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[Hero Suggestion]Tempest Hero Annihilator. Ashredar


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Note:I know this will need balancing


Name: Annihilator Ashredar 

A high range INT based auto attack hero. Mostly pure damage, and can outrange towers, but no mobility.

Portrait: Purifier Tempest

Unit Base: Purifier Tempest

Auto Attack Animation:Default Tempest Attack

Type: Mage, Ranged, Pusher

Type: INT


Starting Stats:

Base Health: 400

Movement Speed: 3.2

Attack Range: 7.50

Attack Speed: 2.0

Base Damage: 60

Base Armor: 15%

Base Spell Armor: 15%

Strength: 20(+3)

Agility: 30(+5)

Intelligence: 40(+7)


Heroic Passive: Kinetic Matrix Amplifier

Attacks do extra spell damage based on distance. This bonus is doubled against structures.

Bonus Damage: (5-25%INT)


[Q] - Disintegration (Target Unit)

Deals 50/80/110/140(+30%INT) Spell Damage over 4 seconds, applying On-Hit effects.

Energy Cost:120




[W] - Volatile Energies (Passive)

Attacks reduce 3%/6%/9%/12% movement speed and armor.


[E] - Resonance Coil Overcharge (Activate)

Gains extra Attack Speed and Range for the next few attacks.

Changes Auto Attack to orange tempest attack.

Attack Speed Bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%

Attacks: 1/2/3/4

Range Bonus: 1u/2u/3u/4u

Energy Cost: 180

Cooldown: 20s



[R] - Spear of Justice (Target Direction)

Launches a lightning ball filled with an ungodly amount of energy in the target direction, dealing Spell Damage to the first enemy hero, and applying On-Hit effects.

All enemies within a 3-unit radius of the first enemy hero are hit by chain lightning and take spell damage, also applying On-Hit effects.

First Enemy Hero Hit: 175/240/305(+100%INT)

Chain Lightning: 75/100/125(+50%INT)

[Bluegene]: Chain Lightning also reveals all enemies hit for 5s, Cooldown reduced by 20 seconds.

Energy Cost: 300

Cooldown: 130s

Range: 17



M5: -3sec Cooldown on Disintegration

M10: +3% Slow and Armor Reduction on Volatile Energies

M15: +1u Range

M20: +3u Range on Spear of Justice Chain Lightning 


Lore(why not)

Ashredar was once a proud Protoss warrior, who died a horrible death to the Zerg. Since then, he retired as a purifier A.I in a data core in a Purifier facility. However, one of the personalities in the data cores was a Tal'darim who tried to corrupt the facility, and using holograms to defend itself. With the help of Aurana and outside help, they retaliated and restored the Purifier facility. This re-ignited Ashredar's passion for the battlefield and motivated him to join the battle for the ancient sanctums.


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