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Some mechanics you might not know, at least for me


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I dont know if its posted anywhere, but i couldnt find it sorry if its a repost. Since bnet is patching and couldnt play online, i played offline, and just played.


I got bored and just walk around, and i found somethings interesting


-Runes spawn at 2:20 ~ 2:40 something, and spawns every 2 mins, so 4:20~4:40, 6..., 8...., 10....,

-Creeps spawn every 1 min, they start moving at min:20, when they spawn they dont move, but attack anyone whos in base

-Neutrals spawn at 2:20, and respawn every 4mins, if you could kill a camp for every wave, you could keep up with a solo lane

eg. 2:20,6:20,10:20, 14:20, 18:20....

-Aeon, since i was alone i couldnt solo aeon when he spawned so i dont know the intervals per spawn, i killed aeon around 9 mins, it spawned around 18 mins, and killed it again and it spawned around 26mins, i thought it was every 9 mins but, i dont know. sorry

-Levi, same thing with aeon, but i couldnt kill it -_-


*all are game time(fast i think)

**i know post is confusing and not much info but its hard if youre all alone :/

***if you could share more i would appreciate it thx


EDIT: if you pick up a rune at 3:50' it will spawn at 4:20+, it's consistent

EDIT2: runes respawn. 2 min after pick up my bad :)

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