpedo.




Ability One: Explosive V.T.O.L. Tele-automaton

"Tesla sends a flying automaton to crash at a specific location on the map for dmg in a small AOE. Can hold up to 3 charges. Affected targets are slowed by 25%.”

[This skills needs to be designed so that flight takes a min 1.5 sec to land close to Tesla to max ~5 sec to land at the furthest point of the map (given vision of that spot). A small red dot needs to appear on that location 1 sec before crash to give so some time to react (negotiable) ].


Energy Cost: 35/45/55/65 (per charge)

Cooldown: 15

Range: Global (needs vision)


Level 1: 75 + 75% INT spell dmg

Level 2: 115 + 75% INT spell dmg

Level 3: 155 + 75% INT spell dmg

Level 4: 195 + 75% INT spell dmg


Effect: A huge skill shot (similar to Molotov but you can send across the map). Different than Grunty’s roket as well as the automaton hits a specific point not anything in its way. Can be used in team fights, and allows Tesla a chance to participate in all the fights on the map (if he is lucky/accurate). I imagine it as mini-helicopters.


Trivia: In 1928, Tesla received his last patent, U.S. Patent 1,655,114, for a biplane capable of taking off vertically (VTOL aircraft) and then be "gradually tilted through manipulation of the elevator devices" in flight until it was flying like a conventional plane.



Ability Two: Protective Suit

"What is a mad scientist without a huge metal suit to fight in? Tesla gets inside an advanced mechanical suit that provides shields and shoots at any enemy that attacks Tesla (prioritizes heroes). If no enemy attacks Tesla suit will fire at random targets within 5 range. Suit dmg = 100% INT. Suit lasts 30 seconds or until destroyed. ”


Energy Cost: 70/105/150/195

Cooldown: 60 sec

Range: self


Level 1: Suit provides 300 + 100% INT shields

Level 2: Suit provides 400 + 100% INT shields

Level 3: Suit provides 500 + 100% INT shields

Level 4: Suit provides 600 + 100% INT shields


Effect: Protective ability plus nice anit AA perk. As most of Tesla skills are kind of finicky (as can be expected from a mad scientist) he needs to be able to protect himself somehow to compensate for lack of effective skills.


Trivia: Although Tesla did not work on a suit like that many mad scientists in pop culture rely on devices like that: Mojo Jojo; Professor Octopus; Brain (from Pinky & the Brain); Iron Man (he is kinda mad and he is kinda scientist), etc.



Ability Three: Magnifying Transmitters

"Tesla places Magnifying Transmitters [the big towers that transmit electricity to other objects through the air] that zap nearby random targets. Zapped enemies will take spell dmg while zapped friendly heroes will have % of their mana restored. Tesla cannot contro/aim the towers.” (up to 2 charges)


Energy Cost: 75/115/155/195

Cooldown: 45 sec

Range: 5 (for both placement of Transmitters and range of Transmitters)


Level 1: Each zap dmg’s enemies for 50 + 50% INT spell dmg or restores 0.5% of mana to friendly heroes

Level 2: Each zap dmg’s enemies for 75 + 50% INT spell dmg or restores 1% of mana to friendly heroes

Level 3: Each zap dmg’s enemies for 100 + 50% INT spell dmg or restores 1.5% of mana to friendly heroes

Level 4: Each zap dmg’s enemies for 125 + 50% INT spell dmg or restores 2% of mana to friendly heroes



Effect: With many units around towers can be randomly effective. With just 1-2 units towers become more effective as they have less units to target. So you and your laning partner can stand between towers and have some % of your mana restored between waves (given that the opposite team does not destroy them), while a single enemy approaching the towers at max level might very well get raped if he doesn’t destroy them fast.


Trivia: The magnifying transmitter is an advanced version of Tesla coil transmitter. It is a high power harmonic oscillator that Nikola Tesla intended for the wireless transmission of electrical energy. In his autobiography, Tesla stated that "...I feel certain that of all my inventions, the Magnifying Transmitter will prove most important and valuable to future generations." The magnifying transmitter is an air-core, multiple-resonant transformer that can generate very high voltages.





Ultimate Ability: Death Ray

“Tesla places a Death Ray machine on the map and targets it in a specific direction. For the next 10 sec the machine will blast its Death Ray in that specific directions. All enemy targets that are affected by the death ray will be slowed and silenced (while in the ray). Magnifying Transmitters next to the Death Ray machine will increase its dmg output by 10% (for each transmitter).” [ray provides visibility along its path, width of ray 2 units]


Energy Cost: 150/250/350

Cooldown: 105/90/75

Range: 3 to place machine (range of machine is to end of map in that specific direction)



Level 1: 50 + 25% INT True dmg; 40% slow

Level 2: 75 + 25% INT True dmg; 50% slow

Level 3: 100 + 25% INT True dmg; 60% slow


Effect: This is HUUUUUUUGEE in teamfights. Can pretty much be used to cut off an area of the map, break up a team in half, or to blindly try to hit escaping target or cut it off from escaping further, etc


Trivia: Later in life, Tesla made claims concerning a "teleforce" weapon after studying the Van de Graaff generator. The press called it a "peace ray" or death ray.




Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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+1 i like it


though i will say im not quite sure about the synergy of his skills but then again u would have to play him to really find out.(and maybe mad scientist dont need synergy in their skills ;) )


Yes, synergies are finicky ... to correspond to the mad scientist in general:


Passive (vision) -- can be helpful with his Q

His transmitters (E) can help with mana management as he spams his Q to try to hit targets aroun the map

His armor suit (W) gives him a chance to escape when all his finicky skills fail

His R, apart from the huge team fight benefits, provides significant slow of affected targets which can help with Q again

I also forgot yesterday to add the synergies between R and E, now towers near the death ray machine increase dmg of ray by 10% each.

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Due to their random nature I think the tele-automatons should spawn more than once every 3 minutes.


Maybe every 90 seconds?


I feel that is too often ... every 3 minutes should be fine with people actually trying to manage it. Players should try to manage that and be at the right spots (river, jungle, etc) just prior to the release of the automaton... it takes a bit of awareness.

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For Tesla its to less Alternating Current! Please make it more electric or change the name...

For a mad scientist its a good idea, but I think the vision robots in his passiv are too good. I mean the whole map?


Agree with the AC part ... initially the W was supposed to be charges of ball lightning that Tesla would drop on the ground that will exploe upon contact (or after 2 sec, whiever happens first) but that looked too similar to Q. I was hoping that his electric towers will make him electric (and potentially his suit that should have electric charges running across it ... and possibly the suits cannons can actually shoot electric charges)

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