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[Hero Suggestion] Prodigiosus.Sdnn


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Name: Prodigiosus.Sdnn
Model: Primal Guardian
Role: Pusher and AoE-centric mage. Potentially spell-damage-effect-stacking support.


Starting stats:

Starting Health: 700

Starting Mana: 400

Movementspeed: 3

Attack Range: 4

Attack Speed: 1.8

Attack Damage: 55

Base Armour/Resist: 12

Base Spell Armour/Resist: 10

Strength: 38+6/lvl – Main Attribute

Agility: 20+3/lvl.

Intelligence: 32+5/lvl


Heroic passive: Fodere Altum
“After channeling for 1.5s, Sdnn entrenches itself in its current position, increasing its attack-range by 4u, and allowing its now artillery-like projectiles to hit in a 3u AoE around its target, dealing an additional [35% wpn damage] as spell damage to all enemies hit. Sdnn is unable to move while entrenched and will require a new 1.5s channel to become unentrenched.”
Suggested cooldown: 0.


First spell: Corroboro
“Sdnn temporarily adds 30/60/90/120 [+15% wpn damage] spell damage to its attacks. Lasts for 10 seconds.”
Suggested cooldown: 60/50/40/30s.


Second spell: Praepedio
“Sdnn targets the ground within 6u and fires a homebrewed concoction at the location, activating after 0.5s, in a 2u wide radius. The concoction is cloaked, gives no vision and is revealable by any kind of true sight. Upon an enemy unit coming into contact with it, the concoction will activate and envelop its victim, giving vision of them, slowing their movement speed by 20/25/30/35% and reducing their resists by 5/5/10/10. Lasts for 25 seconds.”
Suggested cooldown: 30/25/20/15s.
May hold up to two charges.
Maximum activated at a time: 2. Going over will remove the oldest.


Third spell: Gravitas

”Sdnn slams its massive body into the ground, dealing 100/150/200/250 [+50% intelligence] spell damage in a 1.5u radius around it, as vile toxins escape its body. Enemy units hit are also stunned for .2 second, due to the ground trembling beneath them.”
Suggested cooldown: 40/35/25/15.


Ultimate: Congrega

”Sdnn targets a 3.5u wide location on the ground, and fires at the location. Any units, allies or enemies alike, are pulled to the center after 2s and stunned for 0.1s. Enemy units are additionally dealt 200/300/400[+100% intelligence] spell damage.”
*Note: Range is identical to Sdnns attack range.

Suggested cooldown: 120/100/80.



1: +5 Stats

5: +2s Corroboro duration.

10: +1 Praepedio maximum activated.

15: +.3 Gravitas stun duration.

20: +1u Fodere Altum added range.




Gameplay overview:
Sdnn is an interesting, burly split-pusher, with ability to be a big AoE swing in teamfights, with its auto-attacks. To balance it, it is very slow, lacks mobility and is always incredibly reliant on expert positioning. Easily caught out and killed.
Its ultimate is a double-edged sword, able to turn the tides of a teamfight by itself, but also able to completely trash it. Ideally, the hero can sit comfortably, a way away, Fodere Altum’ed, dealing loads of AoE damage – the problem just is, then the team is 4v5 for the actual fight on the ground, and Sdnn will need to un-Fodere Altum to reposition.
Is best utilized as the vocal point of a siege, with its team ready to back it up. Slow and lumbering.

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