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Patch 1.3.9 -.-


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Playing on patch 1.3.9 on NA is completely unbareable balance wise, the new items make too much ease for casters and carries to rule, making tanks useless. The effects added to items (primarily stun baton) are ridiculous because they add too much extra damage, and sometimes even give it to regular attack?!


The fact that an item gives +100 weapon damage is ridiculous, i know it makes people 20% more vulnerable to phys and spell damage, but it makes it crazy on carries. I realize that shadowmourne is a great counter to wpn damage based heroes, but who is supposed to get it, the tank, caster, or other team's carry, it doesn't work well. Gravity edge makes building spell resist useless (i realize thats the point) but, its ridiculous on casters (Raynor + Cyprus for example).


I feel as if to make a smoother transition to some early items (olympic torch for example) there should be some components, because it was really hard to get right to it as LZ (didn't help that i was fighting a teamed ghost raynor).


I personally would rather see new heroes, not new items, i like getting familiar with items, and am resistant to major change to those items (i'm not a fan of redoing all of my builds over again).


Well, that was my rant, please fix some balance issues, the game gets too one-sided late game, there are bugs (which I will post in the appropriate thread) and issues i have noticed.

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Please give this a decent title.


Stun Baton doesn't build into anything anymore. Before, just having a stun baton did little for you, but now it is a tier 2 item.


Just so you know, Valor's Manifest used to give 98 weapon damage on agility heroes before this patch.


The title is fine IMO :P


Ok, tanks aren't useless, but against good heroes they are, there are major balance problems, the items' uniques are pretty rough to fight

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This patch only broke the "my hero is everything" type of play.


It feels like it DEFINED the styles.


Casters CAST, dealing brutal damage but being slow and vulnerable to AA.

AA deals damage fast and moves around like lightning, but has low health meaning if you can get ahold of them, they die.

Tanks are THERE. Period. They simple ARE. Huge health, armor, and resists. They just don't die if built to tank.


As it should be. I approve!

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it feels like everything scaled way too high, casters can 1-2 hit 2k hp and some times (maar) can kill the entire team with sap and frostwave, some items feel like 1 dimensional, coa, explosive. for some reason it feels like v5 again, where the numbers are so high, but its fine for me since it does scale with most items. its just that casters especially (rancor, raynor, maar) damages so high with the crystal, it gives 20% more spell damage

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I agree.


This patch has broken battles. Fights last between 2-5 seconds at most, usually at the lower end of that spectrum. Too much was changed and the whole of AoS was changed.


it has to be the least enjoyable patch i've ever had the misfortune of downloading. There's no fun and no skill in a game where whoever attacks first wins.

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I am having the TOTALLY opposite experience.


Games are lasting for an hour to an hour and a half, easy. Lots of back and fortth. Often VERY close matches. Both sides down to two or less towers, 40+ kills on both sides, often within one or two kills of each other.


Very, very balanced.


Very exciting and a lot of fun.


Sad to hear that others are not enjoying this experience. I suppose the "ease" of dying is a bit frustrating, but with all the new health items (OMG hive symbiosis!) it shouldn't be too had to add some survival into your build.


Really, a LOT did change, I think a bit of time is needed before we start to judge this patch too harshly. I feel like with a bit of time and adjustment, this will prove t have been for the best.


Pros of the patch (some)

  • Lag work around.
  • New items
  • Reworked items
  • Character blancing
  • Role definition

Cons of the patch (some)

  • some one has to drop
  • new items
  • reworked items
  • character changes
  • role changes


That above pair of lists is why I feel time is what is needed. It hasn't been long enough to really "know" what to think about the patch. For instance, the new items.

Gravity's Edge: bloody awesome! I can FINALLY kill Boros as unix without having to sell my slug monster soul to the overmind.

Gravity's Edge: bloody broken! It makes my spell storm completely useless against burst casters when I am stacking crit and weapon damage as boros!


Which is true? Both? Is that bad? Can't really say yet, other than that I play unix FAR FAR more often than boros, so I like gravity's edge a lot :P

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With this much change its really too early to do anything but the most basic of balancing tweaks primarily bug fixes. Yesterday I finally settled on my new raynor build, today I'm working on my toxi.



And I lol at the thought that shadowmourne doesn't work well. It may not work well vs a tank, but it will rip aa heros and heavy nuking spellcasters like raynor and marr as new one.


Now in a week or so I'd be willing to discuss major balancing issues, but at this point very few players have effectively explored all the items and created their builds until then its like a pitting an inhouser vs a pub and saying that because the inhouser dominated the pub w/e hero they chose is op

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Tanks can have ridiculous amounts of HP. Try to kill a drake with 8k hp in this patch... tanks are not useless.


I agree. Saying tanks are worthless is like..... whatever ALL the health items received a buff. Even a Micro can easily go to 6k HP. TANKS are so much more useful wtf.... I've even seen a 9k HP drake LOOLLOLOLOL

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