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Vergil.Nerazim {1.40} In a world without spell leech


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So, here is my build for vergil, it is similar to what i would do when he was first released and could just get spell leech and never die:

1. Duran's machette (pendant if you really want)

2. Miner's Goggles (if you buy early on) Goes to superheated mantle, i suggest getting this first, or immediately after the ocelots. This will make his passive SOO much better and render AA based heroes almost useless in a team fight, since the mantle got a nice buff to range.

3. Ocelots revolver into Magnum, I feel as if the star's fury is pretty underwhelming for a hero who isn't INT based, so, a magnum will work out better later on.

4. Nitrogen Retrofit, i mean seriously, how can you go wrong with this item, and anyhow, it works out really well with the new mantle and his easily spammable skills. It means, you can get right up in their grill, and they won't be able to run away.

5. Gravity Edge - Its a great item, it gives INT and Weapon damage, and it makes everything do a bit more since it is true damage, goes great with magnum and his ultimate.

6. After the Gravity Edge, its pretty much up to you to decide, I reccomend a Galactic Defender then selling the machette for a pyre, unless they are all squishy, then you could easily just get 2 masamunes (trololol).


The way I build my abilites, level 1,3,5,7 get dimensional slash

Level 2,12,13,14: Trick

Level 4,8,9,10 Disarming strike

Level 6,11,16 Ultimate.


This build works Amazingly against squishy enemies, and especially squishy carries (ie nova). Depending on the situation, there can be substitutions, but between the nitrogen retrofit and Mantle, you will not die too readily. Let me know what you think, it was a fun build to pub stomp with, but overall, after the patch, vergil is very balanced (maybe almost under powered unless played well).

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I a world without leech he is still a gigant caster, with argus crystal passive amplificated, nitrogen retrofit buffed, yamato active, and more int items you can melt down other casters and agi heroes with your ult, even if they have extra hp from retrofit or shinobi style etc

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he is not underpowered : with the right build he can have insane dmg ( agi / int hero die instantly or lose 80 % hp ) and a lot of cd reduction to use his spells . His blink give him a lot of survivability all game long and allow to be close of your enemy fast and surprise them with your ulti .


I aggreed he was underpowered late game before the last patch ( but like all int hero in fact ......... he is agi but 99% build him like a caster yea ? ) but with the new patch and new items he is pretty strong even for late game .

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Well, my thought is that he is put under agi for a reason, so why not build him that way?


When i said he might be underpowered, it was if he wasn't built correctly, if he is built this way, he can tank, and destroy burst heroes. But, if there is a pesky shadow or some other silly carry trying to carry a team with AA, a nice item is barbed :) combined with mantle and retrofit, they can't attack for full damage, so they start at a percentage, then receive what they do in a percentage, especially if a gravity edge is involved, that makes some nice true damage per hit :D


I'm not too well versed with the new items, since i have been sticking to a few heroes at a time, I think my builds will just stick with different styles to play a certain hero.


I'm kinda against building vergil as a caster, it seems too good lol. He can still 1 shot a squishy hero with his ult even if he doesn't stack Intel, its pretty awesome when he first gets it, it can eat a rancor thats at full hp, which is awesome.

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I would consider selling the super heated mantle when you inventory is full as 40 spell damage per second at late game is pretty much useless. I think that replacing it with and aggresor's guise is much more usefull as you get strength, agility movement speed and cooldown reduction (I'm not sure about the last one)

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who cares about the 40 damage, its the -50% weapon damage aura you want from superheated




start with lost treasure and miners goggles


rush ihan crystal


build superheated mantle and argus crystal


build spell buffer if necessary


build yamato reactor if enemy has little spell resist and enemy carry is squish, or gravity edge if the enemy have 40%+ spell resist in items, or shadowmourne if enemy carry is fed


sell ihan, and build the other two items above


end build: super heated mantle, argus crystal, yamato reactor, gravity edge, shadowmourne, spell buffer -or- cerebro -or- pyre -or- electric mantle -or- shrapnel cloak (as needed)






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yes, but i just feel those other items (spell buffer, cerebro, pyre, electric, and shrapnel) give so much more


spell buffer makes your whole team tankier


cerebro allows you to get your ult back faster (which is by FAR your most important active. Sure your Q does ok damage, and your blink is nice, but 80% of your damage is your ult)


pyre doesn't need an explanation. if you need dps, its the best singular dps item


electric gives a stun, cooldown reduction, spell resist, and hp


and of course shrapnel makes their carries useless for 3 seconds


compared to slowing the move speed, it just doesn't seem enough. its not hard cc, and its not the best tanky option, nor will it increase your damage the most.

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2 idea of ways building mohander:


(Shrink gun) :ForceofEntropy::YamatoReactor::TimeSplitter: STAR FURy{Grav Edge}.(situational: :ParallaxGenerator::SunflareGun::ExecutionersAxe::ElectricMantle::DarwinsMight: )

this is DPS+caster mode, also ANTI-DPS carry build.

since ur passive+Shrink gun provides you -%85 damage reduction of enermy hero.


anther build beblow is focus more on spell burst damage and support:

{Shrink Gun} {grav edge}{ :YamatoReactor::ArgusCrystal::SunflareGun: {XXX Seed which when asisit or kill you again-%50CD)

situational items are[ :IhanCrystal::MossbergTaser::NitrogenRetrofit::ShrapnelCloak:



also talents varies with build.

for instance: if u choose 2rd build, use %5 spell buff talent.

for 1st one: use defensive


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