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The hero made after me- Elemental.Baggins


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So, I haven't made a hero in awhile, but i had some ideas floating around, and here is the plan:






- Hero made!


- Changed Natural healing to scale with HP.

- Re-Changed Natural healing to heal less

- Changed How freeze works, and the damage it deals

-Added Internal Cooldown to Heroic Passive

-Added more Detail to Heroic Passive

-Changed Scaling on Heroic Passive

- Changed Scaling on Ultimate




Name: Elemental.Baggins

Portrait: Archon

Unit Base: Archon (changes colors periodically)

Type: Agi

Script: An avid starcraft and Aeon of storms player, Baggins dwells on the fact that he has special powers, powers that he doesn't realize he has until one fateful day, but always realized there was something different about himself. Baggins controls powers of all elements, and has skills that reflect different elements.


Baggins can be built as any role that is needed, the variation of skills makes him able to fulfill any tasks that he needs to accomplish. Use the powers of elements to your benefit and select one path to build, a mixture is not necessarily a good thing.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 280

Movement Speed 2.95

Attack Range 6

Attack Speed 1.8

Base Damage 35

Base Armor 3

Strength – [28] + [6]

Agility – [30] + [7]

Intelligence – [28] + [6]







Heroic Passive: Power of Earth

"Every time Baggins kills a unit, he unleashes a shockwave that does 50+(7*level) spell damage in an AoE of 3 internal Cooldown of 7 seconds, the damage originates from Baggins. If multiple enemies are killed simultaneously, one shockwave is generated per unit killed."



Effect: Used as a Farming Skill and a potent way to punish enemies who refuse to deny or those that let the player last hit, acts like Cyprus's W.




Ability One: Fire Power!

"Baggins generates a forever burning flame around himself that damages enemies in an AoE of 1 unit from Baggins."

Energy Cost: N/A

Cooldown: N/A

Range: AoE of 1 around Baggins.


Level 1: Passively Deals 20 (+1/100HP) spell damage per second

Level 2: Passively Deals 30 (+1/100HP) spell damage per second

Level 3: Passively Deals 40 (+1/100HP) spell damage per second

Level 4: Passively Deals 50 (+1/100HP) spell damage per second


Effect: This can be used as a chase skill and farming skill in turn with the Passive. It works like a superheated mantle (if my range is off, correct me) that is a good way to keep enemies away early game.




Ability Two: Power of Water.

"Baggins forces water to surround the target and freeze them where they are in an AoE of 2. Frozen enemies are immobilized for the duration. Target is a location."

Energy Cost: 80/100/120/140

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12 Seconds

Range: 8


Level 1: Deals 200 (+80% INT) Spell damage. Immoblizes for .5 seconds

Level 2: Deals 250 (+80% INT) Spell damage. Immoblizes for .5 seconds

Level 3: Deals 300 (+80% INT) Spell damage. Immoblizes for 1 second

Level 4: Deals 350 (+80% INT) Spell damage. Immoblizes for 1 second


Effect: Can be used as a chase skill, initiation, or even escape.




Ability Three: Natural Healing.

"Baggins Calls upon the powers of Nature to heal him. Casting time is .3 seconds"

Energy Cost: 100/120/140/160

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Range: self


Level 1: Heals 100 HP (+10% Max HP) and Gains +6 HP regen for 3 seconds.

Level 2: Heals 150 HP (+10% Max HP) and Gains +8 HP regen for 3 seconds.

Level 3: Heals 200 HP (+10% Max HP) and Gains +10 HP regen for 3 seconds.

Level 4: Heals 250 HP (+10% Max HP) and Gains +12 HP regen for 3 seconds.


Effect: Heals Baggins, but becomes Immobile for 2 seconds.




Ultimate Ability: Elemental Beam

"Baggins Charges all elements into one large focused beam. The beam surrounds a target area, an AoE of 6. The Circle deals massive damage to enemies who touch it. Casting Time of 1.3 seconds."

Energy Cost: 200/350/500

Cooldown: 2min 10 sec/ 1min 40 sec/60 seconds

Range: 10 (casting the center)


Level 1: Circle Deals 300 (+100% INT) lasts 5 seconds

Level 2: Circle Deals 500 (+100% INT) lasts 6 seconds

Level 3: Circle Deals 600(+100% INT) lasts 7 seconds


Effect: Can be used as a team fight ability or can be used to create an arena for an epic team fight. Can be used to chase and to run away, as it will scare away most enemies, and allies can run through it harmlessly.



Let me know what you think, I will try to get any suggestions in ASAP and hope you enjoyed reading this!

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Hmm Baggins don't like this? :D


Oh, thanks for reminding me!



@quistmann: Well, that was my plan to make him tankable, so he can fill any role. but, i might have it scale with health, I would love to do strength but some people are resistant to change. The way he is now, i didn't want him to just scale INT and that way he wouldn't be able to fill multiple positions. The way i see it, there needs to be a hero who can fill almost all roles but with different builds.

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Hmm Baggins don't like this? :D

Which self-respecting individual would like his own suggestion?


Anyway, his heroic passive is too strong. At higher levels, you just kill 1-2 creeps and the entire enemy creep wave will be automatically annihilated with your Q helping.


Q itself seems pretty ok though.


W is waaaay too weak. It almost deals ony half as much damage as ordinary abilities, and it's accompanied by a horrible disable. In fact, I don't think it's even a disable, the freeze would probably be beneficial to your opponents most of the time, since the immobilization duration is too short to be of any use while you risk messing up allied abilities.


E is also too powerful. Sure, you're immobilized for 3 seconds, but the ridiculous base heal more than makes up for it. It is by far the most powerful heal in the game, since it's base heal alone is about 3x better than any other heal(Queen/Tychus). Tack on the additional hp regen and 10% mac HP heal and you've got a seriously extreme heal.



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I don't know, I just noticed that he likes every post he made, I find it rare xD


I like everything that i say, why else would i say it? :P


Alright, onto balance, I will nerf the Heal, and make the freeze better, i thought it would be too op if he used it to chase, that way it would disable the pure just immobilize and rape. I'll reduce scaling on Heroic Passive, maybe add an internal cooldown on it, so it won't blow everything up, maybe about 5 secs.

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Heroic Passive: Does the damage originate from Baggins, or from the unit that he killed? As far as the damage goes, I think it is okay, though it may scale a little too well. One thing I thought of is that you couldn't deny creeps or kill minions while they are next to the tower, or you would likely take tower aggro from the AoE. That aspect is fine IMO. I like that you have an internal cooldown, so that you can't spawn chain reactions of doom. What would happen if you killed multiple units at the same time? Would there be one explosion, or multiple explosions?


Q: You could just write 1% HP instead of 1/100HP btw. The idea and the damage seem fine.


W: Is this targeted - aim at one hero and it freezes him and enemies around him in an AoE of 2, or an AoE "skill shot" - activate on a specific area, and if any enemy is within it they are frozen. The skill itself is rather weak. I can think of three good options here. You could increase the disable and keep the damage similar or increase the damage and increase the disable slightly. Another option is to decrease the damage a little and significantly decrease the cooldown or give it say, 3 charges. Keep in mind that Unix's fungal lasts like 2.5 or 3 seconds and pretty much does the same thing.


E: Looks fine. Like the current vernal but only to yourself.


R: Why does this scale with Weapon Damage? I definitely disagree with this. Can this affect a unit/hero more than once during the duration? Does this circle only deal damage on the circumference and not on the inside? If so, that is a good idea.

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I really don't like the concept of a hero that can take on any role. In theory that hero will either be a weak jack-of-all-trades with no significant contribution to the team, or a freakishly overpowered monster who can AA, cast, CC, heal, and farm just as well as anyone else and thus own everyone.


Well, the way i have it scale, each ability he has corresponds with one of the possible builds: Tank, AA carry, or Caster

This was my theory: If you wanted to go AA carry, you could, it would work best in turn with Ultimate and Heroic Passive

If you wanted to tank: The Q would do some damage, and the Heal would help a lot

If you wanted to go caster (most likely the weakest of roles): You could mass INT, which i am going to change the w to do more damage.


@Adamantium: I was posting as you responded, so

The Passive Originates from Baggins, and I think i will decrease scaling slightly, if Multiple enemies are killed simultaneously, it will generate one wave per enemy, since this is a fairly rare case, and would be most likely helpful in farming anyway, but since there is an internal CD, it will be fairly rare.


About the Q, I wanted to make it sound fancier :P


The W, I am going to buff the damage, didn't want it to be a spammable ability. It is supposed to be like a skill shot, that way it will be possible to hit shadow.


The E was meant to be a bit stronger than vernal, but immobilize yourself afterwards.


And About the Ultimate, i was just thinking about that, I'm gonna make it so it scales with INT. It can affect a hero multiple times, if they are stupid enough to walk through it more than once. And yes, it only deals damage along the circumference, its to make an epic arena for a team fight, or to corral enemies who are trying to chase or run away. Since im changing the scaling, he will be able to be built any way actually, since he can just drop ultimate then AA everyone in the circle, its a killer idea if it would work right.


Sorry for the late edit, the site flipped at me when i tried to edit it the first time, I think it should be ready now, lemme know what ya think.

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If anyone dislikes the name of this, i was considering changing the name to "Elemental.Conflux" mostly on account of it would be epic if it was added, and i wouldn't want my name on the hero, just the credit :P


So, let me know, i will change the name if it seems appreciated!

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