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Sweatfest Tournament 4.0


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Welcome back @everyone


It has been almost a year since our last major AOS event, so what better way to kick things off in 2023 than by throwing in some extra sweat? That’s right, We will be hosting yet another SweatFest unlike any we’ve done before.

SweatFest will take place between the 3rd – 5th of February. You DO NOT want to miss this one! #sign-ups start on the 6th of January on our Discord! https://discord.gg/aeonofstorms


The Dates

The tournament orientation will begin on Friday the 3rd of February at 10pm GMT / 5pm EDT. If you want to participate, make sure to be on time or you will not be able to participate.

Please make sure you are available throughout the WHOLE weekend before registering for the player pools or you will be putting your team at risk of having to forfeit.


Registration and Orientation

You may #sign-up as a Captain, Player, or Substitute in SweatFest.

Anyone may register as a Player or Substitute. 

However, you may only register as a Captain if you are an active talker on the AOS Discord (have a mic) and are an Inhouse Veteran of good standing. We will be turning people down as Captains if they do not at least meet these minimum standards

Once orientation begins on the first day, Captains will pick their team from the pool of PLAYERS who have signed up to the event and that have arrived on time.

Picks will be made in the following format (depending on the total number of captains/players):


Captains have the option to decide whether they want to stick to the pick order they have been rolled only once. The order will be passed on depending on the order of the roll until the last Captain (whom cannot choose their order).

Once the players have been picked, these will be the teams for the weekend.

Any player that has not been picked in the initial draft will be added to the subs pool.


Subs Pool

This is a new concept that has been added on from the previous SweatFests to cater to our playerbase. In this event, you may register as a Substitute if you are unable to commit to the whole weekend.


Substitutes may only be used if a player on a team is absent / unable to make it to a game. The substitute player must be of similar skill level of the player that is absent and may only be used if the opposition Captain accepts it as a fair exchange. As such. Substitutes may play for different teams based on circumstances.

Substitutes will not be viable for prizes unless they have participated in the FINALS match.

Registering as a Substitute does NOT guarantee you play time in the tournament.

If a PLAYER misses the initial draft phase then they will also be added to the subs pool by default.


The Format

The format of SweatFest 4.0 will be determined by the number of teams participating in the event. There will be two different approaches depending on whether there are 4 or 6 teams participating.


The default server for all games will be the NA East server to ensure all players play under similar circumstances. However, if both captains agree to play on a different server, then they are free to do so.


There will be a time frame provided for each stage of the tournament for both formats in which games must be completed in. These will be provided on the day depending on how long the team draft takes.


4 Team Format

If there are 4 teams participating, then they will play in a round robin format (every team will play every other team). Each team will play against each other twice with both teams having a home (Protoss) and an away (Zerg) side game. 


Once the round robin has been completed, the two teams with the most victories will play against each other in a Best of 3 FINALS match to determine the overall winner.


If there is a tie for second place, both teams will have to play a final Best of 1 game to determine who is the second finalist. A coin flip will determine which side gets Protoss / Zerg and the same rules apply for the server as throughout the tournament.


6 Team Format

If there are 6 teams participating, then there will be a round robin double split. This means that the 6 teams will be split into 2 groups of 3 where they will face each other in best of 1 games. If there is a tie within the group, then the total amount of game time accumulated throughout the 2 games played by each team will determine positions within the group (the quicker your total game time, the higher your position in the group).


After the round robin double split has been completed, all teams will be placed in a double elimination bracket based on their group performance where the upper bracket will play best of 3 games and the lower bracket will play best of 1 games. Winners of both brackets will then play a best of 3 FINALS match on Sunday.


The Games and Finals

The games may begin immediately after the teams have been created on the first day. All teams will be given a time frame in which they must complete their games for each respective section of the tournament. 

Therefore it is the responsibility of each Captain to coordinate with each other, their teams, and the Organizers to ensure games are setup.

Overall, all teams have until Sunday 8pm GMT / 3pm EDT to complete all their games so that 2 finalists emerge from the groups. Any games not completed by this deadline will count as losses for both teams as well. If either one of the teams in any matchup is unable to complete their games due to special circumstances, we may take this into consideration and make exceptions in the results.

However, in all cases, the FINALS will strictly be held at 8pm GMT / 3pm EDT


The Prizes

Each member of the winning team at the end will receive a 1-month subscription to Discord Nitro as well as Special Discord Roles. Additionally, they will receive in-game special badges, titles, and coloured names lasting until the next tournament.


Tournament Guidelines

- Conduct: All players must adhere to the Discord IH behaviour and etiquette guidelines in #how-to-play. 

- Game Version: All games must be played using the most up to date version of the game using the Captains Pick mode. It is up to the team to decide who is going to be their in-game captain for each respective match.

- Discord Platform: Each team will be given their own respective channels and are free to use the AOS server for their Tournament matches. All members of a team must be present on our Discord during matches. Using other discord servers during tournament matches may result in a team forfeiting. 

- Registrants: To protect the integrity of the competition, any registrant who is unknown to the Organizer may be asked to verify themselves through their ingame account and voice.

- Disconnections: If a player disconnects during a game and it is before the 30-minute mark (in game time) the game will be recovered from the point where the player dropped. However, if the game is after the 30-minute mark (in game time), the team with a player dropped can either carry on playing or surrender. If the enemy captain agrees to recover the game from the stage in which the player dropped, you are allowed to recover the game. Substitutes will only be considered if a player must leave and be replaced.

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