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Short-Term Fix to NA AoS Lag


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Hello everyone! Cronos here.


I would like to bring attention to a recent work-around for the unprecedented lag everyone has been dealing with on the NA Servers.


Recently, an anonymous person noticed that if a person is dropped during the loading screen of the game the game is completely lag-free. The only bad news is that each game will have to have a dropped player in order to by-pass the lag. After several test, it does indeed work.


That being said players will have to opt in as a "designated dropper" until more light is shed on the issue. This will mean that someone in the game lobby will not play and will have to either log-out and "leash" the lag for everyone else. This is why I am bringing attention to the community. There is already a spot implemented as a spectator which does indeed work the same so 5v5's still work perfectly well.


I will be updating this thread constantly as I find out more information on the matter.

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Will it do anything, if someone drops after the game loads, I haven't played in 2weeks lol


We have already tested it multiple times in inhouses. It's been working smoothing. If anything my FPS has even went up by 40!!!!

I had 60-70 FPS but then had 110 FPS after drop-lag-fix thing happened. SO SICK I haven't played a good game for 2 weeks. And finally got to play today!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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