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[Hero Suggestion] Natos.Hailstorm


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Unit BaseDominion Rocket Trooper


Type:  Carry, Ranged


Starting Stats:

Base Health – 400

Movement Speed – 3.1

Attack Range – 6 / 7

Attack Speed – 2

Base Damage – 40

Attack Name | Animation - Ferromag SMG / Hailstorm Launcher

Base Armor / Spell Armor – 16%, 14%

Strength – 25 +2

Agility – 35 +9

Intelligence –  30 +4




Heroic Passive: Guuuns


Passive: Natus standard a-click/right-click becomes a single shot with a fixed weapon speed of 1.5
                  dealing 20+(10% weapon damage) plus an additional 10+(20% missing health) against enemy units below 30% hp,
                  revealing enemies for 4 seconds and marking them. (6u range)


Active: Reloads Hailstorm




Ability One:  Hailstorm

Target enemy unit, projectile, 2u aeo

Energy Cost: none

Cooldown: 2 seconds

Range: 7 units


Level 1: 115% weapon damage

Level 2: 125% weapon damage

Level 3: 135% weapon damage

Level 4: 145% weapon damage


Effect:  This ability acts as Natos' standard autoattack.
                Natos fires his Hailstorm Launcher dealing physical damage in an area proc'ing
On-Hit effects ,Critical Strike and Lifesteal
                The Hailstorm Launcher only holds three charges and has to be reloaded for  2 seconds after getting emptied.
                Enemies effected by the aeo take 70% damage and are not effected by
On-Hit effects.
                Addionational weapon speeds gets converted at the rate: 100% weapon speed = -
0.5 seconds cd up to a maximum of 1.25 seconds

Note: cannot procc powerstrike items, can be disjointed, only crits for 60% crit damage (still effected by khalis blade)






Ability Two:  Time Bomb

target area, projectile, 4.5u


Energy Cost:  50/60/70/80

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12

Range: 8u


Level 1: 30+60%weapon damage, 10% physical resistance

Level 2: 60+60%weapon damage, 15% physical resistance

Level 3: 90+60%weapon damage, 20% physical resistance

Level 4: 120+60%weapon damage,  25% physical resistance


Effect: Natos throws a timed bomb that either explodes 3 seconds after reaching its destination or 3 seconds after sticking to an enemy heroic unit
physical damage in an area and reducing the enemies physical resistance by 10%
Enemies that are marked  by "Guuuns"(HR) will cause the bomb to explode immediately.




Ability Three:  Come and get me

target point, 3.5u

Energy Cost: 50/60/70/80

Cooldown: 31/27/23/19

Range: 3.5u


Level 1:  0.5 seconds (channel duration)

Level 2: 0.42 seconds (channel duration)

Level 3: 0.34 seconds (channel duration)

Level 4: 0.26 seconds (channel duration)


Effect: After a short channel duration Natos blinks to a target point fully reloading Hailstorm(Q) but which also
               leaves him vulnerable to take 25% increased damage from all sources.

              Getting a Kill on an enemy heroic unit resets the cooldown of "Come and get me"




Ultimate Ability:  Your Time Will Come


Energy Cost:  150/200/250

Cooldown: 100/90/80



Level 1: 8% (execute threshold), 15% (time scale max)

Level 2: 10% (execute threshold) 22.5% (time scale max)

Level 3: 12% (execute threshold) 30% (time scale max)


Effect: After activation reloads Hailstorm(Q) with extra explosvie special ammo which increases the aoe radius to 4.5 units.
            Additionally each use of Hailstorm(Q) against an enemy heroic unit grants 2.5% time scale stacking up to a maximum of X%.
            At maximum stacks Hailstorms executes enemies below a certain threshold.



Blue Gene: Time Bomb gets a second charge and the physical reduction can stack, when an enemy unit already has a bomb sticked to them and they get hit by another,
                   the second one will immediately detonate both.


M5: +15% critical strike chance
M10: -4 seconds CD Time Bomb(W)
M15: Hailstorm(Q) weapon damage scaling increased by 10%
M20: +1.25u "Come and get me" (E)


Idea:  Natos is meant to be the ultimate hypercarry specializing on dealing damage to ideally many enemies from a far range.
          His kit is also designed to have a different approach to the classic "right click spam attacks" adc. Each of his attacks is supposed
          be significant and hurtful, which ideally should create a completely unique and new playstyle for the entire role.
          What does he do different than Huntress/Avenger etc.: ideally after the exact numbers get revised he should be the ultimate late game hypercarry
          which comes at the severe disadvantage that, even though he has a decent mobility tool(E) it still comes with the drawback of taking more damage
          while already having one of the lowest strenght gains and starting value + low resitance that combined with 0 cc in his kit should fulfill my version, at least I hope so.



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