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[Hero Suggestion] Billy Miner


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Name: Billy Miner


Portrait: Miner


Unit Base: Miner


Type: Intelligence (Support, Disabler, Melee)



Lore: „Billy is a miner from the dominion colony Mar Sara. He, as most of his friends, were forced to go into the mines to search one of the most precious stones in the universe – the Khala stones. The harsh environment for the workers exhausted most of them – 15 hours per day working (the day there is 27 hours), some of them even lost their lives there. As for Billy he was the most successful miner – despite he hasn't found the Stone, he found valuable minerals, such as diamonds, redstone, calcite and much more. He somehow managed to hide this from the control organs and then sell it to the black market. One day he got enough money to get out of the colony with his family so they emigrated to Chau Sara, seeking better life. However upon landing he and his family were captured and imprisoned in separate cells. As billy was a superior miner, he mined somehow through the wall and managed to escape. His family is still in prison, waiting for their doom or saviour.“



Starting stats:


Base Health: 400


Base Mana: 200


Movement Speed: 3.10


Attack Range: 1.5


Attack Speed: 2.10


Base Damage: 46


Base Armor: 17% physical resistance, 23% spell resistance


Strenght: 33 (+5)


Agility: 20 (+2)


Intelligence: 37 (+8)





Heroic Passive/Active (V): Oh, Shiny! (Instant Cast) (16 u)


Each unit that dies near Billy drops a gem, heroes drop 10 gems. Gems enchances his abilites for one time depending on how much gems he use. Billy can have up to 50 gems. All stored gems are lost on death and gives money for the enemy heroes that killed or assisted for killing him.


Cooldown: 5 seconds


Gems Lasting Duration: 15 seconds


Minerals Per Gem: 0.1*LVL


Blue Gene: Passively earns a gem each 5 seconds.



Q: Seizmic Wave (Instant cast, 4 u AOE)


Billy thrusts in his drill into the ground, stunning all nearby enemy units and heroes and dealing damage to them. Gems enchances the drill and make it deal more


Stun Duration: 0.25/0.5/0.75/1 seconds (+0.1 per 5 gems)


Spell Damage: 25/50/75/100 (+2 per gem) (+50% INT)


Cooldown: 16/15/14/13 seconds



W: Give Gems (Target unit, Cast Range: 6 u)


Billy throws away gems at a target unit or hero. If it is a hero, he receives a small amount of money based on the used gems. If it is an enemy, he is stunned for a while and is dealt damage to him. Can't be cast on friendly creeps and summoned units. Can't be cast on self.


Spell Damage: 30/60/90/120 (+3 per gem) (+75% INT)


Stun Duration: 0.5 (+0.1 per 5/4/3/2 gems)


Minerals Given: 5 (+1 per 3 gems)


Cooldown: 60 seconds



E: Black Market (Instant Cast)


Converts the collected gems into minerals.


Minerals Gained: 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8 minerals/gem + 10


Cooldown: 90 seconds



R: Dig Tunnel (Target point, Cast Range: 1.5u)


Digs up the ground to make a true cloaked tunnel entrance/exit, which can be used by all allied heroes to go through it to another tunnel. Traveling between tunnels is at speed 20 u per second. Costs 20 minerals to make entrance/exit. Lasts 2 heroic hits/8 creep hits. Cant be cast in the river (It will be flooded and will be unuseful)


Cast Time: 8/7/6 seconds


Entrance/Exit Timed Life: 240/270/300 (+3 per gem after the 20th) seconds


Time To Enter: 0.5 seconds


Bounty: 100 minerals (+1 per gem after the 20th)


Cooldown: 120 seconds




Level 1: +5 Strenght, Agility and Intelligence.


Level 2: -30 seconds cooldown of Black Market (E).


Level 3: +25 max gems.


Level 4: Increase the traveling speed between tunnels by 10u/second (R)


Level 5: -60 seconds cooldown of Dig Tunnel (R).



Note: Billy is an exclusive miner, who can „dig up“ the game of the team. His ult is very useful, because the team can go from their base to any point of the map (for that case it should have a tunnel in the base). His abilities that gives minerals (W and E) could be used either give mineral advantage to yourself and the team or to make your team to kill enemies with the stun at cost of some mineral advantage for the enemy team. Rushing Blue Gene will boost his mineral income as well as everyone's and will cast more powerful spells. Billy's minus is that the spells are with too high cooldown, so more CDR items would help him a lot. Doing warpshard with Q is also an option, but Billy himself is a fragile character (if not developed tanky of course). His death will spill up gems, so its good to use all gems when close to death (activated V without using gems with any of his abilities will spill them). But his main job is not to tank or to carry, but to support the tanks and carries with extra money.


Heroes, that would be good with Billy Miner: Any non-jungle carry


Heroes, that Billy would be good against: No such a hero. (LOL)


Heroes, that would counter Billy: Fast heroes – Leo, Shadow, Rancor, Darpa, Dakrun and so on.



P.S.: The main reason I do this hero is Arges: it is a hero that gives exp, but there is no hero that gives money. But this hero is double-edged – he can give money to both teams, so it would be kinda hard to be played.

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