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Watch me AA you while I die


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Hello forum, I just finished playing a game as shadow, and I would like to raise the issue about Vorpal. So let me explain this situation of character imbalance.


In the mid-game i was 7-2 with two machetes, and leech with 2 quantum spades. This vorpal rushed barbed plating in the top lane, and I could not kill him.

He would just sit there and let me attack him despite my 26% physical leech. The barbed plating and vorpal passive killed me. This player I was playing against

was Porkchops from Sea. I stated that despite I am ahead of him in kills and creep kills, he just had to rush plating and I would just melt away at fights whenever the

Vorpal was present. So I decided to stack a HOM and Darwins with pyre. And still, I could not kill Vorpal. After activating both HOM and Darwins, I found myself at half health.

All it took was a surge, and an ult to finish me off. At that point, the vorpal had DST and super heated mantle. By the end game, I added contamination shard, and Galactic

defender for some spell resist.


So here are the stats on my shadow:


18% spell resist

570 weapon damage

45% physical leech

I don't remember weapon speed, or AGI so I'll include the items I used below


Even with my ult and popping HOM I could not kill Vorpal. By end game, vorpal stacked 2 carapaces and he had 5.5 K hp.


Shadow items:


-Contam shard


-Galactic defender


-Darwin's might


Voral items:

- Barb


-Super heat mantle

-2x carapace


It was a 2v2 so most of the fight situations were 1v1. Despite my efforts, Vorpal prevails. He can just play passively,

walk around while I attack him, Ult, HOM, and surge around, pop ult, and ... I'm dead. Only by stacking 2 leech items,

can I balance out the damage I was taking passively from a Vorpal.


This raises my question of:

- Is vorpal's passive balanced?

- Is there a possible argument of armor items being too cheap in minerals? too effective for the amount it costs?

- I thought my item build was quite sound, so perhaps there is some flaw with how I built shadow?


Please give me your thoughts on this matter.




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Well, i don't think you lost with those items you tell us, upload replay pls. and nevertheless: AA is so damn strong, dan't you accept there is 1 hero who counters you? of course, many people actually think it is just auto attack with an AA hero and you win everything, but this is not the sense of the game.

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Hmmm ... Out of 5 people , you decide to aim him ? Vorpal ulti, spear and surge could kill you....And you decided to 1v1 him ? . With barb , mantle and that kind of HP, Ofcourse he'll outdps you since he is dealing dmg to you (Excluding the mantle and barb) ... And there you go saying Vorpal is imbalance ... I mean come on , AA Heroes a lil op don't you think ? It's just you decide a wrong situation to relook whether AA is op or up . a 2v2 .... 21% extra strength ... well duh vorpal will be hard to kill . lol

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