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AoS 2022 Hero Competition


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Greetings everyone,

This is the official thread for this year's AoS Hero Contest! An opportunity for the most creative and avid of our players to get their Hero design into Aeon of Storms!

Submissions will be closed on April 1st, 2022, and the Winner will be announced 2 weeks after that. Details below. Best of luck to everyone!


The Winner of this contest will:

1- Have their hero concept implemented in the best way possible this Summer.

2- Receive an in-game colored name, badge, and "Hero Contest Winner" title.

3- Receive 1 Month of Discord Nitro.


For your submissions, please use the traditional, tried and true format established by Eliwan and Cronos in days of yonder found here. Additionally, your submissions must include your Hero's Masteries and Blue Gene upgrades. Submissions that do not follow this at the minimum will be ignored completely.

Post a thread with your submission in the Suggestions forum, and then link your suggestion in this thread followed by 2-3 sentences explaining your underlying idea, archetype, and what makes the design fun to play!

Each individual contestant is permitted a MAXIMUM OF 2 SUBMISSIONS. Anymore will disqualify you.

Models and Design

You may find an overview of all the available native SC2 models here.

However, it is strongly recommended choosing a model for your submission that has no precedent in AoS as to avoid overlapping with existing heroes and units. Please avoid the Reaver and ARES/Eradicator models.

As far as design goes, let your imagination go wild and do not concern yourself with how your ideas can be implemented. If a submission is fun, creative, and brings something new to the Forests of the Imperial Sanctums I'll do my best to make it a reality. With that said, do take into consideration the limits of time.

Judgment and Deliberation

To determine the best designs, @NoWaterJustIce -Our Resident Elo God and one of the winners of the last Hero Contest- will be co-judging all submissions with me.

Submissions will be graded in a point-based system focusing on the following areas: 

1- Formatting: Does your Submission adhere to the minimum formatting requirements?

2- Clarity/Simplicity/Brevity: Were your ideas refined, easy to understand? Were you able to clearly convey your vision? 

3- Originality/Uniqueness: Does your Hero add some new and special flavor(s) to the growing pool of heroes in AoS?

4- Synergy/Elegance: Does your hero's concept and abilities come together as a whole? How does your hero fit in and work with existing heroes and items?

5- Fun: Self-explanatory! Above all, we're here to have fun and make others have fun too! Is your hero on-board?

In the case that there is a tie, we will create a poll and let the playerbase decide who they want added into AoS!



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 This hero is meant to be an agile support, capable of saving her allies out of sticky situations.  Her passive and E go hand in hand: She gains health stacks from damage blocked with her Q, which in turn offers her greater speed boosts with her E. Her Ult stacks not from her other abilities, but from the number of times she uses the Ult itself. 

Over-all, the champ is meant to be an exhilarating new take on playing supports. Saving teammates with the speed of a cheetah and fighting off foes with the resilience of a badger. 

Thank you for reading and considering my submission! 🙂

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