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Cause shadow is not invisible when inside his ultimate, rather enemies inside the ultimate are blinded. If you have an ally or some other object like an eye of duran to spot for you (someone who has vision of shadow but not in his ultimate as well) outside his ultimate then you can target him and kill him even though it is still sometimes hard to do because you can't physically see very well with your own eyes where shadow is and where his ultimate ends. Your best bet if you get vortexed and Shadow throws down his ultimate on you is to have a warp shard and blink out. If he has a taser and tases you first. You are probably doomed unless you have barbed plating and enought raw tankiness relative to his leech to outlast him. Teamwork helps as well, but then again it is not like Shadow does not have a team at his disposal as well to initiate for him so he can just swoop in the middle of a battle and start owning everything.

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i had elexier and was out of the fog he too but can´t target him with snipe or attack normally.Why i have to scan if i have elexier???


If you want me to give you a specific answer, send me a replay: Aellectris[at]gmail.com, with a timestamp of when it supposedly occurred. Chances are you weren't in the fog. You may have also cloaked, causing yourself to hold fire. If he was moving around with stepping strikes, maybe you didn't click on him.


Because Shadow is broken and stupid.


Shadow is neither broken, nor stupid. He's fairly strong, but hardly unbeatable - especially with the new patch's resultant buffs to tanks and int heroes.

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