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[Hero Suggestion] Selendis.Executrix


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Name: Selendis.Executrix

Portrait: Selendis

Unit Base: Selendis

Type: Assassin, Nuker, Jungler

Type: AGI



Lore: Selendis served as the liaison between Tassadar and Artanis, in the reorganization following the Great War, she was promoted to executrix, acting as Artanis's assistant and commanding the combined military forces of the protoss. Shortly after the fall of Aiur she fought in the brood war in order to rescue three heroes from Aiur, the mission failed as two of the heroes had died, but Selendis, Artanis and Zeratul agreed to keep their presence secret as she would later express eagerness to bring the battle to the zerg and reclaim Aiur.



Starting Stats: 


Starting Health: 500

Movement Speed: 3.20

Attack Range: Melee

Starting Damage: 60

Starting attack speed: 2

Base Armor: 23.3%

Base Spell Armor: 19.3%


Strength – 25 + [4]

Agility – 40 + [7]***

Intelligence  25 + [4]


Heroic passive [Empowering Faith]:

Each basic attack gives increases Selendis's agility by 2/3/4/5 (every 5 lvls) up to 5 times, lasts 5 seconds and stacks.


[Q] - Orbital Swords

Selendis shoots out 5 flying swords that orbit around her, dealing 15/30/45/60 (+30% agi)(30% int) spell damage to enemies in contact.

After orbiting around Selendis for 5 seconds the swords will fly back to Selendis.

Within the duration, when Selendis deals damage with her basic attack or skills, she will send an orbiting sword towards the target, dealing 30/55/80/125 (+60% agi) physical damage and does 50% of the main damage to targets hit on the swords path.



Energy Cost: - 70/90/110/130

Cooldown: - 20/18/16/14 seconds

Range: 12 units


[W] -  Templar Caste (passive)

Heroes hit by Selendis's abilities or basic attacks applies stacks of Templar Caste for 2 seconds stacking up to 5 times increasing damage taken from Selendis by 3%/6%/9%/12% 



[E] - Void Leap 

Selendis leaps in any direction without collision, any heroes hit take 30/60/90/120 (25% agi)(25% int) spell damage.


Energy Cost: - 70/90/110/130

Cooldown: - 18/16/14/12 seconds

Range: 6 Units - Skill Shot


[R] - Slash of Aiur

Selendis charges at an enemy knocking them up in the air and slashes the target 3 times.

first and second slash: 70/140/210 (+30% weapon damage)(30% int)

third slash: 100/160/250 (50% weapon damage)(50% int)



Energy Cost: - 200

Cooldown: - 50/40/30/ seconds

Range: 8 Units - Point and Click



Level 1: gains +5 Str, +5 Agi, and +5 Int.

Level 5+15% attack speed

Level 10: +30 Agi

Level 15: +1.5u on E

Level 20+50 weapon damage / + 50 int 


Bluegene: Void Leap (E) gains another charge


-alt = Red Orbital Swords (Q)

Base color = Blue 






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