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[Hero Suggestion] Valerian.Mengsk


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Valerian Mengsk

Unit Base: Valerian Mengsk
Type: Agility
Lore: Valerian Mengsk is the son of Arcturus Mengsk and the crown prince of the dominion. 
He uses the resources available to him to search for Xel'naga artifacts, and has found a prophecy that indicates that 
Kerrigan will play a vital role in an upcoming fight. He is now trying to find a way to de-infest her, 
and his search has brought him to the fight inside the imperial sanctums.

Starting Stats:
Base Health: 400
Movement Speed: 3.2
Attack Range: 2.5u
Attack Speed: 1.8
Base Damage: 56
Base Armor: 18% physical resistance 20% spell resistance
Strength – 32(+5)
Agility – 35 (+7)
Intelligence – 25 (+3)

Heroic passive: Duel Master
"Valerian gains agility when there is only one visible enemy hero in 30u radius"
Agility gained: 10-100 (based on level)

Note: Early game, to make him strong enough for mid, mid and late game, to make him a better duelist/splitpusher.
Q: Flair
"Valerian throws a dagger at a target enemy. If they are in melee range, cleave an area in front of Valerian instead."
Damage: 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 (+90% weapon damage)
Cooldown: 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 seconds
Range: 6u

Note: Like Samira's Q in league. For waveclear and poke. Lategame it is intended to half-clear waves,
so you only need one auto (or your blue gene ability) to finish them off. Early game it is intended to help him win midlane.
W: Parry
"Valerian parries the next auto attack or projectile thrown at him, reflecting it."
Cooldown: 16.5 / 15 / 13.5 / 12 

Note: this reflects any projectile, including Vulkan Q, E, and nitrogen retrofit. High skill ceiling ability
that helps Valerian win midlane if used correctly.
E: Thrash
"Valerian dashes to a target enemy unit and thrashes them. strikes three times over a short duration.
Damage: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 (+50% weapon damage)
Cooldown: 18/ 16 / 14 / 12 seconds
Range: 5.5u / 6u / 6.5u / 7u

Note: this is a ministun to interrupt channels. it also makes farming easier. The damage is the whole damage. 
It is not meant to deal a lot of damage to heroes, as it already provides a lot of utility through the ministun.
The duration is supposed to be less than half a second, maybe 0.4 seconds and it stuns for 0.1 seconds each strike.
Or even less, the shorter the better honestly it's mostly supposed to be a dash so I would hate for Valerian to get stuck
for half a second. Think of it like Artanis W in HOTS but with ministuns added to the auto attacks.
R: Final word
"Valerian does his final attack, throwing his sword and disarming himself for 3 seconds. The sword deals massive damage,
and executes. If an enemy hero dies to this attack, he can reactive this ability to dash to them and pick up his sword 
Damage: 300/400/500 (+50% target missing health)
Cooldown:  60 / 50 / 40 seconds.
Range: 10u

Note: this is a wide skillshot, but can only hit heroic units. Yes it will get blocked by bio minions. 
Consider this carefully.
level 1: +5 all attributes
level 5: +20 damage (Q)
level 10: -3s E cooldown.
level 15: E procs on-hit effects on all 3 strikes
level 20: R no longer disarms you
Blue gene:

New ability (V), Valerian spins and attacks all enemies in a 3u radius for 100% weapon damage.
6 second cooldown.



Valerian is intended to be a safe, mid, or solo laner. His Q is for farming the wave fast, you're supposed to clear the waves as fast as possible, then take a few jungle camps, then go back to lane and farm again. He's not supposed to get any kills in lane, but I guess you could with E and Q combo. Especially when he gets R at level 6 he becomes very dangerous. He can be countered, Bio is probably his strongest counter. He's supposed to be more of a counterpick to certain mages. Dustin, Vulkan, Stukov. The fact that he sends their projectiles right back at them is what makes him so strong in these cases. I'd say he's pretty high skill ceiling, although the kit is simple. At first when I thought of it I wanted him to be like Varian because of the parallels between the two, but I played Samira for the first time the other day and had a lot of fun so the Q and W are inspired by Samira, although the W is actually something I came up with myself. The R was my original idea for the kit, the moment I had that idea the rest of the things kind of flowed through me. More on his playstyle though:

The idea is that you splitpush with him like you do with other melee agility heroes, and that he can easily dive another hero under tower, I think bhm would be very strong with his kit, you could E, auto, auto, Q, R, and most heroes would be dead. I think warpshard would probably be also be strong with him but im not entirely sure, I do like the idea of warpsharding onto someone and just obliterating them like a cyprus would with this hero though. The R does not have a long cooldown, even at level 6, I mean, 60 seconds is nothing in this game. Anyway those are just some of my ideas around this hero. Hope you enjoyed reading this, this is my second suggestion for the AOS hero competition and thanks for your attention!






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