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Legal Maphacks, Guide to Warding


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Radar Tookits (AKA Wards)




Warding is a term that refers to using certain items (Radar Tookits in SotIS) to gain vision of the map and keep tabs on what the enemy team is doing. It is crucial in Action RTS games due to the map control it provides. Though useful, wards are quite expensive and are so valuable that some games give them a limited supply. Due to this, it is important to find the best location that fits your situation and only get them on heroes that can play the pure support role (such as Rory, Garamond, MAAR, and Micro).





A map of general ward locations



Ward Locations

As great as Radar Toolkits are, they have a fair price tag on them, so maximizing their effect is crucial. This section will cover some of the locations for warding. I have provided a picture of the general locations for wards along with a specific explanation for each. Note that these wards will be given from the Protoss point of view and can be reversed for Zerg at any time.


Specific Details

Rune/Boss Control Wards






Placing Radar Toolkits in Rune areas during the laning phase will greatly help your mid lane carry control his lane with creeps and the side lanes by preventing ganks. Mid and late game, these locations are still useful for controlling Aeon and Daggoth as well as overlooking commonly used paths. Siege Tank camps can also be used to watch over runes.


Firebat Neutral Camp






Wards around the enemy Firebat camp will provide vision of any incoming defenses for the tier 2 tower as well as anyone farming the Firebat camp.


Siege Tank Camp




Both Siege Tank camps are great ward locations for the early game as they will provide vision of runes, incoming ganks, as well as the highly contested Siege Tank camp itself. They are great for providing peace of mind for your carry in the safe lane and/or pusher in the long lane as well as giving your mid more control of his lane via runes.


Thor Camp






Wards around the enemy Thor camp will provide vision of any incoming defense for the tier 2 tower as well as the Thor camp. It can also be positioned to watch over Aeon or Daggoth. The allied Thor camp will also provide vision for possible ganks and watch over the local boss.


Base Wards






In the enemy’s base: When the enemy is turtling, you will be able to keep track of their every movement. This will make pushing the tier 3 towers much easier.


In your base: Troll your teammates harder.





Counter ward replace outdated pictures...



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Yeah i tested it, no where really op you can plave it with Starscream. However, I found you can place it MUCH easier WITHIN the opponents base really early in game, just right next to spawn area, in case you wanted to watch spawns. Also, there are some places where it is hidden by trees and al that and can only be seen if you have your mouse over it. But you cant place it in water or anything sadly :P

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Could you potentially go a quick starscream ward inside opponents base and the rest of your team can get perfect hero counters?


without getting picked off by towers?? gl with that if you plan to spot pool

i suppose you could try to ward outside the T3 towers and call them out as they come out, but pick time is only 1 min, so its unlikely youd have time


honestly you are better of going rancor and scanning enemy pool at start (could probably use scan talent too)

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