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Droppers Rejoice!


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We did it! We survived!


A hand of thanks to all of our droppers, now is the time to send us screenshots detailing their selfless sacrifice! And also a hand of thanks to our Blizzard devs who have addressed the problem: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/6398870180?page=3


Blizzard will also be reverting how the damage calculation functions:



Make sure to thank them for helping us out as well.


We will be removing the need for droppers in our game shortly, and sending out more Honored Dropper tokens. Through the amazing capacity for our community to understand the situation and react accordingly, we have not only beaten the odds, but managed to bring our community closer together through self-sacrifice. Remember, remember the weeks of September.

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I dont understand the blizz post entirely, but it seems to be saying they altered the way damage was implemented and that was causing lag?

Then why on earth did a dropper cancel the lag?!


Blizz is playing damage control, and has turned off or improved tehir data miners, I would bet.


Either way, if the lag is fixed and the dropper no longer needed, then HOORAH for that.


Thanks to all droppers, devs, and anyone else that helped beat teh lag and keep a fun game going.

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Yeah I fail to see how this has anything to do with dropping. It made some semblance of sense when we tied dropping to shorting out blizz tracking software and that solved lag magically


Altho I said from the start the lag was mostly due to triggers and changes they made, there's no way dropping affects that


None of this makes any sense....


I fear the lag is just biding its time waiting for our guard to drop.............


That or blizz silenced their silly software and just doesnt wanna own up


Only time will tell....

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I also never got recognized despite dropping several times, including once for Red Hydra and his group (if they are willing to back me up on this, that would be most appreciated).


Complaints aside, congratulation too all droppers! Thanks to the honored droppers for making the game playable and thanks to developers for resolving the issue.

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