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[Hero suggestion] Vilise

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Hero: Vilise

Melee int hero

Type: Tank/Caster/Nuker

Model: Creeper (Primal baneling)


Stats: Having a high str and int stats, low agi


Lore: In Planet Zerus, primal Zerg prosper, hunt then evolve. However, not Zerg hunts for creepers in this planet, not only they taste like rubber, but there is a special creeper Vilise. Every time some ignorant Zerg tries to hunt her, instead of getting sprayed by disgusting acid from creeper, they spray blood and organics on her.


Passive: Whenever an enemy hero died within 14u around Vilise, their corpse will explode in 3 seconds, deals 60-200(+50% target current energy+10% Vilise max energy)*30%int spell damage to enemy 4u around it and all heroes within the explosion area gains energy equals to 10% damage dealt. Increase the radius of area by 50% if the hero dies with full energy.


1st ability:       Energy cost: 100/120/140/160+5% max energy       Cast range:  7u         Effect area: 4u

Cooldown: 10s

Spawn 3 creepers at random location in target area after 0.8s delay, spawn 1 extra creeper every 0.3s after the delay, maximum 10 creepers. creepers will explode after second cast or 8 seconds after the first cast. Each deals damage to enemy 4u around it, reduce energy of all enemy hit and slow them by 25%(Each extra creeper hit further increase the slow by 10%, maximum 75%) for 4 seconds. Damage dealt by multiple creepers will be reduced by 50%.


Spell damage(Each creeper): 50/75/100/125(+7.5% max energy)

Mana reduction(Each creeper): 25/35/45/55(+20% int)


2nd ability:       Energy cost: 80/100/120/140+7% max energy       Cast range: 5u

Cooldown: 24/21/18/15s

Enable two abilities when learn 2nd ability


Active(W): After 0.5-3s channeling, push away enemy 4u around Vilise, drain energy from them and deal damage. Damage and energy drain reaches maximum at 2s channeling.


Active(E): After 0.5-3s channeling, pull enemy 4u around Vilise towards her and deal damage to them. Recover energy for all units in the area. Damage and energy recovery reaches maximum at 2s channeling.


Spell damage: 25-50/40-80/55-110/70-140(+5-10% max energy)

Mana drain: 15-30/25-50/35-70/45-90 (+40-80% int)

Mana recover: 20-50/40-80/60-110/80-140 (+80-150% int)

Pull/push distance: 2-5u



These two abilities can push or pull Vilises passive and 1st ability, (Existing creeper from 1st ability will be effected, but the spawn is still in target location)

During channeling W, Vilise can still move, use abilities, auto attack, basically everything except for channeling E.(Vice versa)


3rd ability:

Active(V): Cooldown:0.5s

Cost 3% max energy each second to form a shield for Vilise, each energy form 0.8/1.1/1.4/1.7 shield. Shield forms 50% slower during combat.


Cooldown: 22/18/14/10 seconds

When an enemy hero gains or lose energy to Vilise, they will be marked for 8s, Vilises auto attack against marked heroes steal their max energy by 20/30/40/50(+1% Vilise's max energy). Can stack infinite many times. Stack last for 10/15/20/25 seconds. If a marked heros current energy reaches max energy in the duration, the hero will be silenced for 4s.


Ult:                   Cost: 20% current energy                Cast range: 6u

Cooldown:60/40/20 seconds

Spawn a parasite on target enemy, deals damage per second and stop target energy regen for 6s, when parasite is removed (target death, end of duration, debuff removal, debuff immunity...), apply parasite to all enemy 5u around target.

Whenever target with parasites energy get reduced or leeched by Vilise, target recovers that amount of energy instead of losing energy and receives (50% energy recovered) spell damage, if target gains energy after energy reaches maximum, all the overflow energy will accumulate and deals damage proportional to that at removal of parasite.

Parasite Spell damage(duration): 20+[(2/3/4% missing energy)*20% int] per second

Parasite Spell damage(removal): 100/150/200+[(75% overflow energy+25% Vilise max energy)*80% int]



Parasite do not spread 2nd time, only the first parasite removal will spread it to all nearby enemy.


Blue gene:

1st abilities gains 2 charges, if an enemy hero got hit by 5 or more creepers, silence them for 3s+0.5s* each extra creeper hit.



Lvl 1: +5 all stats

Lvl 5: +200 health

Lvl 10: Whenever her passive triggers, Vilise permanently gains 100 max energy

Lvl 15: Double the radius of effect and pull/push distance of W and E.

Lvl 20: Allies and herself death will trigger her passive.


In general, Vilise is a combo mage, she need to perform a good combo to oneshot enemy. Start channeling e and place q, then use r, drag q and enemy toward her, instantly start to channel w, adjust position and push enemy on her q for a full combo.

She can also do an energy drain combo. Where she channeling w first and place q, use w to push q towards enemy without hitting them, and channeling e to hit q. and put r at last. So that enemy will be drained out of energy and have no energy regen for a while.


She is a good counter to enemy without too much energy or can not use energy fast enough. They will be easily filled with overflow energy and explode.


Against hero like vulkan or hero than can instantly use half of their energy, she will be force to build a bluegene or taser, or warpshard with her mark to silence target first, then perform the combo.


Her weakness is range, she need to fight close to enemy which put her into a great danger, also the high energy amount will make her vulnerable to other energy drain hero like vergil or viler.


Havent come up with a good idea about enemy using heat or biomass, just gonna leave it blank here.

Im also bad at naming, so all abilities dont have name here.

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