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New Jackson Builds?


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Leeching Saber

Lost Treasure

Superheated Mantle

Warp Shard

Nitrogen Refit

Ihan Crystal

Small Hadron Collider

Sell Ihan Crystal and buy Organic Carapace (all stacks should be there by the time you have enough money for Organic Carapace)

Sell Leeching Saber and buy Barbed Plating

Sell Lost Treasure and buy Argus Crystal


At the end you have:


Superheated Mantle

Nitrogen Refit

Small Hadron Collider

Barbed Plating

Organic Carapace

Argus Crystal


This is in effect a very tanky build, yet you have good intelligence (not great) to scale your skills. You intiiate with SHC and then keep enemies pinned using your slow aura and the 25% slow (50% slow in total) from superheated and nitrogen refit). Barbed is for AA heroes and if they have no AA heroes at tall (rare) you can trade out barbed for a spell buffer or some other spell resist item.

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