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Regarding the use of my EU (And NA) battlenet account


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I know some of you have been using my EU account in order to connect and play on the EU server from North America, and I hope you had a fun time :)


Anyways, now I'm back home, and I'll be using it quite a bit, at least up till the tournament, as I have promised John to participate on his team. However, if you wish to borrow the account, check for me on either the AoS mumble, or in the old SotIS mumble (mobanet now I think). my nick on the AoS mumble will be either God, or Shablagoo, and it will always be Shablagoo on the old SotIS mumble, I will usually be found in the DotA 2 channels there. If I'm not online on any of those mumbles, then you can go ahead and use the account, some of you know the password already, some of you might not know it. If I am on mumble, please ask me before you log in, because it kind of sucks if I get disconnected in the middle of an inhouse ;) If anyone from EU wants to borrow my NA account shoot me a message either here, on mumble or on sc2, and I'll hook you up with the information.


Thx, Shablagoo.

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