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Changelog v3.60-64


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v3.60-64 (v3.60-64 EU / v3.60-64 KR)


- Added Lumen.Reaver.

- Added 30 New Custom Alt. Skins for Heroes (See Below).

- You may now switch between the skins of your hero only during the first 5 minutes of game time.

- The Winners of Sweatfest 3 and the Hero Competition have all received their colored names and badges. (Congratulations once again, and thank you for your patience)

- First Blood Bounty and XP Reward Modifier increased to 2x from 1.8x.

- Kill Streak Bounty and XP Reward Modifier have been updated:

3x Streak: +20% (from 15%)

4x Streak: +30% (from 15%)

5x Streak: +40% (from 30%)

6x Streak: +50% (from 30%)

7x Streak: +60% (from 45%)

8x Streak: +70% ( from 45%)

9x Streak: +80% (from 60%)

10x Streak: +90% (From 60%)

11-14x Streak: +100% (from 75-100%)

>15x Streak: +150% (Unchanged)

- Addressed various bugs. (v3.61-64)



The Playable areas of the map have been expanded, resulting in the following major changes (among many minor ones):

- The Bases are noticeably more spacious. The distance to the artifact from each of the T3 towers is longer, and the distance between the T3 towers is wider.

- The area around the T3 towers is more spacious before it reaches the ramp, allowing for better combat inside the base during a siege.

- Large segments of the Safelane and Offlane Jungles have been redesigned resulting in a neutral creep distribution of 6 and 3 camps from 7 and 2 respectively.

- The Lanes in some sections are noticeably wider and more spacious; particularly near the Sideshops and Midlane adjacent to the T2 towers.

- The visual indicator for Ward Spots has changed from a circle to a glowing hexagon.

- The location of certain Ward Spots has changed.

- Some new bushes have been added, others have been removed. 




Lifesteal and Spellvamp increased to 8% from 4%.



Spell Amp. increased to +8% from +6%.



On proc, Health and Energy is now restored over 5 seconds from 2.



Shielding and Healing taken increased to 16% and 8% respectively from 6%.



Scaling Weapon Damage per Level increased to 1 from 0.5.



Health Threshold lowered to 60% from 50%.


Neutral Creeps


- Base Damage Resistance for Jungle Creeps increased by 5% to 35%.

- All Jungle Camp Leaders now have new passive abilities added – See below.

- Added 3 new neutral pickups – See below.

- All T1, T2, and T3 Neutral Pickups can now be dropped from any of the camp leaders in the jungle. (Note: T1 Neutral Pickups still only drop between 10-30 minutes, T2 between 30-50 minutes, and T3 after 50 minutes.)

- The drop chance for the T1, T2, and T3 Pickups have been rescaled to 10%, 8%, and 6% respectively from 12%.



- Basic Attacks now deal an additional 1.5% Target Current Health Physical Damage to Heroes. This amount is doubled against Massive Heroic units.

- The Soul Gem pick up now comes in 3 Tiers: T1 at 10 Minutes, T2 at 30 Minutes, and T3 at +50 Minutes.

- T1 Soul Gem gives 1 charge. T2 gives 2 Charges. T3 also gives Allied Non-heroic Units (read: Lane Creeps) +100% Damage Resistance and +15 Health Regeneration for 15 seconds.

- Aeon will now always prioritize attacking Enemies with lowest health first.


Devil Dog Hellion

- Attack range increased to 3 from 2.

- Splash Damage increased to 2u-radius from 1.5u.

- Perdition Flames Passive: Basic Attacks will apply a Debuff that reduces Healing effects by 50% and deals an additional 10 Spell Damage per second for 6s.


Hacking Terminal

- Internal cooldown for passive procs increased to 10s from 5s.


Health/Energy Pickup

- Drop Chance Reduced to 50% from 100%.

- Base Health And Energy Restored changed to 150/100 from 200/150.


Imperial Behemoth

- Added "Titanic Armor" passive; Behemoth takes 40% less damage from the sides and 80% less damage from the rear.


Jorium Lattice (NEW; T1 Neutral Pickup)

+20 Secondary Attributes

Lasts 300s.


Kill Pill (NEW; T2 Neutral Pickup)

+5% Time Scale

Upon taking Fatal Damage, you will explode and deal 250 (+12% Target Max Health) Spell Damage to Enemies in a +7.5u-radius. Deals 50% Damage to Structures. Lasts until death.



- Heroes cannot pick up Blue Gene Isolate if they already have the item or buff.

- Primal Leviagoth’s buff is now granted to allies of the killing hero as well from only the killing hero.

- Greater Leviagoth’s buff damage amp increased to 12.5% from 10%.

- Ancient Leviagoth’s Lava Breath special attack now deals an additional 5% Target Max Health Spell Damage to Massive Heroic Units per second. This amount is decreased to 2.5% Target Max Health for Heroes.

- All forms of Leviagoth now deal an additional 2.5% Target Current Health Physical Damage to Heroes on attack. This amount is doubled against Massive Heroic Units.

- Leviagoth’s Mineral Bounties increased to 150/200/250 from 100.

- Leviagoth will now always prioritize attacking Enemies with lowest health first.


Merc Diamondback

- Attack range increased to 7 from 6.5.

- Battery Burster Passive: Basic Attacks will Burn 8 Energy from Targets, and deal 2x as additional Spell Damage.

- Now emits Overflow Aura; granting nearby Allies +3 Energy Regen. Multiple sources of this aura stack up to 3x.


Mirror Plating (NEW; T3 Neutral Pickup)

+26 Armor

+26 Spell Armor

Any Spell Damage dealt against you by Enemy Heroes will be reflected back to the attacker as (+25% Triggering Damage Attempted) Spell Damage. Lasts 300s.


Prototype Enforcer

- Microwave Frequency Passive: Basic Attacks amplify Spell Damage on targets, at a rate of 5% per second up to 25%.

- Now emits the Enforcement Aura; increasing Damage Resistance of nearby Allies by 15%.


Siege Engine (Deployed Only)

- Shellshock Passive: Basic Attacks now deal damage in a 3u-radius and apply a 0.15s Ministun to enemy units.

- Now has +4 Sight range when deployed (Read: 16u-radius).


Venal Buggy

- Attack range decreased to 5.75 from 7.

- Upon activation (Read: Marine.King) or taking Fatal Damage, the Venal Buggy will explode, dealing 150 (+15% Target Current Health) Spell Damage in a 3.5u-radius.

- Venal Buggy now emits the Dirty Rally Aura, granting nearby Allies +10 Weapon Damage.


Vigilante Vulture

- Attack range decreased to 5.5 from 7.

- Gunk Grenades Passive: Basic Attacks now have a 15% chance to ensnare Enemy Heroes for 1.5s. Refreshes on re-application. 3s Internal cooldown after each proc.


Primary Creeps


- Siege Creeps sight radius increased to 10 from 8.5.

- Siege Creeps will now always prioritize attack structures over enemy units when in the acquisition range of both.

- The Protoss Archon melee Super Creep has been replaced with the Protoss Legionnaire; vital and attack stats are identical.




- Protoss Prime Pylons and Zerg Hivemind Suppressors' health decreased to 4000 from 5000.



- Lane Towers’ footprint decreased in size to 2x2 from 3x3.

- Lane Towers’ Weapon Projectile Speed decreased by 15%.



- Updated the models of all Protoss and Zerg Suppressors.

- Protoss and Zerg Melee/Ranged Suppressors Health is now static (6000 HP) and does not increase with game time.




- 9 New Items have been added: Empyrean Fulcrum, Kalt Singularity, Schrodinger’s Revenge, Sibylline Iris, Faerie Fang, Holotech Carbine, Prime Propulsor, Void Essentia, Zen Reservoir – See below.

- 2 Old Items have been removed: Smoldering Incisor, C-48 Gauss Cannon – See below.

- The following items are now shareable with your Allies: Boundary Scanner, Sentry Wards, Space Gems, and Truesight Wards.


Adamantium Alloy

- Added Empyrean Fulcrum component; Now gives +8 Health and Energy Regen from +5 and 4 respectively.

- Replaced Momentum 5 with Momentum 2 (Note: See Prime Propulser).

- Price reduced to 6650 from 6900.


Aegis Reflector

- Passive Scaling Reflect increased to 20% Attack Damage Absorbed from 10%.


Arcbound Ravager

- Crit Chance reduced to 30% from 35%.

- Momentum 4 now grants 4% Crit Damage per stack for 6s from 4% Crit Chance, up to 12%.


Asura’s Guise

- Added ‘Asura Unleashed’ active; For the next 8 seconds, the effects of the ‘Devourer 4' and 'Transmute' will be Doubled. 40 second cooldown.

- Price reduced to 4350 from 4500.


Atom Smasher

- Added Zen Reservoir component; Now gives +7 Health Regen.

- Powerstrike 3 now grants +8% Movement Speed while powered up for 6s; Attacking will consume this effect.

- Powerstrike 3 AoE Slow increased to 70% from 60%.

- Powerstrike 3 Slow duration increased to 2 from 1.5.

- Internal cooldown increased to 8s from 6s.

- Price increased to 4250 from 4000.


Bandits Artifice

- Price increased to 1650 from 1350.


 Bioplasmid Revolver (v3.64)

- Powerstrike 4 Scaling Heal reduced to 25% Weapon Damage from 50%.

- Attack Speed for Melee/Ranged decreased to 200% and 175% from 250% and 200% respectively.

- Powerstrike Speed and Truestrike Buff duration increased to 2 from 1.5.

- Internal cooldown increased to 6 from 5.


Blackhole Magnum

- Powerstrike 2 will now apply On-Hit Effects again on proc.

- Internal cooldown increased to 5 from 4.


Coat of Arms

- Rally 2 Health Threshold for Bonus Weapon Damage and Speed increased to 60% from 30%.


Compact Soma

- Price decreased to 70 from 80.


Darwin’s Might

- Unique Scaling Damage changed to 5.5% Current Health from 4% Max Health.



- Added [Unique - Transmute 2] You recover Energy equal to 10% and 20% of Health restored from your Lifesteal and Spellvamp respectively against Heroic Units.


Duran Buckler

- After 30 Minutes (Game Time), the Unique bonuses are increased to +9 Spell Armor and +3 Health Regeneration.


Duran’s Machette

- After 30 Minutes (Game Time), the Unique bonuses are increased to +9 Armor and +18% Weapon Speed.


Duran’s Pendant

- Property of Duran 3 now gives +4% Spell Damage from +3%.

- After 30 Minutes (Game Time), the Unique bonuses are increased to +12% Spell Damage and +3 Energy Regeneration.


Empyrean Fulcrum (NEW; 1400)


Under: Accessories

Builds into: Adamantium Alloy, Parallax Generator, Retribution’s Edge

+7 Health Regen

+3.5 Energy Regen


Energy Saber

- While toggled off, you gain an additional +6 Energy Regen.


Eternal Drive

- Energy reduced to 250 from 300.

- Active Movement Speed Buff/Debuff decreased to 15% from 20%.

- Now loses 4 charges on death from 3.


Explosive Retrofit

- Meteora 2 Base Damage reduced to 30 from 45.


Executioner's Axe

- Crit Chance reduced to 15% from 20%.

- Binding Steel 1 now gives +10% Crit Damage from +15%.


Eye of Amon

- Removed Nullifier component; Added Balancer.

- Removed +10 Spell Armor

- Now grants +12 Strength, Agility, and Intelligence.

- Price reduced to 1700 from 1800.

- Territorial 1 Unique now gives +15% Movement Speed when not within 12u of an Enemy Unit from 10%.

- Active Cooldown reduced to 60 from 120.

- Amon's Observer Movement Speed increased to 5.5 from 4.5.

- Amon's Observer now requires 2/8 Heroic/Non-heroic Attacks to Destroy.


Faerie Fang (NEW; 2150)


Under: Upgrades/Weapons

Builds from: Barbed Mace, Cybernetic Implants

+35 Strength

+35 Agility

[Unique - Wrath 1] Increases Attack Range of ranged Heroes by +1.


Force of Entropy (v3.64)

- Primeval Horn component switched with Hyperion Incinerator.

- Weapon Damage increased to 60 from 40

- Price increased to 5900 from 5700.

- Active cast time reduced to 0.15s from 0.5.


Glutton’s Bite

- Active will also instantly Heal and Replenish 8% Missing Health and Energy.

- Active XP bonus per kill increased to 100 + (10*LVL) from 100.

- Price decreased to 2250 from 2350. (v3.64)


Gravity Edge

- Price reduced to 2300 from 2700.


Hellbound Heart

- Crystallization 2 now grants +1.5% Damage Amplification from 1.25% per stack.

- Recharge 2 active removed/Now shares active with Ihan Crystal.

- Price increased to 6666 from 6200.


Holotech Carbine (NEW; 4600)


Under: Upgrades/Armor

Builds From: Camus Bodysuit, Psionic Ravager x2

+60 Agility

+25% Weapon Speed

+0.15 Movement Speed

[Unique - Incorporeal 2] +16% Evasion.

[Active – Holographic Defense]  For the next 4 seconds you gain +50% Evasion, Slow Immunity, and have No Unit Collision. If you attack or are attacked by an Enemy Hero or Tower in that time, materialize an Uncontrollable and Invulnerable Holographic Clone of your Hero to attack the target for 6 seconds. 1s internal cooldown. 40 second cooldown. 50 Energy Cost.

The Holograms deal 30% Damage and can proc On-Hit effects from Passive Item Uniques and Innate Heroic Abilities. Damage is further reduced to 20% if you are Ranged. Maximum of 2 Holograms per target at a time


Impact Dial

- Cooldown reduced to 24 from 34.

- Energy cost increased to 50 from 25.


Isomorphic Pyre (Rework; 3450)

Components: Tachyon Condenser, Culling Saber, Shard of Ruin

+30% Weapon Speed

+20% Crit

[Unique - Shard of Ruin 2] +15% Armor Penetration

[Unique - Pyre] Your Critical Strikes against Enemy Heroic Units deal additional Physical Damage equal to 10% Target Current Health. This effect is reduced by 30% if you are ranged. (Note: Pyre is no longer an on-hit effect).


Juggernaut Imperium

- Unstoppable now grants +2.5% Spell Damage for every 10% Missing Health from +10 INT.


Kalt Singularity (NEW; 6700)


Under: Side Shop

Builds from: Nitrogen Retrofit, Stabilizer, Time Gem

+25 Strength

+25 Agility

+50 Intelligence

[Unique] +40 Primary Attribute

[Active – Flash Freeze 2; 10u Range] Roots all enemy units in a 3u-radius Target Area for 2.5 seconds, Dealing 250 (+75% INT) Spell Damage to them, and Disables most Mobility abilities. 50 second cooldown. 200 Energy Cost.

Khaydarin Absorber

- Price reduced to 4600 from 5300.

- Active energy cost reduced to 100 from 200.

- Active cast range increased to 9 from 8.


Korhal Vanguard

- Active will now apply to Allied Buildings (Note: Only Base Buildings and Towers, does not include Heroic Structures).

- Cooldown on reapplication increased to 60 from 40.


Kura’s Deathmask

- Active cast range increased to 12 from 10.

- Casting Arc increased to 180 from 30.

- Active Search radius increased to 7u from 6u.

- Passive Spell Resistance reduction increased to 14% from 10%.

- Active Spell Resistance Reduction decreased to 14% from 15%.


Lethal Barb

- Crit Chance reduced to 10% from 15%.

- ‘Madness’ active now applies a 3 second Silence to the user at the end of its duration.


Lifetech Nanosuit

- Removed Xel’Naga Cuirass component; Added second Sapphire Mox

- Now gives 350 Health from 400.

- Now gives 350 Energy from 300.

- Unique Damage Reduction now lasts 1.25s from 1s.

- Removed Travel 2 Unique.

- No longer gives Armor, Spell Armor, or Movement Speed.

- Priced reduced to 3000 from 3700


Magus Cutlass

- Wrath 1 Range Bonus increased to 1 from 0.75.


Organic Carapace

- When in combat, the Health Regenerated per second is halved.


Ornate Flask

- Health Restored per charge increased to 150 from 125.

- Added ‘Critter Sitter’ unique - Whenever you tame a River Critter, they spend an additional 15 seconds with you. (Read: 50s)

- Price increased to 500 from 425.


Parallax Generator

- Added Empyrean Fulcrum; removed Lost Treasure component.

- Health Regen increased to 7 from 4

- Energy regen increased to 3.5 from 2.5.


Phantom Menace

- Phantasm Unique Movement Bonus duration increased to 2.5s from 1.5s.



- Added Zen Reservoir component; removed Cell Regenerator

- Health Regen increased to 7 from 6.

- Active cooldown reduced to 26 from 30.

- Price increased to 2050 from 1950.


Predator Tusk

- Meteora 1 Base Damage reduced to 15 from 30.

- Price increased to 1450 from 1350.


Prime Propulsor (NEW; 5200)


Under: Side Shop

Builds from: Impact Dial, Xel’Naga Cuirass

350 Energy

22 Armor

12 Spell Armor

+0.22 Movement Speed

[Unique - Momentum 5] You gain +0.15 Movement Speed and +40% Debuff Time Reduction for 4 seconds whenever you are damaged by an Enemy Hero.

[Active - Force 2; 9u Range] Push target up to 10-units in the direction it is facing over 0.5 seconds. If the target is an Ally, they will also be cleansed of Slows, gain +25% Movement Speed, and Disable their Movement Speed Limit for 1.5 seconds. 24 second cooldown. Costs 75 Energy.


Psionic Lasher

- Burn 1 now burns 10 Energy per attack and deals 1.5x that amount as Physical Damage from 15 Energy and half that amount as damage.


Psycho Crusher

- Burn 2 now burns 10 (+2.5% Target Current Energy) per attack and deals 1.5x that amount as Physical Damage from 10 (+6% Target Current Energy) and half that amount as damage.


Retribution’s Edge

- Removed Culling Saber component; Added Empyrean Fulcrum.

- Now gives +8 and +4 Health and Energy Regen respectively.

- No longer gives 30% Crit Chance.

- Added Retribution Unique – Your Hero Kills and Assists increase your Weapon Damage by 2, up to 20x. All stacks are lost if this item is sold or dropped.


Scavenger’s Veil

- Price reduced to 1300 from 1650.

- Territorial 1 Unique now gives +15% Movement Speed when not within 12u of an Enemy Unit from 10%


Schrodinger’s Lockbox

- Active can no longer target Ally Heroes, only Self and Enemy Heroes.

- Active Cooldown increased to 60 from 50.


Schrodinger’s Revenge (NEW; 5800)


Under: Upgrades/Arcane

Builds from: Schrodinger’s Lockbox, Higgs Boson Capacitor, and Void Essentia

+15 Strength

+15 Agility

+90 Intelligence

+6 Energy Regen

+10% Cooldown Reduction

[Active - The Box 2; 6.5u Range] Banishes Target Self, Allied or Enemy Hero from the game for 3 seconds. While removed, target is Immune to all damage. While Banished, Ally targets Debuff Immunity and Enemy targets are Dispelled for the duration. 40 second cooldown.


Shinobi Style

- Active Scaling Damage changed to (+50% Weapon Damage) (+15% Target Current Health) from (+50% AGI) (+10% Target Current Health).


Shrink Ray

- Added Void Essentia component.

- Now also gives +4 Energy Regen.


Sibylline Iris (NEW; 2300)


Under: Upgrades/Arcane

Builds from: Void Essentia; Kinetic Cell

+400 Energy

+4 Energy Regen

[Unique - Overcharge 1] On ability use, you gain +6 Maximum Energy, up to 600 Energy.

[Unique - Sibylline Iris] Increases the Cast Range of all your Hero's Target Unit and Target Point/Area Abilities by 1.75u.

[Unique - Dexterity 3] While moving you gain a stack of Dexterity every 1 second up to 10x. Each stack of Dexterity grants you +3 Intelligence. Casting any of your abilities at Max Stacks will consume all stacks and launch Energy Orbs at 3 nearest enemies within 10u-radius, dealing 50 + (7*LVL) (+50% INT) Spell Damage.

Upgraded abilities: 

Strength – Akasha WE, Balrog QR, Bio WER, Brine QE, Cryo W, Dehaka QER, Tychus Q, Micro E, Khyrak Q, King QW, Mnadrake Q, Mengsk WR, Pyro ER, Rob Q, Immo QWR, Alarak Q, Viron WE, Vorpal Q, Yig QER, and Lumen VQWE.

Agility – Avenger E, Boros E, Crackling VW, Darpa QER, Defiler QR, Tassadar R, Fenix QR, Feral Q, Gabriel QWR, Artanis Q, Ixian WR, Leo R, Malus R, Vorazun Q, Vergil QER, Penthos W, Zeratul QE, Shadow W, Vega W, Vespus E, and Warfield R

Intelligence – Alexei WER, Anthrax WE, Arges QWER, Dustin QE, Corona WR, Egon QWER, Erekul WR, Garamond WE, Geneva QW, Greelus QER, Queen QWR, Jim VQW, Karax QR, Maar V/W/E/WE/WW/WWW. Moloch WER, Nemesis QWER, Null WER, Overlord WE, Rancor QR, Rory QWER, Roulette Q, Unix QWER, Summers ER, Cyprus ER, Psionic Q, Vulkan QWR


Sliptide Scythe

- Burn 3 now burns 15 (+2.5% Target Max Energy) per attack and deals 2x that amount as Spell Damage from 25 (+5% Target Max Energy) and half that amount as damage.


Space Gem

- Price increased to 80 from 40.

- Now costs 25 Energy to activate.

- Cooldown between each use increased to 45 seconds from 10.


Spell Buffer

- Active will now apply to Allied Buildings (Note: Only Base Buildings and Towers, does not include Heroic Structures).

- Cooldown on reapplication increased to 60 from 40.


Star’s Fury

- Active Scaling Damage increased (+75% Highest Attribute) (+15% Target Current Health) from 70% and 10% respectively.


Symphonic Seed

- Bloom Unique now procs on every 4th ability cast from every 5th.

- Bloom buff's Max Energy Regen reduced to 3% from 4% for 5 seconds.

- Hero Kills/Assists now grant the Bloom buff instantly.


Sword Breaker

- Added 'Interference 1' Unique (from Frost Sigil component); Your basic attacks against Enemy Units deal an additional 3 Spell Damage per second and Slow the target's Movement by 15% for 2 seconds. The Slow effect is reduced to 5% if you are ranged. Refreshes and Non-stacking.



- Active Starting Duration increased 9 from 8.


Time Splitter

- Passive Time Scale reduction per attack increased to 3%, up to 9%.

- Active bonus Base Damage per Hit increased to 100 from 50.

- Cooldown reduced to 50 from 70.


Truesight Ward

- Price decreased to 70 from 80.


Void Essentia (NEW; 700)


Under: Basics/ Utility

Builds into: Empyrean Essentia, Sibylline Iris, Shrink Ray, Schrodinger’s Revenge

+3.5 Energy Regen


Whale Breast

- Price decreased to 70 from 80.


Wrathian Violator

- Now builds from Faerie Fang, Shard of Ruin, and Primeval Horn

- Now gives 45 Strength and Agility from 35 and 45 respectively.

- Now gives 45 Weapon Damage.

- Price increased to 4800 from 3450.


Xenomorph Cleaver

- Switched Hyperion Incinerator with Hecatomb Reaper; Now gives 70 Weapon Damage from 60.

- Price increased to 4700 from 4300.


Yamato Reactor

- Active Duration increased to 8 from 7.

- Cooldown reduced to 65 from 75.


Zen Reservoir (NEW; 700)


Under: Basics/Defense

Builds into: Empyrean Essentia, Photodeviator, Atom Smasher

+7 Health Regen




- Alt1 skins added for: Alarak, Vorazun, Viron, Chuck, Queen, Lumen, Stukov, Pyro, Tosh, Tychus, Narud, Warfield, Nemesis, Zeratul, Starscream, and Grunty.

- Alt2 skins added for: Alarak, Vorazun, Viron, Chuck, Stukov, Lumen, Micro, Balrog, Tychus, Tosh, Warfield, Nemesis, Zeratul, and Grunty.

- All Ranged Heroes have their Base Attack Damage increased by 4.

- All Melee Heroes have their Base Attack Damage increased by 7.

- When idle in the presence of Enemy Units, Heroes and Heroic Creep will now always prioritize autotargeting the nearest Enemy Heroic unit from autotargeting the nearest Enemy unit indiscriminately. 

- When inside a bush, Heroes' basic attacks will be on hold automatically until they leave its area.

- All Default Recommended Item Builds for Heroes have been updated. (v3.64)



H - Health and Energy Regen per Abyss Stack decreased to 2.5% STR and 0.25% Max Energy from 5% STR and 0.5% Max Energy.

Q – Scaling Total Damage increased to 200% Weapon Damage from 160%.

- Abyss stacks now reduce cooldown by 1s from 1.2s (Read: Total -5s CD from -6s while burrowed).

W - Armor/Spell Armor Reduction rescaled to 4/8/12/16 from 4/10/14/18.


Alexei.Stukov (v3.64)

Q - Cooldown rescaled to 9/7/5/3 from 15/11/7/3.

- Now deals 75% damage to non-heroics it passes through from 50%.

W – Damage dealt changed to the higher of the two values: 90/130/170/210 or 20% Target Current Health from 70/100/130/160 (+15% Target Current Health).

- Energy cost rescaled to 100/120/140/160 from 75/100/125/150.

- Cooldown rescaled to 18/16/14/12 from 20/18/16/14.

- Cast range increased to 8 from 7.

E – Base Health Regen increased to 2/4/6/8 from 2/3/4/5.

- Energy cost set at 50 from 75.

- Cooldown reduced to 8 from 12.

- Cast range increased to 8 from 7.



Q – Scaling Damage increased to 50% Weapon Damage from 40%.

- Energy cost rescaled to 40/60/80/100 from 50/65/90/115.

W – Crackling heals for 50% of Unsated Damage. Zerglings will heal for 25%.

E – Cooldown decreased to 14/12/10/8 from 16/14/12/10.

R – Now Maximizes Unsated Charges once on Cast.

- Weapon Speed increased to 90/120/150% from 60/90/120%.

- Duration set at 10 from 6/9/12.

- Cooldown increased to 100/90/80 from 70.

M5 – +75 Health for Zerglings from +12% Lifesteal.

M10 - +2 Zerglings from +150 Health for Zerglings.

M15 - +0.5% Damage per Unsated Charge from +2 Zerglings.

M20 – Increases R Duration to 25 from 6.



Q – Enemy Non-heroic units hit by the second impact will now also take the bonus damage.

- Bonus damage reduced to +25% from +50%.

- Delay before second impact reduced to 1.5s from 2.

- Ability cooldown now reduced by 6s for each Enemy Hero struck twice.

- Cast range increased to 11 from 10.

W – Enemy units that get rooted will now take 80/100/120/140 (+50% INT) Spell Damage.

- The Miasma now reveals its area of effect for its duration.

R - No longer doubles the True Damage dealt by Ruin (Heroic).

- Debuff now only applies to Enemy Heroes.

- While active, Harvester of Sorrow's Debuff will now execute Enemy Heroes' if their health drops below 10/11/12% Max Health.

M5 - Changed to +0.5s Root Duration on Miasma [W] from CDR on Q for each Enemy Hero hit.

M10 - Changed to +25% Damage on enemies struck twice by Plague Bearer [Q] from -6s Cooldown on Miasma [Q].



W – Base Damage rescaled to 60/120/180/240 from 70/100/130/160.

- Cooldown set at 20 from 26/24/22/20

- Energy cost rescaled to 100/110/120/130 from 70/100/130/160.

- Cast range set at 10 from 7/8/9/10.

E – Cooldown rescaled to 13/12/11/10 from 12.

- Energy cost rescaled to 50/60/70/80 from 50.

M5 - Changed to Iron Fist [W] Stun Duration increased by 0.6s from +20 Weapon Damage.

M10 – Changed to +4u Range Supremacy Ordnance [E] from +0.6s Stun Duration on W

M15 – Changed to +12 Damage per Missile Oppression Salvo [Q] from +4u Range on E.



H – Each stack now gives 0.75% Time Scale.

- No longer gives CDR or Movement Speed.

- No longer loses stacks on Death.

(Blue Gene) – Now increases Time Scale per Stack to 1.5%.

E – Cast range rescaled to 12/20/28/36 from 12/16/20/24.

- Target Ally now gains +15% Movement Speed while being channeled on.

M10 – Changed to -5s Cooldown on Q from +100 Damage on Q.

M20 – Changed to +1.5u AoE Temporal Dilation [W] from 3x Range on E.



R – Scaling Damage increased to 150% Weapon Damage from 100%.

- Attack range bonus per stack increased to 0.15 from 0.1.

- Energy cost set at 150 from 150/225/300.

- Cooldown rescaled to 30/25/20 from 60.

(Blue Gene) - No longer reduces Cooldown by 40s.

(Blue Gene) - Increases Health Stack bonus by 200 from 100.



Q – Number of Glacial Spikes rescaled to 3/4/4/5 from 3/3/4/4.

- Cast range rescaled to 6/8/8/10 from 6/6/8/8.

W – Cooldown reduced to 18 from 22.

- Energy cost increased to 90 from 80.



W – Scaling Damage and Scaling Bonus Damage changed to 25% INT each from 75% and 25% STR respectively.

E – Echoes caused by Chuck’s abilities now deal 10/15/20/25 (+15% INT) Spell Damage to nearby enemies (excludes the main target).

- Slow Duration reduced to 2.5s from 4s.

- Area of effect reduced to 2.5u-radius from 3u-radius.

(Blue Gene) – Area of effect now increases to 5u-radius.

R - AoE increased to 3u-radius from 2.75u.

- Cooldown rescaled to 110/90/70 from 70.

- Health and Energy Regen per second now scales with 50% STR from 5% Target Max Health and Energy (Note: Chuck’s Strength).



H (Blue Gene) – Rear Damage Resistance increased to 60% from 45%.

E – Armor Pen per stack increased to 5/6/7/8% from 2/3/4/5%.

R – Cooldown rescaled to 40/35/30 from 40.

- No longer disables Dakrun's W and Teleport while active.



Q – Base Damage rescaled to 30/45/60/75 from 30/40/50/60.

- Cooldown reduced to 6 from 8.

- Cast range increased to 8/10/12/14 from 6.5/8/9.5/11.

W – Cooldown set at 18 from 24/22/20/18.

M15 - Changed to +125 Damage per Nocuous Nest [Q] from +0.75 Attack Range.

M20 – Changed to +2.5% Damage per second Defilement [R] from 2x Heal from R.



HP - Eater of Dreams stacks now increased Q and R debuff durations by 0.15s from 0.1s (Max duration increased increased to 3 seconds from 2).

Q – Base Damage rescaled to 60/100/140/180 from 60/80/100/120.

- Damage per Hit changed to 15/25/35/45 from 15/30/45/60.

- Now deals +50% damage to targets bound by Comorbidity from +25%.

- Energy cost increased to 100/120/140/160 from 100/110/120/130.

R (Blue Gene) – Now also reduces Cooldown by 20s.



E - Damage increased to 70/100/130/160 (+50% INT) from 50/75/100/125 (+25% INT).

R – Geneva can now perform multiple casts of her empowered abilities while under the effect of her ultimate.

- Active Duration reduced to 8s from 10.


Q (Blue Gene) – Increases Plasma Beam’s AoE to 3.5u-radius and it now Blinds enemies hit for 6 seconds, causing them to Miss 100% of their basic attacks.

E – Spell Amp per Pulse decreased to 3/4/5/6% from 5/7.5/10/12.5% (Max Spell Amp reduced to 12/16/20/24% from 20/30/40/50%).

R – At Level 2, Dustin can now also reset the Teleport (D) ability cooldown.

- At Level 3, Dustin can now also reset the cooldown of any of the Active Talents (F) he pre-selected.

- Blue Gene no longer halves this ability’s cooldown (See above).



Q - Cooldown set at 6 from 8/7/6/5.

- Energy cost set at 80 from 60/70/80/90.

W - Damage per second rescaled to 35/50/65/80 (+50% Science Stacks on Self) from 40/50/60/70 (+25% Science Stacks on Self).

R - Effects no longer halved when used on self.



W – Each stack of Ionize consumed now also deals +4% Target Current Health Spell Damage.


Emil.Narud (Rework)

- Primary Basic Attack (Void Burst) has been completely normalized; deals Physical Damage and scales with Weapon Damage. Single On-hit (despite visual effect).

- Secondary Basic Attack (Void Pulse) Damage set at 20 (+20% INT) per shot. Applies up to 3 on-hits per attack.

H (Locus of Power; Reposition/Rework)

- Narud materializes a Locus of Power at a target point to interact with his abilities. Also enables his secondary Basic Attack ‘Void Pulse’.

Locii Limit: 3

Cooldown: 3

Max Charges: 9

Cast range: 10

Q (Convergence; Reposition)

- Learn Hotkey is now Q from W. Cast Hotkey remains W.

- Now passively increases the damage of secondary basic attack Void Pulse by an additional 20/40/60/80.

(Blue Gene) - Bolt max travel distance increases to 20u.

W (Absolute Control; Reposition)

- Learn Hotkey is now W from E. Cast Hotkey remains E.

E (Starburst Stream; Reposition/Rework)

- Learn Hotkey is now E from R. Toggle Cast Hotkey remains R.

- Base Damage per second rescaled to 25/40/55/70 from 60/90/120.

- Base Energy cost per second rescaled to 10/15/20/25 from 20/30/40.

R (Transcendence; Reposition/Rework)

On death, Narud rematerializes in his True Form for a Duration. During this time, Narud is Invulnerable, gains Infinite Energy, Cooldown Reduction, Spell Amplification and may cast any of his abilities, but Cannot Move or Attack.

Transcendence also passively gives Narud Respawn Time Reduction.

Duration: 10s / 12s / 14s

Damage Amplification: +11% / +22% / +33%

Cooldown Reduction: +25% / +50% / +75%

Respawn Time Reduction: +20%

M15 – Changed to +20% DPS on Starburst Stream from +30 DPS on Starburst Stream.

M20 – Respawn time reduction decreased to 15% from 25%.



Q – Cooldown reduced to 10 from 12.

W - While active, Erekul's Swarm Burst (Q) restores himself for 1.5x the Heal amount.

M5 – Heal bonus on Q reduced to 30 from 50.

M20 – Dying Soil damage bonus increased to 1.5% from 1.25%.



H (Rework) - On ability cast, Ji'nara gains 2 stacks of Diabolic Ascension for 6s, up to 6 stacks and refreshing on subsequent casts. Each stack grants Ji'nara +3% Spell Penetration and +4% Weapon Speed.

Ji'nara's basic attack consumes 1 stack.

W - Ji'nara will now perform an Instant Basic Attack when leaps backwards against an Enemy Hero she was attacking (regardless of distance) and was damaged by Hell's Warp. 

E - Stacks lost on death rescaled to 5/6/7/8 from 5/7/9/11.

R - Base damage rescaled to 60/90/120 from 40/80/120.

- Heal from Damage Dealt to Heroes increased to 35/45/55% from 25/35/45%.

- Lament Configuration will now automatically cast on death regardless of Energy Cost and Cooldown. (Note: The Lament Lines are generated after substracting the Bondage stacks lost on death).

- If Ji'nara has no Bondage stacks, R will now always generate 1 Lament Line from 0.

M5 - Changed to +3% Attack Speed per Heroic Stack from +15% Attack Speed.



Q – Now both damage and stun duration scale with any enemy hit, increasing by 25% up to 50% (or 1-3 enemy targets in AoE).

- Damage changed to 70-105 / 120-180 / 170-255 / 220-330 (+50-75% INT) from 70/120/170/220 (+50% INT).

- Stun duration rescaled to 1.6-2.4s from 1.5-2.5s.

- Energy Cost reduced to 60/90/120/150 from 65/100/135/170.

W - Slow Duration increased to 5 from 4.

E – Scaling Heal from Damage increased to 1.5% Target Current Health from 0.5%.

- Now also procs from damage instances inflicted by Thorn Strike (Q).

R - No longer disabled while Banished.

- Scaling energy cost reduced to 1% Max Energy from 2%.

- Added initial activation energy cost of 20/25/30.

- Now deals 75% damage against non-heroics from 50%.



H – Energy cost increased to 50 from 25.

R - Base Damage increased to 250/350/450 from 200/300/400. (v3.64)



E – Cooldown reduced to 22/20/18/16 from 24/22/20/18.

R – Cast range rescaled to 16/24/32 from 10/14/18.

- Energy cost rescaled to 60/70/80 from 75.

M5 – Changed to +40 Agility from +20 Weapon Damage. (v3.64)



- Attack range increased to 7.25 from 6.5.

Q – Slow now lingers for 2s after Enemies leave AoE.

- Slow rescaled to 15/30/45/60% from 20/30/40/50%.

- Ignite damage threshold reduced to 25 from 50.

W – Scaling Damage increased to 20% from 18%.



H (Double Strike; Rework) - Whenever Boros uses any of his abilities, he gains Bonus Critical Strike Chance for a Duration. Refreshes with each cast.

Duration: 4s

Critical Chance: 20-40% [Based on Boros' Level]

Q – Energy cost increased to 100/110/120/130 from 70/80/90/100.

- Cooldown rescaled to 44/36/28/20 from 38/32/26/20.

W (Blue Gene) – Cast range now also increases by 1u at all levels.

E – Damage changed to 30/40/50/60 (+25/50/75/100% Weapon Damage) from 30/60/90/120 (+50% Weapon Damage)

- Will not end prematurely if Boros is Banished or Stunned while active.

- No longer grants Boros +25% Damage Resistance.

- Energy cost rescaled to 120/130/140/150 from 100/110/120/130.

R – Damage changed to 50 (+100/125/150% Weapon Damage) from 75 / 150 / 225 (+50% Weapon Damage).

- Energy cost reduced 150 from 150/200/250.

M10 - Changed to +4s Duration on Double Strike (Heroic) from +10% Crit Damage.



R - The range bonus will now automatically apply to Warfield on cast and be refreshed on each attack against the marked target.



H – Placing the Beacon now costs 50 Energy. Subsequent Teleport casts now each cost 25 Energy.

E – Silence duration reduced to 1 from 1.25.

- Silencer Drones can now only target visible enemy units.

R – Line width rescaled to 2/2.25u/2.5u from 2u.

- Energy cost rescaled to 250/375/500 from 250/325/400.

- Debuff linger duration increased to 2s from 1.5s. (v3.64)



H – Scaling Damage on proc rescaled to 50-150% INT from 55-110%.

W – Scaling Damage decreased to 25-75% INT from 35-100% INT.

- Damage resistance rescaled to 30/40/50/60% from 15/30/45/60%.

E – Active duration increased to 8 from 6.

- Spell Penetration while active increased to 10/14/18/22% from 6/10/14/18%.



W - No longer removed by Slow Immunity.



Q – Maar now recovers Energy equal to 4/8/12/16% of the Spell Damage he deals to enemies (post mitigation).

- Scaling Energy Replenished from kills set at 2.5% Max Energy from 0.5/1.5/2.5/3.5%.

- Hero Kills now replenish 2x Energy Amount from 3x.

W – Travel time reduced to 1s from 1.25s.

EE – Spell Amplification no longer decays over time.

- Duration increased to 6 from 5.

WE (Consume) – Cast range increased to 7 from 5.

M10 – Changed to +15% Spell Amplification on Frost Wave from +3 Cast range on Consume (WE). (v3.64)



E – Now procs only from attacks by Enemy Heroic Units.

- Now has an internal cooldown of 0.5s.

- Movement Slow increased to 10/14/18/22% from 6/9/12/15%.

- Ignores Slow Immunity.

R – Movement Slow rescaled to 50/60/70% from 50%.

- Cooldown rescaled to 160/140/120 from 160/145/130.



Q - AoE increased to 2.5u from 2.25u.

E – Now resets the cooldown of Cold Shot (Heroic) on activation.



Q - Cooldown rescaled to 18/15/12/9 from 18/16/14/12.

- Energy cost rescaled to 80100/120/140 from 70/100/130/160.

W – Spell Damage decreased to 60/100/140/180 (+25% INT) from 70/120/170/220 (+50% INT)

- Now deals an additional 20/30/40/50 (+25% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage per Charge of Technocracy.

- Energy cost rescaled to 80/110/140/170 from 70/100/130/160.

R – On cast, Navigator will also fully replenish all Technocracy charges.

- Bonus Damage from Technocracy rescaled to +40/70/100% from +60/80/100%.

- Initial/Break Slow duration increased to 1.5s from 1.

- Leash Slow rescaled to 20/40/60 from 20/35/50%.

M15 – Changed to -4s Cooldown on Disruption (W) from -4s Cooldown on Q.



H - Energy Rifle Attack range increased to 7.25 from 6.5.

- Energy Rifle restoration changed to (10-25% INT) based on Jakk's Level from 20% INT.

- Grenades Attack range decreased to 6.25 from 6.5.

- Grenades bonus damage changed to (10-25% INT) based on Jakk's Level from 10% INT.

- Grenades AoE increased to 1.75u-radius from 1.5u-radius

W – Movement Speed rescaled to 1/2.5/4/5.5 from 1/2/3/4.

(Blue Gene) – Scrambler Aura AoE increased to 7u-radius from 6u.

E (Proximity Mines) - Cooldown rescaled to 14/12/10/8 from 16/14/12/10.

- Timed Life reduced to 180s from 300s.

- Now requires 2 attacks to destroy from 1.

- Cast range increased to 9 from 8.

R – Damage decreased to 200/275/350 (+50% INT) from 300/425/550 (+75% INT).

- AoE increased to 5u-radius from 3.5u.

- Enemies closer to the center of the AoE will now take Double Damage (Note: The center is the innermost 2u-radius).

- Added rangefinder to deployed Remote Mines.

- Added passive effect; When Jakk dies, he will explode dealing Remote Mine’s Minimum Damage to nearby enemies (Note: No double damage).

- Charge cooldown increased to 20/19/18 from 12.

- Remote Mines can no longer be stacked on top of each other; 1u distance between each mine.

- Energy cost set at 150/175/200 from 200/250/300.

(Blue Gene) – Base Damage bonus reduced to 100 from 150.

M5 – Changed to +3s Initial Boost Duration Armed Proficiency [Q] from +250 Energy,

M10 – Changed to -5s Remote Mines Cooldown from +3s Initial Boost Duration Armed Proficiency [Q].

M15 – Changed to +25% Cast Range Proximity Mine/Force Beam [E] from +2 Movement Speed Sly Drone [W] (Note: This amounts to +2u/+3u Cast Range respectively).



H - Basic Attacks now reduce ability cooldowns by 1s from 1.5s.

- Kill Shot now reduces ability cooldowns by 5 from 4.

R - Cooldown increased to 30 from 20.

V (Blue Gene) – Hyperion Scaling Attack Damage increased to (2.5*LVL) (+25% INT) from (2*LVL)(+10% INT).



Q - Cooldown set at 14 from 18. (v3.64)

E – Now heals Akasha 2x the amount during Armor of Kings.

R – Scaling Damage increased to 100% Armor from 80%.



E - Now also passively gives Khyrak 8/14/20/26% Lifesteal.



H - Base Attack Damage increased to 15 True Damage from 10.

Q – Cooldown rescaled to 10/9/8/7 from 10.



Q – During Overdrive, if Zyrkhan takes an instance of Spell Damage over 50 from an Enemy Hero, he will now instantly Heal 10% Missing Health. Heal can only proc once per Enemy Hero.

E – Max stacks increased to 5 from 4.

- Stack duration increased to 5 from 4.



- Attack Range increased to 1.9 from 1.8.

H – Damage rescaled to 25 (+75-150% Weapon Damage) [based on LVL] from 50 (+50-200% Weapon Damage).

- Using abilities reduces the attack counter by 2 from 1.

- Slow Duration reduced to 2s from 3.5s.

- Attempted fix for Level 20 FPS drop on some computers.

Q – Damage scaling changed to 75% Weapon Damage from 75% INT.

- Wave radius increased to 2.25u from 2u.

- Cooldown rescaled to 16/14/12/10 from 18/16/14/12.

- Energy cost increased to 90/110/130/150 from 90/100/110/120.

R – Cooldown increased to 150/90/30 from 140/80/30.



- Attack range increased to 5 from 4.5.

H – Debuff Duration increased to 4 from 3.

-  Damage reduced to 1.25% Target Current Health from 1.5%.

- King’s basic attacks now deals 2x Damage.

Q – No longer deals any Spell Damage.

- Debuff now also slows Movement of Enemies hit by 20/25/30/35%.

- Duration rescaled to 4/5/6/7 from 4.

- Cooldown rescaled to 14/12/10/8 from 16/13/10/7.

- Energy cost rescaled to 30/40/50/60 from 50/60/70/80.

W – Now grants Bribed Units +10/15/20/25 Base Attack Damage in addition to the percent-based scaling attack damage.

- Damage Resistance of Bribed Units rescaled to 25/30/35/40% from 50%.

- Health Bonus changed to 300 (+20 * LVL) (+400% STR) as a Minimum from 500 (+75 * LVL) (+200% STR) as a Maximum. If the Bribed Unit's current base health is higher than the Minimum Health it keeps the base health.

- Focused Fire bonus for Bribed Units reduced to +15% Attack/Movement Speed from +25%.

- Cooldown between each Charge usage reduced to 1 from 3.

- Energy cost rescaled to 100/120/140/160 from 80/100/120/140.

- Bribed Units no longer drop any neutral pickups on death.

(Blue Gene) - Now also increases the Health Minimum by 200. (v3.64)

R – Bribed Units will heal for 2x the heal amount per level.

V (Blue Gene) – Cooldown reduced to 30 from 45.

M10 – Changed to +10% Damage Amp on Q from +100 Damage.



Q – Slow duration increased to 4 from 3.

E – Now disables the Movement Speed limit for its duration on proc.

- Passive Internal Cooldown rescaled to 26/20/14/8 from 24/21/18/15.

R – When Vorazun or her Shadows strike an enemy hero, it now restores 50 Energy.

M20 – AoE Bonus on R increased to 1.25u from 0.75u.



H - Base Damage on proc reduced to 25 from 50.

Q – Cooldown rescaled to 26/23/20/17 from 18.

- Energy cost set at 120/130/140/150 from 80/110/140/170.

W – Scaling damage increased to 100% STR from 75%.

- Energy Cost rescaled to 100/120/140/160 from 80/110/140/170.

- Is now blocked by Spell Immunity.

E – Armor/Spell Armor bonus rescaled to 4/6/9/10 from 3/6/9/12.

- When facing Enemy Heroes, Micro now has no collision.

- No longer gives Slow Immunity when facing enemy heroes.

- Energy cost set at 50 from 40/50/60/70.

M5 – Slow on Q increased by 20% from 15%.

M15 – Cooldown Reduction on E increased to -9 from -8.



- Attack Range increased to 3.75 from 3.5

H – Now grants 2-20 Health Regen (Based on Level) when Grunty is in the river.

(Blue Gene) – Health Regen bonus reduced to +10 from +20.

Q – Scaling Active Damage increased to 60% Weapon Damage from 50%.

- Scaling Passive Damage increased to 30% Weapon Damage from 25%.

- Cone-area of effect increased to 5u from 4.5u.

W – Energy cost reduced to 20 from 25.

- Cooldown set at 20 from 25.

- River Racer Buff increased to 4 from 3 (Blue Gene increased to 8 from 6).

E – Scaling Damage increased to 60% Weapon Damage from 50%.

- Cooldown set at 20 from 25.

R – Enemies that have triggered a Swamp Trap in the last 3 seconds can now also be marked by Rip Tide.

- Duration increased to 6/8/10 from 6/78.

- Cooldown reduced to 100/80/60 from 150/120/90.

M5 – Cooldown on Q now reduced by 2 from 1.



- Attack Speed increased to 1.95 from 1.85.

H (Chrono Distortion; Rework) - Whenever Null casts any of its abilities, it has a 50% Chance to instantly reduce the cooldowns of Magic Missile (Q), Field Disruptor (E), and Arcane Sword (E) by 2 seconds.

Q – Cooldown set at 14 from 18/16/14/12

E - Cooldown set at 14 from 18/16/14/12.

- No longer reduces cooldown of ability by 3s.

- Now leeches energy from heroes equal to 10% of Damage Dealt.

R (Blue Gene) - Now increases Chrono Distortion (Heroic) proc chance to 100% while active.

- No longer increases Cooldown by 150%.

M5 – Changed to +20% Arcane Sword [E] Rotation Speed from 250 Energy.

M10 – Changed to +2 Charges Field Disruptor [W].

M15 – Changed to +2s Chrono Distortion Cooldown Reduction from +3 Cooldown Reduction from Arcane Sword.



H – Attack Proc Chance increased to 15% from 10%.

- Ability Proc Chance increased to 30% from 25%.

- Energy restored increased to 25-50% from 20-50%.

Q – Attack Speed Loss rescaled to 16/14/12/10% from 25/20/15/10%

W - Scaling Damage decreased to 40% INT from 50%.

- Cooldown rescaled to 25/22/19/17 from 24/22/20/18.

E – Cast range set at 8 from 5/6/7/8.

R – Damage rescaled to 200/300/400 (+40% INT) from 200/325/450 (+25% INT).

- Reveal Duration reduced to 4 from 8.

- Energy cost increased to 300/425/550 from 200/350/500.

- Cooldown increased to 140/135/130 from 130.

V (Blue Gene) – Now also spawns current-level Malignant Cesspit beneath Azathoth’s Herald.

- Now only targets Enemy Heroic Units (Prioritizing Enemy Heroes).

- Herald Timed Life Duration reduced to 15 from 30.

- Herald Hits to Destroy decreased to 5 from 6.

- Energy cost increased to 300 from 150.

M5 - Changed to +15% Slow Malignant Cesspit (E) from +15% Attack Speed.

M10 - +25% Attack Speed from +20s Intelligence Steal Duration.

M15 - +30s Intelligence Steal Duration from +20% Slow Malignant Cesspit (E).



Q – Scaling Damage reduced to 15% Weapon Damage from 20%.

- Damage AoE per missile increased to 1.75u from 1.5u.

E - While transforming into Flight Mode, Starscream can now move from being stunned in place.

- Duration set at 25 from 10/15/20/25.

- Cooldown rescaled to 42/36/30/24 from 25.

- Energy cost rescaled to 150/125/100/75 from 50.

- Flying around the borders of the map is now heavily restricted.

R – Scaling Damage increased to 15% Weapon Damage from 12.5%.

- Option Drone Movement Speed increased by 25%.

- Now ignores map bosses.



W – Scaling Damage increased to 50% INT from 25%.

- Cast range rescaled to 5.5/6.5/7.5/8.5 from 5.5/6/6.5/7

E - Heal changed to 50 (+2.5/5/7.5/10% Missing Health) from 25/50/75/100 (+3/4.5/6/7.5% Missing Health). (v3.64)

E (Black Soul Sphere) – Now grants +40% Attack Speed also for 3s.

R - Cooldown reduction on attacking Enemy Heroes rescaled to 1.25s/2s/2.75s from 1.25s.

- Cooldown reduction on attacking Enemy Non-heroes rescaled to 0.5s/0.75s/1s from 0.5s.

- Cooldown rescaled to 110/80/50 from 150/100/50.

R (Blue Gene) - Now reduces cooldown by half at all levels from reducing it to 25 at all levels.

M5 - Changed to +15% Attack Speed from +40 Agility.

M10 - Changed to +3% Missing Health Heal [E] from +20% Attack Speed. (v3.64)

M15 - Changed to +33% Damage per Second on Gravitate (Q) from 2x CDR on attack from Black Soul Sphere(R).



Q – Bonus Base Damage rescaled to 40/80/120/160 from 30/60/90/120.

- Cooldown rescaled to 15/14/13/12 from 16.



- Movement Speed increased to 3.1 from 2.9.

H – Shields increased to 150-720 from 60-660.

- Shields now regenerate when Fenix has not been in Combat for 5s from 8s.

M15 – Changed to +2u AoE Sunstrike (Q) from +25% Lifesteal.

M20 – Changed to +2.5s Stun Duration Thunderous Crash (R) from +2u AoE Sunstrike (Q).



H – Recloak time increased to 6s from 3s.

M10 – 2x CDR on Q from +275 Health

M15 – +1s Stun Duration on Planar Void from +35% Attack Speed.

M20 - +60 Damage per Unfolding Fate Stack from 3x CDR on Q



W - Base Damage increased to 40/80/120/160 from 40/60/80/100.

E - Any units the target enemy collides with will now be dealt 1.5x Damage from 1x.

R – Cooldown reduced to 120 from 140 (60 from 70 for Evolved).



H – Whenever Turraneth pickups or recalls a Psi Orb, she now instantly restores +10% Max Energy per orb.



Q – Debuff now deals 10/15/20/25 (+10% Weapon Damage) Spell Damage per second (for 6 seconds).

(Blue Gene) – Now also increases DoT by 50%.

W – Scaling Damage increased to 3.5% Target Current Health from 3%.

- Energy cost rescaled to 100 from 100/115/130/145.

- Active duration increased to 10 from 8.

E – Movement Speed bonus on Hero Hit increased to +15% from 10%.

R – Now slows Attack Speed by 50%,

- Cast range increased to 12/24/36u from 10/20/30u.



- Attack range increased to 6 from 5.5

Q – Scaling Damage increased to 15% INT from 12.5%.

- Cooldown rescaled to 8/7/6/5 from 12/10/8/6.

- (Blue Gene) – Despotic Banelings Movement Speed Bonus reduced to 60% from 70%.

E – Charge cooldown rescaled to 60/50/40/30 from 60.

R – Scaling Attack Damage changed to 75% INT from (+50% INT) (+40% Biomass Consumed).

- Tyrant Ultralisk Timed Life increased to 45s from 35s.

M5 – Max Biomass Regen increased to 1.5% from 1%.

M10 - +10% Attack and Movement Speed on Creep now also apply to Tyrant Ultralisk and Banelings respectively.

M15 - +25% Faster and More Creep Spread [E] from +1 Cast range and AoE on W.



W – Will now always trigger when it reaches its final destination (Can still be manually triggered by reactivating).

E – Will now also do an initial pulse on spawn followed by the pulses at the intervals.



W – No longer grants 6/9/12/15 Armor.

- Spell Armor increased to 8/12/16/20 from 6/9/12/15.

- Energy cost reduced to 100/120/140/160 from 120/140/160/180.



Q – Now Reveals and provides Truesight over the target while channeling.



W – Spell Amplification increased to 15% from 10%.

R – Cooldown rescaled to 80/60/40 from 80/65/50.

- Energy cost rescaled to 300/550/800 from 300/500/700.



E – Cooldown reduced to 12 from 14.

M5 – Slow per stack on Q increased to 10% from 5%.



H – Health/Energy restored increased to 2-6% (Based on Level) from 2-4%.

- No longer procs from Hero Assists.

Q - Striking Enemy Heroes will apply On-Hit effects to them and reduce Bone Blade Boomerang's Cooldown by 2s.

- Scaling Damage increased to 75% Weapon Damage from 65%.

- Cast range rescaled to 9/10/11/12 from 9/11/13/15. (v3.64)

- Energy cost rescaled to 95/110/125/140 (+2% Max Energy) from 100.

R - Cast range rescaled to 14/15/16 from 12/13/14. (v3.64)

- Max Energy cost reduced to 4% from 5%.

M20 - +20% Damage from +15% per stack of Reckoning.



- Movement Speed decreased to 3 from 3.3.

Q – Secondary projectile search radius increased to 6 from 5.

- Cooldown rescaled to 16/12/8/4 from 14/11/8/5.



Q – Energy cost rescaled to 100/120/140/160 from 40/80/120/160

W – Energy cost reduced to 50 from 75.

R - Cooldown rescaled to 140/130/120 from 140/110/80. (v3.64)



H (Peristalsis; Rework) - Unix can travel both above and below ground at will by reactivating this ability. 

While Unburrowed, Unix leaves a path of sticky residue. Enemies caught in the trail Lose Movement Speed.

While Burrowed, Unix is Invisible, Disarmed, and his Movement Speed is Slowed instead. Unix will also be Revealed for 3s after each ability use. (Note: Hotkey is now V).

Movement Slow (Self/Burrowed): -20%

Movement Slow (Enemy/Unburrowed): -40%

Q (Body Leecher; Rework) – Unix quickly protracts his appendages to feast on a target enemy unit, dealing Spell Damage to them and multiple visible enemies in an area around them - Up to a Maximum. Unix is healed for 25% of the damage dealt.

Max Targets: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8

Area of Effect: 3u / 4u / 5u / 6u

Spell Damage: 100/140/180/220 (+60% INT)

Cast range: 7u

Cooldown: 14/12/10/8

Energy Cost: 100/125/150/175

W – Scaling Damage per second decreased to 30% INT from 35%.

E – Timed Life reduced to 15s from 18s.

- Damage amp reduced to 1.5x from 2x.

R – Damage type changed to True Damage from Spell Damage.

- Base Damage rescaled to 80/130/180 from 70/110/130.

- Nearby Unix Marines will now automatically be forced to attack the Brain Sap target while channeling.

- Will now Ignore Debuff Immunity once it starts channeling, but cannot pierce a target that is already Spell/Debuff Immune. If Unix is stunned, banished, silenced, or the target is banished – the channeling will stop.

- Cooldown increased to 120/110/100. from 80/60/40.

- Energy cost increased 200/300/400 from 200.

- No longer heals Unix, but still regenerates Energy equal to 50% of Damage Dealt.

(Blue Gene) – Now reduces cooldown by 50 seconds.

(Blue Gene) - No longer increases Base Damage or grant Debuff Immunity.

(Blue Gene) - Now also increases max channeling Duration by 3s.

M5 – Changed to +15% Heal from Body Leecher [Q] from +8 Armor/Spell Armor on Heroic.

M15 - Changed to Movement Speed Bonus while Burrowed increased to +25% from +15% (Note: Total Movement Speed becomes 105%).

M20 - Changed to Debuff Immunity whille channeling Brain Sap (R) from +6s Channeling.



H – Current stacks are now displayed in the mini-ui; removed active “show stacks”.

V (Aftershock; Blue Gene) – Upon activation Stone Pillars within 16u become 'Magnetized' and explode after 1.5 seconds, each dealing Spell Damage and applying a Mini-Stun in a 2.75u-radius area.

Stun Duration: 0.35s

Spell Damage: 50 (+25% INT) (+Reign of Terra Damage Stacks)

Cooldown: 10

Energy Cost: 75



W – Stack replenish time increased to 15 seconds from 10 per stack.

R – Cooldown rescaled to 40/35/30 from 30.



M5 - +2% Missing Heat Regenerated on Attack from +1.5 (E).



R – Now irradiates the area (4u-radius) of impact for 5s. Enemy Heroes will experience Radiation Poisoning and lose 33% Healing Effects and Health Regeneration while within. Lingers for 1.5s.

- Cooldown set at 25 from 35/30/25.



E – The Debuff on enemies now lasts 4s from 6s.



Q – For each Enemy Hero struck, this ability's Cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.

- Max RnT now increases Damage and AoE by 100% from only increasing AoE by 75%.

- Damage rescaled to 30/45/60/75 (+50% Weapon Damage) from 40/65/90/115 (+80% Weapon Damage).

- Energy cost rescaled to 40/50/60/70 from 60/60/70/80.

M10 – Changed to +6% Weapon Speed per Rip N' Tear Stack [Heroic] from +30 Strength.

M15 – Cooldown Reduction on Flashbang increased to 15 from 10.



Q – Base Damage rescaled to 15/30/45/60 from 30/40/50/60.

W – Movement Speed Slow reduced to 75% from 80%.

- Slow Duration rescaled to 1/1.5/2/2.5s from 1.5s.



H – Vergil gains 15% Spell Penetration when his health drops below 50%.

- No longer gives 5% Time Scale.

Q – Scaling Damage increased 50% Weapon Damage from 40%.

- Cooldown rescaled to 8/6/4/2 from 10/8/6/4.

W – Silence duration increased to 2 from 1.

R - Scaling Damage increased 50% Weapon Damage from 40%.

M15 – Changed to +20% Spell Penetration [Heroic] from +2s Silence on E.



Q – Secondary Missile Search radius increased to 6u from 5.5u.

- When targeting the Oblivion Construct, the Secondary Missile Search radius increases to 10u from 7.5u.

- Energy cost increased to 100/125/150/175 from 75/100/125/150.

W - Energy cost set at 100 from 75/100/125/150

R – Now 44/55/66% of all damage received by the target (Before Mitigation) while under this effect will be Inflicted again as a separate single instance of Bonus Spell Damage from Nemesis at the end of the duration.

- The cursed target no longer reflects 40/52/64% of damage taken to enemies in a 6u-radius.

- No longer increases Respawn Time of Enemies' killed under its effect.

- Cooldown rescaled to 80/70/60 from 70.

- Energy cost increased to 200/250/300 from 200.



Q – Now deals its damage in a 2.5u-radius AoE on impact, affecting both the lifted target and nearby enemies.

- Scaling damage increased to 50% STR from 50% INT.

- Now applies a 50% slow to enemies on impact for 2s.

- Alarak no longer can cast W or E while lifting a target.

- No longer applies on-hit effects.

- Cooldown rescaled to 25/22/19/16 from 24/22/20/18.

- Is now blocked by Spell Immunity.

W (Cleave) - Now applies on-hit effects to Enemy Heroes.

W (Streave) – Max travel distance increased to 8u from 6u.

M10 – Changed to +30% Slow Vengeful Assault [Q] from +40 Weapon Damage.



R (Blue Gene) - On death, Viron now also leaves behind a massive 6u-radius puddle of current-level Projectile Vomit for 5s.



H – Hero Assists can now grant Kuradel Heroic INT Bonus.

- No longer loses stacks on death.

Q – Damage decreased to 30/60/90/120 (+25% INT) from 50/80/110/140 (+30% INT).

- Single Target Damage increased to 2x from 1.5x

- Added 5% Max Energy Cost at all levels.

W – Damage rescaled to 60/100/140/180 (+25% INT) from 70/100/130/160 (+30% INT).

- Slow Duration increased to 2.5s from 2.

- Cooldown rescaled to 15/14/13/12 from 20/18/16/14.

E – Rescaled Intelligence Difference Modifier to 0.4/0.6/0.8/1 from 0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8

R – Scaling Damage increased to 50% INT.

- Cooldown set at 120 from 80.

(Blue Gene) – Now reduces Cooldown by 40s.



Q - Is now blocked by Spell Immunity.

R -  Now applies a 15/30/45% Movement Slow to Enemies within the Catastrophe.

- Projectile Speed set at 6.5 from 6/7/8.

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