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Old SotIS abilities/items you miss


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Personally, I miss the old bola from the old old version. (Back when it went Range 10/12/14/16 even if it was OP and when Final did 60+100% weapon)

I also miss how timescale use to work different and how rory's Chronofield gave +140% Timescale [Altho that was incrediably OP especially on Unix)

I miss Maar's old abilities [altho his firewall is sketchy and OP in certain ways and also how mass teleport CD was only around 90 secs instead of 200 secs)

Also miss Primal Gutters and also how badly toxi can shut down any melee AA. I also miss how there was barely any Physical or Spell leech (yet there was still some)


Things i don't miss - DEFINATELY ZERATULS FINAL, like jeeze with full DPS items it would kill at least 4 heros or 3 tanks...

I don't miss old barb, I like the one we have now ^^ (IT ACUALLY WORKS WELL)

I don't miss erekuls old passive of spam snakes everywhere to hell xD

Remember when Balrog use to have basicly, pure DPS // Leech [Final basicly like +100 damage and a 80% Leech]

Remember when Viron use to just PISS EVERYONE off? [Cough Attack kills yourself, DOUBLE CD, annoying over time damage at beginning]



What are some of the old abilities // Heros // Items that you miss? ^ ^ What you like better about the current Aeon of Storms compared to Storm of the Imperial Sanctum or vice versa.

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I miss the old Bola too :( I like it so much better than the boomerang. Old Garamond was so fun, with the massive laser ult and unrivaled sustain/push with the passive health/energy drops and rockets. I definitely do NOT miss old DARPA with his bullshap mines and turrets. Old old Maar with the global lift ulti and Gravity Well was fun.


Item wise, I must say I miss the old balls of death from the SHC and the Beacon system. I really really liked it. Old Coat of Arms was awesome because you could spawn Super Creeps (Ultras/Collossi) and mess shap up. Old Aeon of Strife (the item that would give a free resurrection or summon Aeon to fight) was awesome too for this reason. Wouldn't mind seeing it come back, personally. Have it be like rune creeps and have either Aeon or Daggoth spawn at a certain time and in intervals. It would make Aeon a bit more interesting than being like Dragon from LoL :P

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GodLIke Item.

4.0 Vorpal super long range surge, super triple stun,super short CD of ulti, super dark matter+reflic.(BEST KING EVER)

4.2 Toxi ulti.(SEC KING)

Cow AOE dps(3rd king)

4.0 Vorpal didn't have charges for E. And it was more disable time on each than now.... <3 4.0 Vorpal

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1. Sanctum Relic

2. Original Small Hadron Collider

3. Original DST

4. Forget the items (Ones that called down Thor and Siege Tank)


Heroe abilities:

1. Darpa in entirety (machine gun turrets, mines, instant remote mines)

2. Egon's Ulti

3. Gravi's blink

4. Bio's root that did damage the more you struggled to run away- this should be brought back with some hero

5. Old Garamond- health and mana packet scv's and Ulti Lazer Drill

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