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[Hero Suggestion] Scout.Mojo


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Name: Scout.Mojo 
Unit Base:Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 3.44.48 PM.png
Please get the model with the halo on the back if possibleimage.png

Lore:Praetor Mojo was captured by a terran, Alan Schezar, on Aiur.
Imprisoned within a stasis cell, he was still able to contact an Alpha Squadron commander, embroiled in battle against Schezar's Scavengers, and request a rescue. 
The scavengers however, had captured a zerg cerebrate and were using it to help with smuggling operations. The scavengers found khaydarin crystal technology and were planning to capture another cerebrate with it.
After while of some rescuing and fighting Mojo was free and stopped the scavengers. However Alan Schezar had survived and ran away. 
When Shakuras was invaded by the UED, the rebel dark templar Ulrezaj escaped and took a khaydarin crystal. Mojo believed this had to do with Alan again and went to go deal with it. 
After a very long time, Mojo is back as a purifier replication and fights along Fenix.

Starting Stats:
Base Health-480
Movement Speed–3
Attack Range–5 
Attack Speed–2.5
Base Damage–82
Attack Name | Animation-Photon Blasters/Anti-Matter Missiles
Base Armor–Armor: 21.5% Spell Armor: 20% 
Strength–22 + [4]
Agility–42 + [5]
Intelligence–19 + [3] 


Heroic Passive:Diverse Armaments  
Mojo can switch between two weapon modes, Photon Blasters and Anti-matter missiles.
Photon Blasters shoot 20% faster than the missiles but do 20 less dmg, Anti-matter missiles shoot 20% slower than the blasters but do 20 more dmg and have 1 more range.
Certain abilites may change when using a different weapon mode. If you use an ability and swap weapon modes you can not use the new ability right after. Using Q with photon blasters weapon mode will put Q with missile weapon mode on cd, same with R.


Ability One(Q):Focus Fire/Missile Pod 
Photon Blaster: Channels on a unit rapidly shooting them while increasing damage the longer you channel.
Anti-Matter Missiles: Shoots a missile in the area dealing aoe dmg.
Energy Cost:Focus Fire:75/100/125/150 
Energy Cost:Missile:100/110/120/130
Cooldown:Focus Fire:15/13/11/9,Duration of focus fire:5/6/7, Missile:7/6/5/4
Range:Focus Fire and Missile: 7/7 

Level 1:Focus Fire:10dmg per sec and increases by 1dmg every sec it is channeled.(25% weapon dmg)
Level 1:Missile:75dmg and 50 area dmg(30% weapon dmg)
Level 2:Focus Fire:15dmg per sec and increases by 2dmg every sec it is channeled.(25% weapon dmg)
Level 2:Missile:125dmg and 75 area dmg(30% weapon dmg)
Level 3:Focus Fire:20dmg per sec and increases by 3dmg every sec it is channeled.(25% weapon dmg)
Level 3:Missile:175dmg and 100 area dmg(30% weapon dmg)
Level 4:Focus Fire:25dmg per sec and increases by 4dmg every sec it is channeled.(25% weapon dmg)
Level 4:Missile:225dmg and 125 area dmg(30% weapon dmg)


Ability Two(W):Activate Afterburners
Mojo increases his movement speed at the cost of energy per second.
Energy Cost:1 energy every 0.5 secs 
Cooldown:5 seconds,Duration: for as long as you can keep it on

Level 1:+0.15 movement speed and 1 energy every 0.5 seconds
Level 2:+0.30 movement speed and 1.5 energy every 0.5 seconds 
Level 3:+0.45 movement speed and 2 energy every 0.5 seconds 
Level 4:+0.60 movement speed and 2.5 energy every 0.5 seconds


Ability Three(E):Combat Sensor Array 
Mojo's sensors analyze where the enemy is weak and gains armor penetration and 1 weapon range while this is active.
Energy Cost:100/110/120/130
Cooldown:10/9/8/7 seconds,Duration:2/3/4/5

Level 1:10% armor pen
Level 2:15% armor pen
Level 3:20% armor pen
Level 4:25% armor pen


Ultimate Ability(R):Overdrive/Surpression Salvo
Mojo moves almost all power into his photon blasters and gains a lot of weapon speed for the duration and takes 10% max hp as damage and gets stunned for 1 sec when over. 
Mojo scans the area around him for enemies and then launches a salvo of missiles to everybody scanned. Missiles slow movespeed by 10%(not stacking) and silences for 1 second
Energy Cost:Overdrive:225
Energy Cost:Salvo:200
Cooldown:Overdrive:160/130/100,Duration:8/9/10 seconds
Range:Salvo:7u/8u/9u radius

Level 1:Overdrive:100% attackspeed 
Level 1:Salvo:2 missiles per hero and 20dmg per missile(10% weapon dmg per missile)
Level 2:Overdrive:125% attackspeed 
Level 2:Salvo:4 missiles per hero and 40 dmg per missile(10% weapon dmg per missile)
Level 3:Overdrive:150% attackspeed
Level 3:Salvo:6 missiles per hero and 60 dmg per missile(10% weapon dmg per missile)


Masteries, Bluegene and Playstyle:

Bluegene: New ability Strafe: Hotkey:V Mojo loses 25% movement speed but allows him to move while attacking, when strafing, Mojo also cannot turn when strafing. You may cancel the strafe early. 
Energy cost: 50 CD: 30 sec Duration: 10 seconds.

lvl 1 Mastery: +5 all attributes
lvl 5 Mastery: +0.1 movespeed W
lvl 10 Mastery: Focus Fire gains 5 more dmg per sec and Missile gets +0.25 aoe
lvl 15 Mastery: E gains 2 seconds of duration.
lvl 20 Mastery: Overdrive gives 25% more attackspeed when active and Salvo +1 second of silence

Playstyle: Mojo is a very versatile dps that can easily burst down your entire team with good cc to keep them still for his overdrive. Mojo can easily chase down his opponents at the cost of energy so you may have to get some sort of energy regen. His second R can be very good team fight ult to silence their entire team and slow them. Mojo can also deal great damage if he can channel his q on someone early game. If you get him a medic in lane, the medic can push someone into terrain and Scout can then Q them. If they decide to run at you guys in lane, you can have Scout channel his Q while medic uses the R buffed Q so the focus fire cant be interrupted. Mojo is also really squishy so you have to play around his small hp pool. Switching between weapons is supposed to be changing your playstyle, from fast light hits to heavier slower hits. The photon blaster is an instant attack so you will want to last hit with that, and for chasing you probably want the missiles as it gives 1 range. This hero is fun because HAHA GUN GO BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! 

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