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Question about shadowmourne


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Watching 2 shadows vs each other, both with Shadowmourne...

Question: I know that the shadows from Shadowmourne proc your items if you are getting attacked by your own shadow (I have been stunned by my own stun baton before... annoying), but do they do 100% of the spell damage of the items? Eg the 5% of your max hp from pyre? Or the 125 (I think) damage from lightning rod? And what about passives like Grunty's splash (which deals true damage yes?) or Boros's burning blade?

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DPS micro is fun, equipped with stun batron,some timecale+CD reduction items.


12sec stun, every 4th hit stun again.= = hit so fast~~

combo goes like:

E(warp),Q ,hit stun,hit,W,hit ,hit stun, hit Q, repeat again.


get more trolling feels by getting a super :SchrodingersLockbox:

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