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Side Shops


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I dunno, I feel like they kind of weaken the strategic value of the game. Sure, they make it easier to stay in the lane, but it makes your item chocies much less important. As it stands now, I have money enough for a Duran's item and one potion: do I take a health pot with me, or a mana pot...I have to choose wisely.


Add side shops, and I can take neither and just buy what I need if I need it.


I personally prefer the strategic value of not having them.

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Even transporters... Right now you have to decide at the shop if you buy them or not (and they're expensive), and you have to decide if you keep them for the return trip or use them right away. Side shops with them make you buy only 1 at a time, and takes away the decision of buying a second for an eventual return trip.


I didn't hate side shops back then, but I think it was for the best that they were taken out, I really like how walking takes so long early game that you have to time it right.

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I don't really like it that walking takes so long early game because that causes snowballing to be even worse.


Take the following example, adapted from LoL:


You, your partner, and your opponents are level 4. You end up getting killed while the nova on their team survives with 10hp (critical existence failure ftw!). Nova continues to farm and your micro kills her by teleporting on top of her. Then your micro gets killed by the enemy cain.


Cain is now level 5, almost 6, while you are 4 and nova/micro are 5.


Cain kills some neutral creeps while you two are away, becoming level 6.


You return to your lane, but cain runs up close to your tower and ults you, killing you. Cain is now level 7. You are still level 4.


It's a bit exaggerated, but I'd prefer there to be less snowballing rather than more. Transporters aren't just a "maybe" item, you can miss a whole creep wave which would make up for the 100 credits easily through last hits and xp. Or you could teleport out while being ganked and keep your enemy from gaining 300 minerals. You practically need them early game or you'll have no chance of recovering unless your mid is pro (or toxi {or both}).

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