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[HERO] Cestoda.Megasolaris (Nydus Worm Hero)


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- First post


- Fixed rupture's scaling!

- Some tweaks based on suggestions.


A massive, unspeakable horror, this specimen originating from the Adari Prime supernova, the species Cestoda Megasolaris bears a slight similarity to the tapeworm. Returning from a 40,000 year cycle terminating with the destruction of its host star, Megasolaris was intercepted and wounded by a Terran battlecruiser fleet and crash-landed near the Sanctum.


The monster, though soley dependent on fusion energy from intra-stellar combustion, is sentient and possesses long-distance telepathic abilities. Judging from the remnants of Xel'Naga civilizations near ancient supernova remnants, instances of Megasolaris may pass their time by inspiring fear in starfaring civilizations. Additional archeological information regarding Megasolaris' capabilities is inconclusive.

Portrait: Overmind

Unit Base: Glowing Nydus Worm/Giant Burrowed Infestor Splat

Type: STR

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Starting Stats:

Health – 600 (250 base)

Movement Speed – 2.6

Attack Range – 5

Attack – Subterranean Tentacle

Attack Speed – 2.0

Damage – 50 (32.5 base)

Armor – 0

Energy – 0

Strength 35 (+7)

Agility 27 (+2)

Intelligence 33 (+6)




Subterranean Horror [Heroic Passive]

Megasolaris has a different ability set when below and above ground.


Megasolaris is immobilized while abolve ground, but gains +3 weapon range and emits large amounts of heat, dealing 30 (+35% STR) Spell Damage per second to nearby targets.


While below ground*, Megasolaris can move and takes (12+1*LVL)% reduced damage. (13% at start, 30% at level 18).


*Megasolaris is not cloaked when below ground, but rather has the "burrowed unit" model.




Submerge [Q]/[Above Ground]

Cooldown*: 4

Megasolaris plunges into the ground, dragging nearby enemies up to 3 units toward his position.


*The cooldown of this ability is started whenever Megasolaris emerges from the ground.

Level 1: 2 unit radius.

Level 2: 3 unit radius.

Level 3: 4 unit radius.

Level 4: 5 unit radius.


Erupt [Q]/[below Ground]

Cooldown*: 10/9/8/7

Range: 4/5/6/7

Megasolaris leaps from the depths, dealing Spell Damage to enemies near the exit point (radius of 2.5) and knocking up enemies for 0.3 seconds. Affected enemies deal Physical Damage to all enemies around them (radius of 1).


*The cooldown of this ability is started whenever Megasolaris emerges from the ground.

Level 1: 40 (+50% INT) Spell Damage. 20 bonus Physical Damage.

Level 2: 70 (+50% INT) Spell Damage. 30 bonus Physical Damage.

Level 3: 100 (+50% INT) Spell Damage. 40 bonus Physical Damage.

Level 4: 130 (+50% INT) Spell Damage. 50 bonus Physical Damage.




Sand Vortex [W]/[Above Ground]

Mana Cost: 100/110/120/130

Cooldown: 30/27/25/23

Channeling, Megasolaris conjures a 7 unit wide sand vortex that lasts 6 seconds or 2 seconds after he moves underground, unless he comes up again which continues the six second duration.


If Megasolaris is Zerg, enemy units are gently dragged clockwise and inward over time.

If Megasolaris is Protoss, enemy units are gently dragged counter-clockwise and inward over time.


Affected units are slowed and receive an additional 10% slow if they use their normal attack.

Level 1: 15% slow.

Level 2: 20% slow.

Level 3: 25% slow.

Level 4: 30% slow.


Rupture [W]/[below Ground]

Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12

Range: 8

After 0.5 seconds, a flurry of spines ruptures the ground at the target location, knocking the target up for 0.25 seconds, dealing Physical Damage in a radius of 2 and bleeding True Damage over 4 seconds to affected targets.


Casting this spell does not break channeled abilities.

Level 1: 80 (+90% INT) Physical Damage, 40 (+60% INT) True Damage.

Level 2: 130 (+90% INT) Physical Damage, 55 (+60% INT) True Damage.

Level 3: 180 (+90% INT) Physical Damage, 70 (+60% INT) True Damage.

Level 4: 230 (+90% INT) Physical Damage, 85 (+60% INT) True Damage.




Molten Fury [E][Passive]/[Above Ground]

Every time Megasolaris takes damage greater than 40, he gains 1.5% Time Scale (Same as Time in previous version), which stacks indefinitely and lasts for a limited duration after being hit. Every time he gains a stack, all stacks are refreshed. Being stunned removes all stacks.

Level 1: 1 second duration.

Level 2: 2 second duration.

Level 3: 3 second duration.

Level 4: 4 second duration.


Subterranean Express [E][Passive]/[below Ground]

Every 3 seconds Megasolaris spends underground away from an enemy, he gains a stack of movement speed, up to 5 stacks. After gaining 3 stacks, Megasolaris becomes cloaked.


Megasolaris loses 1 stack per second when an enemy hero is within a radius of 15.

Level 1: 5% movement speed.

Level 2: 7% movement speed.

Level 3: 9% movement speed.

Level 4: 11% movement speed.




Gulp [ultimate]/[Above Ground]

Mana Cost: 300/350/400

Cooldown: 100/90/80

Range: 1

Megasolaris swallows a nearby enemy whole, trapping him inside his stomach for a period of time (making the target untargetable and immune to splash), slowing himself by 30% and preventing him from using Transporter, Warp Shard, Impact Dial, or Small Hadron Collider.


When casted again or after the duration ends, Megasolaris emerges from the ground to spit the enemy out, knocking him up for 1 second.

Level 1: 3 second duration.

Level 2: 4 second duration.

Level 3: 5 second duration.


Digest [ultimate][Passive]/[below Ground]

Megasolaris deals Physical Damage per second to the enemy in his stomach, leeching 150% of the damage done as life and 50% of the damage done as energy.

Level 1: 75 (+70% INT) (+70% Weapon Damage) (+700% enemy armor) Physical Damage.

Level 2: 200 (+70% INT) (+70% Weapon Damage) (+700% enemy armor) Physical Damage.

Level 3: 325 (+70% INT) (+70% Weapon Damage) (+700% enemy armor) Physical Damage.


Note: Scaling is a bit much, but this is so that his ult deals good damage whether you build Cestoda AA or INT.

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Nice hero, I like the different burrow/unburrow skillsets. However, I think his Sand Vortex and Gulp may be too powerful. The duration of sand vortex is way too long for such a powerful aoe slow, and gulp would allow him to kidnap enemy heroes and bring them to their doom too easily, since 7 seconds allows you to travel pretty far. Rupture seem pretty weak though, with only 120 base damage.

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Let us begin. First of all, I like the idea so I will address what I think should be addressed.


Heroic Passive:

Is being underground like being burrowed, or is he visible? From what I can tell he is visible, but I want to be sure.

The rest of the numbers seem fine.



What is the splash radius of original burst? What is the search radius for the additional physical damage dealt? Is this damage applied with maximum damage to every target around, or is it damage divided based on the number of targets?


W(Not Burrowed):

What is the radius of this vortex? Is there a range for casting or is it cast around him? Can enemies move out of this vortex, or are they just pulled in without being able to do anything about it? How fast are they pulled towards the center? This may be too powerful of a disable. With the massive slow and inwards pulling, people may not be able to escape for 10 seconds, which is an insanely long time for a disable. Of course, this depends on how hard it is to escape.



Did you mean to leave the damage the same at all levels? If so, this is incredibly weak. Keep in mind that this will likely do about 60% damage because of resistance provided by armor.


E seems fine on both burrowed and unburrowed. Remember though that the current "TimeScale" is the previous "Time."


R(Not burrowed):

So this is like a lockbox that can only be used on enemies and has a much longer duration. Seems okay.



Let's see here. At level 6: you will probably have about 100 int, 100 weapon damage, and a similarly leveled enemy will have about 15-30 armor, depending on what time of character they are. I will use 15. So for the damage you do 100(base damage) + 70(from intelligence) +70(from weapon damage) +105(from armor) = a grand total of 345. You are also swallowing them for 5 seconds so 345*5 = 1725 physical damage. With 15 armor, they will take .97^15% of the damage which is around 63%. 1725*.63= ~1086 damage. So your level one ulti will deal over 1000 damage after mitigation.


Let's jump to maxed level and assume you built something viable on him. Building auto attack on this character probably wouldn't be the best idea. Level 18, lets say you have 300 int (You naturally have 141 w/o items), 200 weapon damage (obtained mostly w/o items), and your enemy has 30 armor. I won't break it down as much as before but here goes. 300 + 210 + 140 + 210 = 860. Swallowed for 7 seconds so 860 * 7 = 6020*.4 = 2408.


His ultimate seems balanced in terms of numbers. I just had to work the numbers out because it looked too strong before, and they are now here for the benefit of everyone else.

The problem I see here, is what Banzai pointed out. 7 seconds is a long time. If you have any time scale items, you could just port back to your base with them in your belly. Even if that is not possible, 7 seconds is a long time.

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Perhaps when a Hero is being digested, Mega can't move? Much like unix's drain, lock down the caster while doing something so brutal.

I'd assume he could move since the R passive would imply that he could burrow while he ultis. Also, the tooltip does say that he is slowed by 25%, which wouldn't make much sense if it slowed weapon speed.

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indeed, the text would make it seem that he can move while using the ultimate, but I don't think he should be able to.


Perhaps only burrow/unburrow.


Unix doesn't incapacitate you, but DOES drain your life for his own, much like this ulti. Unix is locked totally and the target can run about freely.


Seeing the similarities, I figure the 7 second uber damage self healing ultimate might ought to be similarly punished. Allowing Burrow/Unborrow lets you choose what to do with the captive, ie burrow to digest or unburrow to spit the captive into the air and retreat but restricting attack/movement would make YOU vulnerable while doing it and prevent things liek stealing a hero and running back to the pool.

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