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Continuing from Sotis


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I might as well make an account...


- Your SC2 name

ICUH (pretty obvious)

- Region you play on


- What country you are from

You don't need to know

- Favorite hero


- Favorite item

Resonator, beacons, observer, smoke screen (only one remains...)

- Computer specifications

Good enough

- Favorite food

Any flesh


I need to troll more.

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This is the guy back in 5.0, used to play a lot of Bio.

I have been playing sotis back in days when the pulse hammer was must-get-item.

Did you know that back in old days bio ulti can stun you for a long time?!


I think iChu is secretly a girl but has a boy identity on the internet and that's why he/she won't log on mumble!

I clearly specify how you can get me in mumble.


Step 1) Get a .44 Magnum

Step 2) Pointy thingy point at my head

Step 3) ???

Step 4) Profit

Step 5) Kill the goat (the goat must die)


Lastly, since it's forum, I will use non-offensive language to express my feeling toward both Eternity and Destroyer.




of course H is silent.

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