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[Hero Suggestion] Valerian.Mengsk


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Valerian Mengsk

Unit Base: Valerian Mengsk
Type: Agility
Lore: Valerian Mengsk is the son of Arcturus Mengsk and the crown prince of the dominion. 
He uses the resources available to him to search for Xel'naga artifacts, and has found a prophecy that indicates that 
Kerrigan will play a vital role in an upcoming fight. He is now trying to find a way to de-infest her, 
and his search has brought him to the fight inside the imperial sanctums.

Starting Stats:
Base Health: 400
Movement Speed: 3.1
Attack Range: 6.25u
Attack Speed: 1.85
Base Damage: 50
Base Armor: 18% physical resistance 20% spell resistance
Strength – 25 (+3)
Agility – 40 (+8)
Intelligence – 30 (+5)


Heroic Passive: Resources of the dominion
Valerian gets agility when enemies are nearby.
Effect: for every enemy in a 30u radius, Valerian gains agility:
From heroes: 10
From creep: 4


Q: Air strike
"Valerian sends down a powerful blast from his fleet. They also get stunned briefly."

Energy cost: 130
Cooldown: 30 / 24 / 18 / 12 seconds
Range: 7u/8u/9u/10u

Level 1: 40 spell damage (+120% weapon damage), 0.45 second stun
Level 2: 80 spell damage (+120% weapon damage), 0.5 second stun
Level 3: 120 spell damage (+120% weapon damage), 0.55 second stun
Level 4: 160 spell damage (+120% weapon damage), 0.6 second stun


W: Demoralize
"Valerian demoralizes an enemy unit, slowing them gradually over time, then removes some of their energy,
based on their damage taken in the duration."
Energy Cost: 100
initial slow: 30%
final slow: 80%
duration: 1.8 seconds
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Range: 7u

Level 1: 20% of damage removes energy
Level 2: 40% of damage removes energy
Level 3: 60% of damage removes energy
Level 4: 80% of damage removes energy


E: Noble call
"Valerian inspires his allies, giving them attack damage and spell penetration."
Range: 12u

Level 1: 5 dmg, +4% spell penetration
Level 2: 15 dmg, +8% spell penetration
Level 3: 25 dmg, +12% spell penetration
Level 4: 35 dmg, +16% spell penetration


R: Rain of thunder
"Valerian sends down a rain of blasts from his fleet, dealing slightly higher than current level Q damage. 
One target can be hit a maximum of 3 times.
Energy Cost: 250
Cooldown: 120 seconds

Level 1: 3 second duration, +15% damage
Level 2: 3.5 second duration, +20% damage
Level 3: 4 second duration, +25% damage


Blue gene:

"E becomes global."

level 1: +5 all attributes
level 5: +10 attack damage, 4% spell penetration (E)
level 10: +0.8 second duration (W)
level 15: W now restores energy equal to 50% of energy removed.
level 20: (R) a target can be hit a maximum of 5 times.

The idea behind this hero, is well it's Luna from dota, but without glaive and with a lot of energy issues. 
I want Valerian to be a lategame hypercarry with his ult, similar to how Jinara is right now. 
So Valerian has a decent laning stage because of his Q, but it's hard for him to become online
because of his energy issue. He has good INT scaling, but really, the time he comes online is when he gets his level 15 mastery,
as it gives him stronger everything. Before that he can still provide slows, spell penetration,
mini stuns, and attack damage for his team because of how his kit works, and of course big ults.
I made the ult weaker than luna's ult in dota, but with the lvl 20 mastery it becomes one of the
strongest ults in the game, like Mengsk and Jackson. He is quite low damage,
but that's why I gave him good scaling on Q. 

His W makes him decent in lane, but he is immobile and doesnt have very good attack speed.
So you really want to put him short lane and just let him farm most of the time,
he doesnt really have kill pressure even if he's put with a strong support with slows or stuns
like Vega or medic, but you could also put him with like an egon, which would work well with his kit,
solving his energy issues and providing good utility. Valerian can slow someone with W and then
Egon can silence them, giving them an opportunity for a kill.

Anyway. Valerian is a hard scaling hypercarry with a weak early game because of his
low movement speed and low early game damage, combined with energy issues.
He is gonna have a hard time positioning, but his W and Q will help him catch enemies,
and once he hits level 6, which is a big powerspike for him, he will be able to get kills.


This is my suggestion for the hero contest, ty for reading 🙂






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Changed everything except HP.
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