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Diablo III


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I thought I'd make a thread here for all the diablo 3 players on these forums.

This is just for diablo 3 in general, nothing specific

Feel free to post badass pictures, pictures, funny stuff, weird bugs and stuff

Also do post anything you are looking to reade or sell here but please give some item detail




Item name: banzai's ban hammer (NOELLE)

Equipment type: sword

Image: (if you have one)

Rarity: legendary

Stats and bonuses: 100000 dmg

1000000 all resist

10000000 to all stats

Special ability (if legendary): wraith of noelle: does so much damage on hit that the servers crash whenever used

Item level: 9001

What server your on: americas

Price: infinite

Battletag: banzaiguy#isaboss




If I missed anything please let me know.

Meanwhile, happy gear grabbin :D

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