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[Hero Suggestion]Tyrant Rance


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Name: Tyrant Rance


Unit Base:Overlord

Role: Assassin

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Starting Stats:

Base Health –680

Movement Speed –3.15

Attack Range –1u

Attack Speed –3.0

Base Damage –84

Attack Name | Animation -Overlord slap image.png

Base Physical/Spell Armor – 18%/25%

Strength –28+3

Agility –30+6

Intelligence*** –32+6



Zerg is known as cruel and brutal, Zerg commanders do not care about death of their army, and Tyrant is the most extreme overlord among them, his army has over 90% death rate in every campaign, but it is nothing compare to the victory. After the battle of Aiur, Overmind gave Tyrant his most elite army to find Xel’naga’s coordinate, but Zerg lost contact to Tyrant after Overmind’s death.





Heroic Passive: Abuse

Whenever a non-allied non-heroic units dies 12u around Tyrant, he has 15%(+250% overkill) chance to gain 1 abuse stack, each kill and assist gives him 3 stacks, maximum 30 stacks from kill and assist, Tyrant lose stacks from kill and assist on death, but keeps all stack from non-heroic kills. each abuse stack makes his abilities deals 1% extra damage against non-heroic units.

Whenever Tyrant kills an non-allied non-heroic unit, the overkill damage will deals to the lowest percentage health enemy 4u around the unit.


Overkill scaling, if a unit with max hp of 1000 and current hp of 100 receives 400 damage. It is overkilled by (400-100)/1000=30%. And this number (30%) are used in Tyrant’s scaling.

Abuse stack do not amplify the overkill damage passed, it only includes damage from Tyrant’s Q, Q passive, W, E and R.




Sneak Attack [Q]

Passive: Whenever Tyrant kills a non-allied non-heroic unit, his next auto attack or q deals extra 40/60/80/100(+50% weapon damage) and 10%(+300% overkill) physical/spell armor penetration.

Active: Tyrant stretch his tentacle towards enemy target, deals damage to the first two non-allied units hit.(q can lifesteal, spellvamp and crit)"


Level 1/2/3/4:Deals 40/80/120/160(+80% weapon damage) physical damage 

Energy Cost:80/100/120/140


Range:4u(target), 10u(q travel distance)


The abilities is point click for lower his range, he isnt supposed to be able to poke with q in team fight(but he can in lane phase)

Q consume stacks on each individual units, not the whole Q





Expendable [W]

"Active: Place some explosive acid on target non-allied, non heroic unit for 4 seconds, explode when duration ends or the unit dead. Deals damage to all enemy units within 4u and slow them by 50% for 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds, (can not stack two W on one unit, the acid bomb ignore debuff immunity, slow can be removed by debuff immunity)"


Bluegene effect: Tyrant gains 5%(+75% overkill) movement speed after killing a unit.

If the unit with W dies, W will pass on another unit that received Tyrant’s Heroic passive overkill damage from the unit’s death, the W transferred will deals 25% extra damage.


Level 1/2/3/4: Deals 50/75/100/125(+80% int) Spell damage

Energy Cost:40/50/60/70








Wipe [E]

"Tyrant dashes towards target location, deals damage to all enemy in the path, whenever Tyrant kills a non-allied non heroic unit, return 20/30/40/50%(+150% overkill) cooldown of this ability."


Level 1/2/3/4:Deals 50/80/110/140(+40% weapon damage) Physical damage

Energy Cost:50




E will refresh auto attack interval (Means if you e immediately after an auto attack, you will be able to auto attack again no matter what attack speed you have)






Immolation [R]

"Passive: Tyrant despises the weak, he considers all enemy heroic units belows 25/40/55% health as non-heroic units, and all allied non-heroic units belows 25/40/55% health as neutral units.

Throw a slave to target location, deals damage and knock back all enemy hit then silence them for a few seconds. Slaves are allied non-heroic units with 200+(40*lvl) max health, 100+(10*lvl) current health and (-5% max hp) regeneration(negative regen is non-lethal), and 25% physical/spell resistance but abuse stacks has 150% efficiency on slaves, slaves will recharge after 30 seconds been thrown. Tyrant can also gain extra temporary slaves from T."


Level 1/2/3:Silences for 1/1.5/2s, Tyrant has 3/4/5 permanent slaves, deals 50/150/250(+50 weapon damage)(+50%int) physical damage

Energy Cost:150/200/250




Juggle items effect will be applied once allied creep being considered as neutral, and culling saber effect will be applied once enemy hero are considered as non-heroic.




Enslave [T]

"Mark target non-allied non-heroic unit as “slave” for at most 4 seconds, enslaved unit also receives 150% abuse stacks effect and can be thrown by R."


Level 1/2/3: No changes 

Energy Cost:0




Cast R will priorly use temporary slaves, the throw range is based on the current location of the slave, not Rance

The permanent slaves are located at same position as Rance

Slaves also receives damage from R, you can use W on them when the slaves are mid air, the permanent slaves will stay at the throw location, until reaches the 30s recharge.



Level 1:+5 str, agi, int

Level 5: +10% cdr

Level 10:Passive on Q can keep at most 4 stacks. (each auto or q only consume 1 stack)

Level 15:Overkill damage will deals to all units in the 4u area

Level 20:Cdr has 500% efficiency on Q

Cdr efficiency, if you has 40% cdr, Q has 500% cdr efficiency, then Q has 40% x 500%= 200% cdr.


Overall: Tyrant is supposed to be an assassin hero that can wipe out enemy team when they are low, the intuition is there isn’t many heroes can go through vega W, go through the 15% threshold is so rare that people often think its a bug. With the passive stacks, whenever an enemy hero being considered as non-heroic, Tyrant could deals massive damage to it, if the hero is at around 20-25% hp, an enhanced Q should oneshot it in mid-late game.


Tyrant is supposed to be a late game hero, he is weak in lane and early game, he will mainly concentrate on getting stacks in lane, Q and W helps him to get some cs and poke, but it is hard to get kills. The first powerspike is level 6, when he has some stacks, can do combo with R, and can consider low hp hero as non-heroic, but he still need allies’ help to get the enemy low. The second powerspike is around lvl 12-14, when he has around 50-80 stacks, by using the slave overkill damage wisely, Tyrant can win most 1v1 fights at this point. Then at around 150 stacks, he can wipe out a whole team if there are 1 or 2 low hp heroes.


Tyrant can go mid or side lane, but since his first powerspike is not as strong as most mages around lvl 6-10, going mid could gets his team behind mid game, but it is better for Tyrant to get more stacks, so he reaches the second powerspike faster. Going side lane or jungle is a safer plan.


Team fight is the hardest part for Tyrant, his range is really short, and he can not run away without killing a few units. Tyrant shouldnt be initiating fights, he has to wait a few seconds after the fight start, and focus on killing enemy that are low. His allies must deals enough damage without Tyrant’s help and let Tyrant R passive trigger, or hes gonna struggle on doing damage. He also needs to kill the low enemy hero as fast as possible, or his range will potential makes him gets permanent cc.


The best build should be the assassin build, Tyrant does not scale well with attack speed, he should build mainly crit items and some int items. Against a bulky immobile comp, he has an alternative bluegene mage build, which has a powerspike at lvl 15 mastery.

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