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Hello :D


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- Your SC2 name: Misanthropy

- Region you play on: Latin America

- What country you are from: Chile, at the southern south

- Favorite hero: I like all of them, but shadow and vergil is the one I like the most

- Favorite item: Shinobi style :D

- Computer specifications: I have a dell xps :P

- Favorite food: idk, hamburguers with french fries (very american lol)

- Sports you play: I used to swim, now I only play futboll sometimes


I wanted to introduce myself since I joined the forum as I enjoy this game very much and I have enough time to do so and playing videogames (pokemon, minecraft, wow and sc2) helps me to improve my english xD I have been playing since January I think and I've always played pubs since I don't think I'm too good for mumble lol That's pretty much it, nice to be here with the community :D

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