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Item Suggestion Offload


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Copy-pasting from playsotis (It's unlocked now).





Blood Sword

  • Recipe Cost:370
  • Total Cost:2350
  • Required Items:zerg%20symbiosis.pngkhalis%20weaver.pngfusion%20blade.pngtemporal%20plating.pngmetabolic%20booster.png

+110 Health

+2 Armor

+50 Energy

+12 Agility

+12 Strength

+12 Intelligence

+20% Physical Leech

[unique] Every time you kill a unit, you gain a stack, capping out at 15 stacks. For each stack, you gain +2%Physical Leech and +2 Weapon Damage.

[Active] Consume all stacks to restore 0.7% Health and0.7% Energy to you and allies nearby you per second for each stack consumed. 30 second shared cooldown with Soul Engine and Khalis Weaver.




Components: Cost



Zerg Symbiosis: 475

+15% Physical Leech


Khalis Weaver: 650

+6 Agility

+6 Strength

+6 Intelligence

[unique] Every time you kill a unit, you gain a stack. (Maximum 15 stacks).

[Active] Consume all stacks to restore 20 Health and 14 Energy per stack. 30 Second shared cooldown (Shared with Khalis Weaver).


Fusion Blade: 285

+6 Agility


Metabolic Booster: 285

+6 Strength


Temporal Plating: 285

+6 Intelligence



An item that allows for a wide variety of item builds and gives an upgrade to an item that tapers off rapidly, the Khalis Weaver.

This makes said item scale almost endlessly throughout the whole game, restoring a good portion of vitals! [15% over 15 seconds!!]






Is what's coming for you.








  • Cost:415

+10% Physical Leech

[unique] Each time you attack, the enemy gains a stack. When the enemy has 5 stacks on them, a Broodling explodes out of them, dealing 40 + 12 * Lvl damage. The Broodling has 60 + 20 * Lvl Health, and deals 12 + 3 * Lvl damage every 0.5 seconds, with movespeed of 5.



A simplistic item that grants good bonuses for early on, but tapers off as the game goes on.






Ambient Plating


+10 Strength

+10 Agility

+10 Intelligence

[Passive] For every point of Health that you lose, you recover 0.1 Energy. For every point of Energy that you lose, you recover 0.1 Health. For every point of damage that you mitigate due to Armor, you reflect 0.75 damage back to the enemy that attacked you.


*For each Ambient Plating that you have, this Passive is halved. If you have 2 Ambient Platings, you recover 0.15 Energy for each point of Health that you lose. 3 -> 0.175, 4 -> 0.1875, 5 -> 0.19375, 6 -> 0.196875.


*Balancer, +6 Stat item components


An overall boost that restores the old old Resonator's ability.

Originally this item gave 40 + 15 * Lvl Shields in an aura XP





Laser Strike

http://archive.plays...onic lasher.png

  • Cost:480

[Active] Target unit and up to two others near it take61 + 13 * Lvl physical damage after a 2 second delay. Cooldown of 30 seconds. Cooldown is reduced by 6seconds each time you kill a unit.

[unique] After activating this item's ability, enemies within a 8 radius of any attacked units recieve -5%Weapon Damage for 6 seconds.





Physical Damage item that has very low bonuses without farming a lot. Can be useful to start and end engagements or perhaps as a harassment tool.



Evasion boost now only applies to allies and only against non-heroic units.

Passive increased from 5% to 10%.


Passive removed.






http://archive.plays...ers greaves.png

  • Cost:165

[Active] Creates a shroud of smoke, increasing evasion of allied units by 40%, but only from non-heroic units. Effect lasts for 6 seconds. Cooldown of 36 seconds.




An item that is a less-powerful version of Smokescreen, but is able to be used more often.







-Cooldown on Detection buff decreased from 120 to 50 seconds.

-Recipe Cost decreased from 1100 to 75. Total Cost from 2525 to 1500.





Imperial Garb

http://archive.plays...nctum relic.png

  • Recipe Cost:75
  • Total Cost:1500
  • Required Items:http://archive.playsotis.com/icons/tea%20extract.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/adrenaline.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/blinkmoth%20serum.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/truesight%20elixir.png

+18 Strength

+18 Agility

+18 Intelligence

+5% Damage Resist

+5% Weapon Damage

+5% Spell Damage.

[Active]Gain a 15 unit Detection radius for 15 seconds. Cooldown of 50 seconds.




A combination of all of the consumes that grant buffs directly to the hero. It grants the same bonuses, but instead of dispelling on Death like a Chrono/Truesight; you gain a temporary detection with a long cooldown.

Not to say that you couldn't... buy a bunch of them. I mean, they're not that great...

*All 3 potions and Chrono








  • Recipe Cost:1565
  • Total Cost:3265
  • Required Items:http://archive.playsotis.com/icons/anabolic%20circulator.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/pulse%20regenerator.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/sapphire%20mox.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/emerald%20mox.png

+4 Health Regen

+1 Energy Regen

+240 Health

+265 Energy

[unique] Your attacks deal Spell damage to the target's energy equal to 4% of their current energy. Even if you possess Spell Leech this item does not heal any of your health or energy.

[Active] Disables/Enables the following passive: You and nearby enemies (Radius 8) lose 4 Health and 1 Energy each second.




*Sapphire, Emerald Mox, Pulse Regenerator, Anabolic Circulator

A good item. Basically Pyre but for Energy; dealing % current instead of % maximum and not increasing attack speed.

Deals Spell damage, so the damage is reduced by Spell Resistance.


Because it does not benefit from leech that makes super-mondo-auto-attack Isomorphic Pyre, This, and Sun Flare Gun / Vampiric Amulet not "I can't die while attacking".


Passive aura makes laning easier but disables your regeneration boosts from this item, in effect. It's a gigantic Martyr! :]

Also could be concievably(Can't... Spell...) used to get a kill when the enemy has just a tiny amount of life left.




-Active damage changed from 85 + 15 * Lvl to 90 + 50% Weapon Damage

-Active damage type changed from Spell to Physical.

-Physical Leech increased to 10%, from 8%.

-No longer provides Spell Leech [Down from 8%].





Chain Bolt

  • Recipe Cost:110
  • Total Cost:750
  • Required Items:http://archive.playsotis.com/icons/hunterhttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/soul%20engine.png

[Active] Deals 90 + 50% Weapon Damage Physical Damage to a unit and bounces to other nearby enemies, damage reducing by 25% each time. Maximum of 4 hit enemies. Cooldown of 60 seconds, shared cooldown of 8 seconds.

[unique] Whenever a unit dies within an 8 unit radius around you, you recover 10 Health and 7 Energy. Recovery is doubled if you killed the unit.

[unique] You deal 25% more Physical Damage to creeps (+15% Physical Damage if the target is >1.5units away).

+10% Physical Leech


*Hunter's Hatchet, Soul Engine


Horrible except in laning. Reduces BY, not TO. ( 100% -> 75% -> 56.25% -> 42.1875% )


First Unique ability is Soul Engine but activates automatically upon killing a unit, and even has a 50% recovery if you didn't kill it.


Item was designed with Jungling in mind; perhaps making it more viable.

Bonus Leech for above reason, obviously. This does make it easy to heal some health, probably not all the damage that you take when Jungling, but most certainly allows you to stay there longer.







-Health bonus increased from 285 to 300

-Energy Regen increased from 1.5 to 2

-Crit Chance increased from 18% to 20%.

-Unique Passive now also adds an 8% Amplification.

-Active now gives +15% Crit Chance [up from 12] and +15% Critical Damage [up from 10].





Piercing Eye


  • Recipe Cost:375
  • Total Cost:2780
  • Required Items:http://archive.playsotis.com/icons/eye%20of%20duran.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/bladed%20collar.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/bladed%20collar.png

+300 Health

+2 Energy Regen

+20% Critical Chance


[unique] Attacking an enemy prevents them from Cloaking for 4 seconds amplifies all damage by 8%.


[Active] For the next 5 auto-attacks you do, you have an additional +15% Critical Chance and +15% Critical Damage. 30 second cooldown.


*Eye of Duran, 2x Bladed Collar






Cost upped from 175 to 260

Shield Boost increased from 10 to 20





Boost Sphere


  • Cost:260

+2 Strength

+2 Agility

+2 Intelligence

[Active] Gain 20 Shields for each Boost Sphere in your inventory. Shields last for 10 seconds. Shared cooldown of 60 seconds.


You may hold up to (10 + Your Level) Boost Spheres in a single inventory slot.




If you were really really silly, you could buy four of these to start the game with. But of course, these items build into nothing at all. It'd be far better to buy a Balancer (315).

However, these items have late-game usefulness, as you can get a LOT of them [28] which provides a fair deal of bonuses [56! to all stats].








  • Recipe Cost:85
  • Total Cost:200
  • Required Items:http://archive.playsotis.com/icons/energy%20capsule.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/health%20capsule.png

[Consume] Restores 200 + 20 * Lvl Health and 100 + 10 * Lvl energy over 10 + Lvl seconds. While healing, you gain 6% damage resistance.

[unique] Allies in a radius of 8 around you heal 1Health and 0.25 Energy each second.




A simple item that heals health and energy, and bolsters your defenses. You can hold 3 in a single slot.

Early on, it heals LESS than the components but heals MORE as the game goes on due to scaling with user's level.

Useful for helping allies escape, in particular, especially due to hastened healing rate.

Aura boost is an additional little "pick-me-up" for laning.






Telecom Unit

http://archive.plays...al infusion.png

  • Cost:115

[Consume] Summons a Marine to join you. Marine has 110 + 20 * Lvl health and deals 15 + 2 * Lvl damage each second, with range of 3. Any kills the Marine gains are credited to you.

[unique] While you hold this item, you recieve 2 additional minerals every 10 seconds.





Additional passive to make item more skill-based. Summoning Marine instantly does mean sooner damage, but waiting means you gain more money.





Spike Tread

http://archive.plays...imal gutter.png

  • Cost:320

[Active] Summons a Baneling. Baneling has 140 + 25 * Lvl health and deals 20 + 3 * Lvl damage in an area, suiciding itself. Explosion has a radius of 3. Cooldown of 60 seconds.

[unique] When ability is not on cooldown and you have been out of combat for at least 6 seconds, you gain 4%movespeed.




More "Beacon" items. This one is incredibly useful for moving around the map and gives you some laning power to be able to win a lane.





Callback Crystal

http://archive.plays...rp fragment.png

  • Cost:180

[Consume] Channel for 2.5 seconds, then warp target unit 8 units of distance towards you.



You can use this on creeps and allies. A simple item, maybe a bit troll-worthy. You could buy multiple of these and teleport your enemy into the tower [but squander your starting money!].







Security Plating

http://archive.plays... vestaments.png

  • Cost:360

[unique] +4% Damage Resist

[Active] Restore 80 health and 50 energy over 10 seconds. 35 second shared cooldown.



A useful item that increases your power and is relatively cheap for the DR and lane boost. Not building into anything, however, makes it a poor item later on as it does not scale whatsoever.







-Health regen decreased from 6 to 3.

-Energy regen decreased from 1.5 to 0.75.

-Drone damage reduced from 13 + 4*Lvl to 10 + 4*Lvl.

-Drone attack speed "reduced" from 0.75 to 1.00.

-Drone health reduced from 150 + 35 * Lvl to 80 + 15 * Lvl.

-Recipe Cost increased from 400 to 750 [up by 350].





Survival Drone


  • Recipe Cost:750
  • Total Cost:1675
  • Required Items:http://archive.playsotis.com/icons/anabolic%20circulator.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/pulse%20regenerator.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/field%20radar%20toolkit.png

+4% Movement Speed

+3 Health Regeneration

+0.75 Energy Regeneration


[unique] A drone orbits in a 3 unit radius around you, dealing 10 + 4 * Lvl True Damage to an enemy in a 3unit range of it every second. Half of the damage the Drone deals is healed to you as health. The Drone has80 + 15 * Lvl health, and has a 15 unit radar.

[Active] Regenerates the Drone. 45 second cooldown, starting from death of Drone.







Gust Boost


  • Cost:360

[unique] When you cease moving, you deal 30 + 8 * LvlSpell Damage to all enemies in a 3 unit, 60 degree cone in front of you. 14 second cooldown.




An item that allows you to, right off the bat, start dealing area damage even if your hero has no area skills.


Builds into Grind Shoes.







"Charges" removed. ^^;

Bonuses to STR, AGI, and INT removed.

Khalis Weaver component changed to Gust Boost component.

Recipe Cost increased to 660, from 500.

Total Cost went down from 1975 to 1745.

Grind "ability" cooldown increased from 9 to 14.

New Active [Old: AoE Soul Engine]: Calls a miniature tornado, causing enemies in a radius of 3 around you to take20 + 6 * Lvl Spell Damage per second as well as boosting your and nearby allies' movespeed by 9%. Effect lasts for 8 seconds. 30 second cooldown.





Grind Shoes

http://archive.plays...ick rollers.png

  • Recipe Cost:500
  • Total Cost:1975
  • Required Items:http://archive.playsotis.com/icons/accelerator.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/zerg%20symbiosis.png**

+18% Movement Speed (Footwear)

+15% Physical Leech


[Active]Calls a miniature tornado, causing enemies in a radius of 3 around you to take 20 + 6 * Lvl Spell Damage per second as well as boosting your and nearby allies' movespeed by 9%. Effect lasts for 8seconds. 30 second cooldown.


[unique] When you cease moving, you deal 50 + 8 * LvlSpell Damage to all enemies in a 3 unit, 60 degree cone in front of you. 14 second cooldown.


Bonuses from Footwear do not stack.





Basically, these are boots that provide very essential things.

1) Movespeed, so that you can keep up / stay away.

2) Leech so that you won't die as quickly and can farm up.

3) A farming ability to help things along a bit.

4) A supportive ability to help your allies escape from a fight or help them get there faster.


These boots do not provide bonus Attack Speed and have very little boost for their slot in your inventory; but it's a good idea to get the components and these boots makes it only take one slot.


Thanks to Firnefex for everything except the icon {Rick Rollers} and the idea.









Mage's Circlet

  • Item Tier:1
  • Item Type:Recipe
  • Recipe Cost:240
  • Total Cost:925
  • Components:http://archive.playsotis.com/icons/pulse%20regenerator.pnghttp://archive.playsotis.com/icons/temporal%20plating.png

+8 Intelligence

+0.75 Energy Regeneration

+5% Spell Leech

[Passive] This item counts as a "Storm Pauldrons" component.

*To prevent this item from being used as a component; drop it by right clicking it and then left clicking the ground.


Additional Information:

Allows for easier access to Spell Leech; and makes it slightly easier [but more expensive] to get middle-tiered items such as the Vampiric Amulet or Higgs-Boson Capacitor.


"Circlet Nobility" from DotA is the icon.




There we are. All my not-bad Item Suggestions that I found; I didn't like the other ones.

Oh good god this looks horrible. Posting it anyway.

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