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Combos with Gravity (edge?) item.


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Does pyre work with Gravity? If so, it is awesome.

Gravity + Sunflare + Argus = Lot of damage.

Gravity + Vespus = True damage every attack.

Gravity + BHM or Star thing + Stack Int + Argus = Lot of damage.

Gravity + Star thing + Ihan + Argus = Lot of damage

Gravity + Cyprus + Argus + Ihan + Sunflare + Star thing = Kills most people.


Early item combo with Cyprus: Gravity + Flare = Super burst!


Know any other item/hero combos with gravity item?


Gravity + Small H. Collider is pretty good too, if you are jackson or a similar type of hero.

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Sunflare is basically deathfire grasp with a long range, but with stats that are good for everyone.

Though it doesn't scale with INT so it's not quite veigar's core item level.


Ihan no longer gives insane burst.


BUT sunflare does.

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Death Mark + Gravity edge proves to be very useful. Through test, it turns out, that Gravity edge causes Death mark to proc mutiple times. Once at the 100% spell damage (before it splits), and another at the 35% conversion that gravity edge does. (Strange tho since it shudn't amplify true damage).

This makes you deal ---100% Spell damage ->[death mark] 130% Spell damage -> Edge: 45.5% True damage//84.5%Spell Damage -> 45.5% +13.65%(death mark second proc)// 84.5% Spell Damage. Total epic damage. IT works something like that. it may be 45.5% +10.5% true damage. I'm not entirely sure. Midknight and I both tested it (he came up with the double proc theory tho). Its pretty cool tho. EPIC DAMAGE.

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Base Damage x * 1.3 (Mark) * [0.35 (True Damage) * 1.3 (Mark again (bug)) + 0.65(Spell Damage)] = 0.59x True Damage + 0.85x Spell Damage. Presuming about 30% net spell resist, that gives you 0.59x True + 0.60 Spell = 1.19x damage; 19% over base when it should be only 6% over base. 1.19 / 1.06 = 12% more damage than you should get because of the Mark bug.

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I'm testing it with Argus and Yamato and I can't make sense of the results I'm getting. Though, as a side note, I did find that how Argus and Yamato interact has been changed. They used to stack 1.2 * 1.25 = 1.5 but now, apparently, they stack linearly; 1 + 0.2 + 0.25 = 1.45. They still stack multiplicative with Mark, though. Argus and Mark is 20% * 30%, Yamato and Mark is 25% * 30%, but Yamato, Argus, and Mark is (20% + 25%) * 30%. Anyway, back to Gravity Edge.


400 Int. Silence Shot 3 (200 + 75% Int) does 500 base damage both on its own and with Gravity Edge.

With Argus, the damage goes to 600 which is what it's supposed to do.

With Yamato, the damage goes to 625, again, what it's supposed to do.

With Mark, the damage goes to 651 when it should be 650. I think Mark may add a single phantom damage.


The funny stuff happens when you combine Gravity Edge with one of these three.

I already found that Gravity + Mark gives you amplified true damage: In this test, it did 719 damage

500 * 1.3 = 650; (650 * 0.35 * 1.3) + (650 * 0.65) = 718.25 and, as I found above, Mark does an additional 1 phantom damage bringing the total to 719.


But when I use Argus or Yamato, the same principle does not check out. With Argus, I did 654 damage.

500 * 1.2 = 600; (600 * 0.35 * 1.2) + (600 * 0.65) = 642; 12 points short of what I actually did. With Yamato, it falls 13.3 points short. But with Yamato and Argus, it only falls 7.8 points short of the projection. Honestly, I'm stumped. I can't make heads or tails out of these results. I've tried applying the various modifiers at all points I can think of.

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