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NA Mumble IH Rankings and Team Selection (Reporting Thread: Screenshots Only)


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Please use this thread only to report the results of games or to contest posted results. Go here to discuss my methodology, etc. Also, please use spoiler tags for your images:


[spoiler]insert image here[/spoiler]


I've put together an ELO ranking system for NA Mumble IH players. The ranking system is solely based on wins and losses. The current rankings are based on a relatively small sample of games, so they are not very accurate. They will become more accurate as additional games are added to the database. I've also added a tool that players can use to create teams that are balanced based on the rankings.


The most up-to-date rankings and the team selection tool can be found here.


Games that count toward the rankings:


Only Mumble IH games played on the NA server will count toward the rankings. Non-standard games do not count (e.g. reverse pick, free pick, beta). Games where players drop count unless both teams agree not to count the game because of extraordinary circumstances.


Reporting games to be added to the ranking:


I maintain control over the spreadsheet, however, I have given WhaleTits and Aellectris sufficient access to record the results of new games so that the rankings can be kept up to date. If Aellectris, Whale, or I are on Mumble, come tell us the results of your game. Please take a screenshot in case we ask for verification of the result. If the three of us aren't online, post a screenshot of the score screen in this thread and state whether you won or lost the game. Winners are responsible for posting evidence of their wins, however, other players should serve as a check to ensure fairness. In other words, if you see a screenshot posted from a game that should not be included, please PM me or post about it here. Also, if you find an error in the recording of game results, please let me know.


Basis for the calculations:


I've included the table that I use to calculate the rankings so players can better understand the calculations involved (for more info, check out this page).




The ranking spreadsheet includes a tool that will create matchups based on the rankings. I have included three copies of the selection sheet so that multiple games can be organized at once. All you need to do is enter the player names and the sheet will do the rest.

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