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an action pack game


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today, i played a game, and my friend had an idea, "why dont we play heroes that 'summon'". so we did, and it came into an agreement where, i play gara, my teammates play MK, Unix, grunty and queen. so what we did was gara, mk and unix pushed the long lane, while grunty mid, and queen went to the safe lane. gara, mk and unix is one of the scariest combo ever. in two waves, we killed the first tower, the second tower wasnt as easy as the first one, since 4 of their heroes went to the long lane and helped slow us down. in the end we won.


i recommend this to anyone, it has to be at least a team of 4. when we were pushing the t2 tower, it was so awesome, its like late game, but scaled down. the end

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