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3Weeks Break


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Hello there ,


Misuari here. Well , this thread is supposed to be for my SEA Boys ...*cough* and two girls . I'll be away for 3 weeks due to a National Exams happening in the first week of october . Hopefully , you guys can still host an inhouse without me ^^ . Also, whoever that is representing SEA in the tourney , goodluck!


I'll be back on the second week of october , or to be exact , 5th of October . Till then , i hope the best for you guys in whatever tourney or inhouses matches that is organised! Also , pubs will be much safer now , hopefully ^.^ . Alright then , goodbye!


*Goodluck for all teams participating in the tourney .

*Keep up the good work in the recent patches!



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We will surely miss you Masuari and your Rory fee- skills. I hope you will be rusty when you come back so you will get beaten up :3

Bleh ;p . Hopefully , nothing major happens ... then i'll not be rusty. But if they decide to again , release a new hero or 25new items , i'm dead meat . On a serious note , we just have to wait and see who gets beaten up when i get bck ;)

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Are these types of threads allowed? I ask because I am unsure.


Regardless of whether they are or not, and the fact that I don't know who you are, I wish you the Best of luck in your exams! :)

I Have no idea myself . I Would put it somewhere else but i dont think putting it at Character balance or Competitive chat is a viable place to place it. Also, thanks :)

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Bye. When your stuck in your exam just think what would banzai do. Then do the opposite

Yup, listen to him. There's no faster way to get into McDonalds than checking the answers of an all-A student and writing down the opposite answers. Service at the McDonalds near my house is pretty slow. They could always use an extra cashier.

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