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AoS 2022 Hero Competition Results


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Let me kickstart this by thanking everyone who made a submission to this contest. Both @NoWaterJustIce and myself were in your place nearly a decade ago, and going through each submission was a humbling and nostalgic opportunity to peer into the minds of the playerbase of today.

With that said, Justice and I have concluded our evaluations of the Hero contest submissions. Each submission was graded based on 5 factors: Formatting/Presentation (10%), Clarity/Simplicity (10%), Originality/Uniqueness (30%), Synergy/Elegance (30%), and Fun Factor (20%).

Originally, we planned to have a tie-breaker in the case of a tie, however when all was said and done, it was clear to us that both proposals deserved to win. As such, the two winners will each receive the prizes and have their heroes implemented into Aeon of Storms later this summer. So, without further ado…


The winning designs are as follows:


Adari.Urenzis – Zeratul (1st-Tie)



Adari’s well-crafted mage design won us over with its certainty of itself and what it wants to do. While the concept as a whole in its current form may not be explicitly unique in AoS, it more than made up for it with the absurd amounts of fun we imagine it will bring to the battlefield with its kit.


Natos.Hailstorm – Frezzie (1st-Tie)


Natos is an elegant, different and straightforward design, built around a novel mechanic and new way to play a hero in AoS. The way the entire kit comes together in the service of Natos’ unique approach to being an ADC will make the hero a welcome addition to AoS.


Honorable Mentions:


Valerian.Mengsk (Melee) – Naiwato (2nd)


We felt that Valerian’s skillset reflected the character in which it was designed to portray effectively, resulting in an elegant and very fun take on a swordsman.

Avatar Xada-Hgla – Flandre (3rd)


Xada-Hgla is a complex, well thought-out, and ambitious design with several unique mechanics and a wild array of abilities under its belt.



I will be in contact with the winning designers directly to work with them over the coming period on how best to integrate and implement the new heroes into game.

Once again, congratulations to our winners, and a big thank you to our contestants for all the submissions!

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