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Str items again


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A couple of weeks ago, i posted a thread in which i explained that there are so many good items for an AA hero, but only a few good str items, and many people agreed with me.


Now after the patch, i feel like there is even more great AA items, but still not more good str items. i can't remember any new str item that is really a viable option on a str hero.


Now am I the only one who thinks we need more str items?

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... w....wa....what?!


olympic torch, the only snow ball item that is almost always picked up because it actually gives a lot of tankyness

lightning rod - for kerrigan

explosive retrofit - again, for kerrigan or shadow

darwins might, which is pretty much mandatory on any AA hero, str or not

force of entropy, which is great on any bruiser

coat of arms, which makes biotron and marine king orgasm


and of course, pretty much every HP item can basically be considered a str item

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