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Tank Item to redirect damage


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(NAME) (I'm bad naming stuff)



Cost: 7540

Components: [Korhal Vanguard + Electric Mantle + 1000]


+275 Health

+30 Strength

+14 Intelligence

+3 Armor

+35 Weapon Damage

+23% Spell Resist


[unique] Nearby allies gain +8% Damage Resistance.


[Active] User gains 400 Shield and +35% Physical Resistance.

While active all damage taken by allies

within 15 units are redirected to you and reduced by 20%.

Damage redirected is none fatal. If hero reaches 10%

health effect will end or 5 seconds which ever comes first.

60 sec cooldown


This is more of a tier 5 item. The point of it is because as much as

someone wants to be a tank smart players won't attack a tank first.

this makes sure a tank can take the damage instead of ur allies.

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And of course I think there should be an item that distributes damage from you to the rest of your team.



nova goes in with 4 tanks and every damage that goes to nova splits off to the 4 tanks :D Could be OP but could be fun with other heroes. Might make more people play tanks :D

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I had a thing typed up then i accidently hit back so its going to be short.


end game on a tank this item for those 5 sec will make ur team op, tycus my build with out that item ur at 50% spell resist and 65% physical resist, with abilities u got 85% resist all. thats why the cost should be high, as well as me saying more of a tier 5 item.


I know the items are changing but I just wanted to put the idea out there so maybe an item like it can be added. i play a tank alot and anyone that knows who i am knows i can tank like a beast with my builds i do for tycus/vorpal/LZ not much in the way of damage. an item like this makes sure a tank can protect thier team by taking the damage first.

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