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[Hero Suggestion] Cyber. Hostkula


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Name: Cyber. Hostkula

Portrait: Cerberus Swarm Host

Model: Cerberus Swarm Host with a Cerberus Infestation Pit on back

Type: Strength Summoner that also relies on abilities.



Script: Hostkula was an swarm host that Abathur stolen from Dehaka's pack when the Primal Zerg joined the swarm, despite Abathur's disgust of the Primal Zerg replicating units such as the Hydralisk and the Roach, he cannot deny their terrifying potential to adapt. Hostkula was experimented upon by Abathur with a specific design in mind. Improve the evolutionary potential within all zerg from the swarm. However when Abathur has sent Hostkula into battle against the Dominion to test abathur's modifications. Hostkula has failed to defeat its enemies however and Abathur has completely abandoned Hostkula on the battlefield. A Dominion scientist, intrigued by the swarm host's first appearance in battle against the Dominion, has ordered the capture of Hostkula to be experimented upon. Though the Hostkula was badly injured in battle and is on the brink of death. The scientists were not only able to bring back Hostkula from death, but have managed to perfect Abathur's original design of inciting evolutionary potential within all zerg of the swarm after decisive experiments. Hostkula has been given cybernetic implants to keep it alive and improve its capability in potential deployment against the zerg swarm. The dominion scientists have wondered if they could reverse Hostkula's ability to incite evolutionary potential within the zerg and devolve them. However, before they could start on it. The Zerg Swarm descended upon the facility in a surprise attack. Realizing the danger of letting Hostkula back into the swarm, the scientists have decided to blow up the facility to kill Hostkula and not let the swarm have him. However, Hostkula easily survived the self-destruct blast with the cybernetics hardly scratched. Hostkula stands on top of the ashes of the Facility ruins that consists of both zerg and terran remains. Hostkula's alliance remains a mystery afterwards.


Heroic Passive: Evolving Drive

Hostkula gains 6-12% CDR and gains 10-40 intelligence everytime he casts an ability. Stacks up to 3 times.

- The bonuses scale each time Hostkula hits level 6/11/16.

- The cerberus infestation pit uses the research animation for 1 second each time this passive is triggered.


Q - Vicious Eggs

Hostkula lobs two egg towards target location, sticking onto the first enemy/structure hit, slowing the enemy hit by 25/30/35/40% for 2 seconds, dealing 60/100/140/180 + (50% int) physical damage over 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, the locust will hatch next to the enemy under the bidding of Hostkula for 12/13/14/15 seconds. Using this ability will increase the health cost by 2.5%, stacking up to two times.

Cost: 80/90/100/110 energy + 5% max health cost.

Cooldown: 11/10/9/8 seconds

Cast range: 6/7/8/9 units

- Locusts have 20/40/60/80 + (7.5% max health of Hostkula and 50% int)

- Locusts each deal 25/35/45/55 + (25% weapon damage and 25% int) physical damage every 0.86 seconds.

-If there are two eggs on one enemy, the slow is increased to 60% and the initial physical damage deals 35% more damage.

-Locusts will use the flying cerberus locust model.

-Locusts have 25% physical damage resistance and 25% spell damage resistance.

-Initial damage does 50% less damage to structures.

- Eggs are invulnerable for 2 seconds before hatching, regardless of hitting an enemy or not.

- Locusts have a movement speed of 3.45 and a vision radius of 4 units around them

- Locusts can be controlled. 


W - Grabber Nests

Hostkula launches a Grabber Nest towards target direction, if it hits a wall. The Grabber Nest will be armed after 1 second. The grabbers will stick onto the wall and by selecting them and pressing [W], they will launch a skillshot that pulls the first enemy struck 4 units towards them, dealing 30/60/90/120 + (40% int) spell damage. If the enemy connects with the grabber nest itself via pulling, the grabber will instead deal double damage. The grabber will be killed after casting this ability or dealing double damage to them. If an enemy gets struck by two grabber pulls within 3 seconds, they will also be stunned for 2.5 seconds.

Cast range: 9/10/11/12 units

Cooldown: 23/21/19/17 seconds

Cost: 70/90/110/130 energy

Maximum amount of field: 1/1/2/2

- Ability does nothing if it does not hit a wall

- Grabber Nest will use a Impaler Colony model

- Grabbers can pull without vision

- Grabbers are cloaked

- Grabbers have a vision radius of 3 units

- Grabber pull range is 7 units long

- Grabbers last 30/35/40/45 seconds

- A 3rd grabber will automatically kill the oldest one

E - Evolution Complete

Hostkula sends a symbiote to aid himself or an allied hero, attacking a nearby enemy for 10/20/30/40 + (15% int) spell damage every 1.25/1.15/1.05/0.95 seconds, healing the host for 50% of the damage dealt, increased to 80% vs heroes. When casted on a zerg hero, the symbiote will instead be consumed and heal the host for 50/80/110/140 + (35% int and 5% of host's max health) HP and grant the zerg host bonuses based on what hero it is.

Cast range: 6/6/7/7 units

Cooldown: 27/26/25/24 seconds

Cost: 100/120/140/160 energy

- The symbiote will have a splitterling model

-Primal Zerg do not receive a specific zerg buff.

-Mandrake will not receive a zerg buff

-The symbiote will automatically spawn 2 eggs at Hostkula's feet that hatch after 3 seconds when casted on himself and aids him.

-Zerg hero bonuses:

Kerrigan will be granted 2 bone parasites that will each grant her 15/20/25/30 weapon damage and 10/15/20/25 phyiscal armor. Each bone parasite will die when kerrigan gets attacked. Lasts for 6 seconds

Crackling's next E will also fire two more acid globs off to the side. any further hits on a enemy will receive only 30% of the damage and have their armor reduced by 10 each.

Toximancer's next cast of W on a target or himself will also knockback enemies around the target and stun them for 0.75 seconds. instantly dealing 60/100/140/180 + (50% weapon damage) spell damage.

Ravager's next W will also create two mini-pillars next to the main pillar, knocking up enemies for the same duration, but only lasting 2 seconds.

Balrog's next two Qs will grant him untargetability whenever he leaps.

Stukov's next Q and W, will apply a poison and burn debuff respectively, dealing an additional 2.5% max health to enemies struck in spell damage for 3 seconds.

-There are many more potential buffs like this, listing all zerg heroes potential here would be too much.


R - Nanobreath

Hostkula breathes a acid storm with nanites towards target direction in a cone for 6 seconds, dealing 30/60/90 + (20% int) spell damage every 0.3 seconds and slowing enemies by 10%, stacking up to 4 times every 0.5 seconds the enemy stays in the storm. Locusts caught in the storm have their duration paused and gain 40/60/80% attack speed.

Cast range: 5.5/6/6.5 units

Cost: 150/250/350 energy + 5% max health

Cooldown: 100/70/40 seconds

Blue genes: This ability is not longer channeled and instead the infestation pit on Hostkula's back takes its place to channel it and has 50% of Hostkula's max health and cannot be interrupted. Also heals allied heroes for 15/30/45 + (10% int) health every 0.3 seconds.


Mastery: lvl 1: gain 5+ str, int, agi

lvl 5: Grabbers deal 40 more damage

lvl 10: Locusts deal 20 more damage and gain 25% more damage resistance

lvl 15: reduce the cooldown of E by 10 seconds

lvl 20: adds 200 more health to locust and Q casts now launch an additional egg.


Note: Hostkula is a strength summoner that can also control an area he desires, his ability to conjure a swarm of locusts is something the enemy must be ready for. His enemies must also be ready for any unseen threats such as the grabbers when contesting his area as they will allow him and the locusts to close in on an unfortunate enemy and kill them. They also must always be watchful of the various mutations that Hostkula can bestow upon his zerg allies and observe the many different effects upon them. Finally his nanobreath will rain down destructive acid and nanites upon his enemies, his locusts will be much more dangerous within the storm, adding more damage into the storm. However, in order to utilize Hostkula's potential, he must make sure to manage his health while casting abilities to make sure he does not grow too vulnerable to enemies. Hostkula can control the midlane or stand his ground in the solo lane as the grabbers will more likely have a different purpose of pulling assailants away from Hostkula if he needs to retreat. Hostkula can be built as a tanky summoner that can control an area or a strong intelligence caster/summoner that can still control an area, but have more potency on his abilities. Though the Hostkula can make an area a dangerous and chaotic place, Hostkula possess little area of effect damage, aside from his ultimate and his locusts are also vulnerable to area of effect damage, thus Hostkula must be wary and agile to mitigate their damage.

Abilities: His Heroic Passive encourages spamming his abilities despite health cost and gives him more power as he keeps doing it. The intelligence gain more importantly improves the potency of his summons and abilities. The bread and butter, his Q are the source of his damage and pushing power and his cooldown on the locust is insanely low for a minion summoning spell, however it has a stacking health cost that will take more and more as he keeps using this ability, caution is advised. They can also be a decent way to gank others as the range and slow can allow him to catch up to enemies. His W is what allows him and his locusts to feast upon his enemies, as the hidden threat will keep the enemy on their toes near walls lest they get tossed around by them. If Hostkula's assailant is in trouble, cleverly placed grabbers with foresight can pull them away and help allow Hostkula to escape. Hostkula's E is varied depending on the hero it is casted on, whenever its on himself, a zerg hero, or the rest. He can help buff and heal his team for the swarm to create unique opportunities, teamups that would possibly be never conceived by this ability, for example, making kerrigan even more of a threat by bestowing her bone parasites that were lost in the older Imperial Sanctum days. Finally, Hostkula's R, Nanobreath, is a very strong followup to anytime the enemy gets pinned, sealing their fate, particularly when a enemy gets yanked by his grabbers. When Hostkula is not killing his enemies, he will use this on his locust to help them take down towers much faster or devastate aeon or leviagoth.


What Cyber. Hostkula brings to the Imperial Sanctum:

- A strength summoner that can also provide crowd control for his team

- Unique stationary summon that can only be used along walls, creating a sense of uncomfortability in Hostkula's enemies whenever they are around walls

- Spammable Minions that can be controlled, particularly however, at a health cost, which can open Hostkula up if he is not careful at managing his health.

- Shakes up the gameplay in many ways with practically a racial ability that only benefits Zerg heroes that are from the swarm, creating team compositions that would not be thought of and opens new opportunities that would not be possible with Hostkula's symbiotes powerful evolutionary buffs.

- A strength hero that can also do well with intelligence items to notably increase the potency of his summons and abilities.



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