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[HERO] Zignar.Rorschach


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- First post


- Modified Clinging Parasite's speed

- Lowered mana cost of Rebirth

- Buffed some of the ult forms

- Added an effect to his W.




Name: Zignar.Rorschach

Portrait: Changeling

Unit Base: Changeling

Type: INT

Script: Once an innocent Terran who hiked along the wrong trail, Zignar is now an amalgamation of the native funguses on the planet Rinas. Zignar's former psionic powers were sacrificed to preserve his intellect and sentience, but his new form allows him to take various shapes and arm himself with deadly biological weaponry.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Starting Stats:

Health – 300

Movement Speed – 2.85

Attack Range – 7

Attack – Corruptor Missile

Attack Speed – 1.7

Damage – 30

Armor – 0

Energy – 0

Strength – 21 (+5)

Agility – 21 (+5)

Intelligence – 24 (+7)




Shapeshifting Fungus

Zignar cannot normally attack. He morphs to Corruptor form when an enemy hero approaches within 9 units or when he is damaged. This allows him to attack and also gives him 10% movement speed.




Corrupting Slime

Cost: 100/135/170/205

Cooldown: 20/19/18/17

Range: 8

Zignar expels toxic slime onto the enemy*, causing uncontrollable Clinging Parasites** to spawn on top of the target when attacked by Zignar. Clinging Parasites move at 3.5 movement speed, have 110+25*LVL health, and explode for 50 (+80 INT) damage in a radius of 0.75 after 3 seconds.

Level 1: 1 Clinging Parasite per shot, limit of 2 (previous ones die).

Level 2: 1 Clinging Parasite per shot, limit of 3 (previous ones explode).

Level 3: 2 Clinging Parasites per shot, limit of 5 (previous ones explode).

Level 4: 2 Clinging Parasites per shot, no limit.


*Aggros neutral creeps

**Very small changelings


The idea is that the parasites can be blinked away from or killed with strong AoE spells, but move faster than most heroes.



Cost: 8/12/16/20% of Maximum Health

Cooldown: 30

Range: 10/14/16/18

Taking over the native mycelia in the ground, Zignar reconstructs his form at the target location at the cost of his current form.

After casting, all Clinging Parasites gain 125% additional movespeed for 1 second.

Level 1: 2 second cast time.

Level 2: 1.25 second cast time.

Level 3: 0.5 second cast time.

Level 4: 0 second cast time.


This is his escape/chasing ability, which is rather useful, but forces him to sacrifice a large amount of health. He cannot use it if wounded too badly, and it's not really as useful as, say, Micro's E.


The side-effect is good for finishing off a target or scaring away a pursuer.



Every time Zignar dies, his killer grants a permanent orb which gives Zignar bonuses, and allows him to use his ultimate. New orbs override the oldest orb.

Level 1: Maximum of 1 orb. 20% faster respawn time.

Level 2: Maximum of 2 orbs. 30% faster respawn time.

Level 3: Maximum of 3 orbs. 40% faster respawn time.

Level 4: Maximum of 4 orbs. 50% faster respawn time.


Orb types:

-Killed by enemy creeps: White Orb: +5 armor

-Killed by neutral creeps: Purple Orb: +10% damage vs creeps

-Killed by STR hero: Red Orb: +15% maximum life

-killed by AGI hero: Blue Orb: +6% movespeed, +15% weapon speed.

-Killed by INT hero: Green Orb: +10% timescale, +15% spell damage.



At the cost of an Inherit orb, Zignar morphs into a form* which has additional aspects.

Level 1: Raptor Aspect unlocked.

Level 2: Mutalisk Aspect unlocked.

Level 3: Dragon Aspect Unlocked.


*This ability has a submenu.


Raptor Aspect: Turns into a zergling with wings that moves at 3.2 movespeed but has all of Zignar's movespeed bonuses. Can use items but not spells other than Shapeshift.

Uses a melee attack which adds slow stacks of 10% up to 7, lasting 7 seconds each, and deals 6% of the target's maximum health in additional physical damage.

Requires Blue Orb


Mutalisk Aspect: Turns into a mutalisk with normal movement speed and 5 attack range. Its attack bounces on 3 additional targets, dealing 40% weapon damage on additional bounces (not proccing item effects). If the glaive wurm hits a corrupted target, the wurm becomes corrupted and corrupts additional targets it hits, also summoning Clinging Parasites with each hit.

Requires Green Orb


Dragon Aspect: Turns into a swarm guardian with 2.2 movespeed that cannot use spells or item actives. Grants 25% physical resist to nearby allies, and has a 12 range attack with a fixed 2 attack speed that deals area damage and deals an additional 10% of affected unit's maximum health in spell damage.

Requires Red Orb

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I really like this hero's concept. It's just something really creative and unique.


Anyway, on to the balance. Parasites are too slow. If an enemy is moving, they'll never be able to hit him when they explode.


His W is abit too costly in early levels paying 1/5 and a cast time for a blink with not-that-far range is abit too weak. Maybe a scaling cost?


His Mutalisk form is kinda weak. While it does proc additional parasites, the bouncing attacks dealing no damage is too weak. Even just 50% of the previous bounce's damage is fine.


Dragon form is also UP. He's too vulnerable in this state. Although I understand that he should work as some kind of siege unit, the range is a little too short for that, forcing him to come within range of enemy spells. Maybe 12 range would be fine.


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Alright, I made some changes. I was thinking of giving Dragon spell resist, but then-again he's supposed to be like a siege tank but for team fights.

The mutalisk does not have any disadvantages, so I figured it could simply synergize really well with his Q. But giving him some additional DPS should be fine since weapon speed and damage is not Zignar's forte.

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I love the shortened respawn time, but i think he should be able to use any form with level one ultimate (it makes it seem a bit more diverse). I think that just getting swarm guardian at level 16 makes it a bit useless, and no guarentees that he will be able to get the swarm guardian.


Personally, i think the orbs should just give buffs, and he can morph into any form at his will (at level 6 that is), just buff them slightly per lvl of ultimate.

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@baggins having swarm guardian at lvl 6 allows him to outrange towers. Simply place a radar at the opposite side of the tower on the high ground in mid and sit in lane and wear it down.


@op This hero is very creative, but there are many problems that occur with him. His heroic passive leaves him completely useless in lane if the enemy heroes stay back from him. Dying is supposed to be a bad thing. Having him die to use his ult is kind of a waste seeing as what if he doesn't die? There are plenty of matches where a player has the game sense to not die. This ult is basically forcing him to die. On top of that what is to become of his heroic passive while in his ult form? Is his ult forms permanent?


It just makes no sense that you are making a hero that actually has to die to benefit from his ultimate.


And do his orbs stack??? Can he die to an INT hero 4 times and get 60% spell damage?


And zergling form is pretty strong while mutalisk form is weak as hell. Give zergling form a pyre and you are basically going to kill any hero within seconds. The mutalisk is basically Kerrigan with only a buffed form of her glaive wurms

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I can't grasp how his passive will interfere with morphing, and the counter intuitive design of dying to come back stronger... might as well have your [E]Inherit state: "Feeds enemy team now so that might not feed enemy team later." I think the orbs should be applied based upon the enemy type on attack; after gaining enough stacks of a certain orb type, the ability to morph becomes available for X Y Z Morph.


For example: You attack neutral creeps and gain 1 White Orb stack per attack. In order to use your Ultimate (any-form available based off ult level), 15* White orb stacks must be obtained.


Every Color orb has a different amount of stack required to shapeshift depending on how difficult it is to get orbs of that type.


My example would be

  • 25 white to morph + 1/2/3/4 Damage per stack
  • 25 purple to morph + 1/2/3/4% Damage against creep per stack
  • 5 red to morph + 1/2/3/4% Max Life
  • 5 blue to morph + 3/6/9/12% Attack Speed per Stack
  • 5 green to morph +1/2/3/4 % Time per Stack

By being allowed to stack certain orbs upon yourself you can effectively change forms multiple times depending on the situation while not have an infinite resource pool to do so. Changing forms will consume all stacks of the Orb you chosen... Costing you your stacks, But allowing you to dress for the occasion.


Tell me what you think. Probably a good fix but IDK.

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