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Terra nova OP ?


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I played another game with Nova, but fully equipped Nova is wayyy strong. I think at one point I had a negative k/d. But as the game dragged on and I was able to get more items, my team had come back and was able to win the game. Too bad our base was too damaged with only one tower remaining.. otherwise we could've easily won the game. I think any hero that has been fed is strong, like rancor and such. Nova can be really strong and seemingly close to overpowered, but not quite.


Plus if Nova is not fed it's really hard to get that Lethal Barb..... so expensive T_T

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Not OP at this moment. I've been testing her for a while. Seems pretty weak early to be honest.


She now suffers a little from the same disease many other agi heroes suffer: Most games you can either start well and kill a lot mid to end or start poorly and have a really low chance to be useful, since you won't be able to kill and will get killed really fast (considering a balanced team game, of course).


But the cool thing about the new items and Nova is the new "counter metagame".

Just buying a barbed won't do the trick anymore, but there are A LOT of heroes, specially INT heroes, that can kill you pretty easy.

Considering you and your opponents have the same skill, in general STR (like LZ) may have trouble against NOVA and she may have trouble against INT (like Cyprus).


Pretty interesting.

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Nova is annoying but not really OP.... most nova players just wait for chaos in a teamfight, rush in with +225% movement, ult, and pick you off, then run off again. Shes not exactly a tank...


So if you dont buy some health you will get 2-3 shotted as always, but there are lots of ways to counter


Most novas build for damage, crit, and leech, almost never see health.

if you shrapnel cloak or stun+silence they are very much made of glass and squishy


Or you could try using executioners to shut down their leech and shadowmoure to kill them with their own damage


Either one works just fine.

In a teamfight focus down on the nova and dont let her run, then worry about other heros, otherwise nova will slowly pick off your team


Give the same advice about boros though, although with boros you just have to stay in a creep wave and dodge bolos, and his ult is pretty much worthless

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Unless you bring a taser with you.


Then the other player can get one too. The only problem is stealth... though really, squishy heroes shouldn't be going out on their own without truesight if there's a nova on the enemy team.

Besides, taser isn't really that good on nova (unless you get it for the mana early on), it's more viable on tanks and casters because of mana + spell resist.

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